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Thursday, February 10, 2011

{{{{ I GOT SCARED }}}}

MR. SWEET was at a church related meeting..
I was
Generally, I seldom, if ever, get SCARED..
but the house was totally quite..
I was blogging...(surprise surprise)
and I heard the
"what WAS that?"
OMYGOSH....totally scared to go in the other rooms..

Hey, wait a minute.
The alarm system is ON.
So, I realized that
couldn't have got in without the alarm going off.

After slowly going creeping from room to room,
the front bath was all that was left to check...
*at this point, my mouth was so dry, I couldn't have spit for one million dollars.!
THERE was the noise...
lying in my tub...
The little suction cups that hold my bath caddy on the wall
came loose, for some unknown reason..
and it all came crashing down..
when unknown noises sound TWICE as loud.
But now that I'm not scared anymore, let me show you
a tiny bit of my Pitiful Pearl bath.
I keep a calendar  in there so as to keep up with the days...
My daughter and I have a Christmas tradition of giving each other a
pretty calendar...
and I REALLY love the one she gave me this year.
"They found HIM in the temple and all that heard HIM were astonished."
LUKE 2: 46, 47

...a little metal perfume shelf....
Most of you know that we are very poor !
I mean it !!
Social Security doesn't allow for TOO many fun things.
Our house is a 1957 tract house that we've lived in for over 35 years.
Everything in it is OLD...
including MR. SWEET...;o)

A few years back, we updated our olden master bath a little bit...
nothing major, altho it sooo needs a new potty and tub.
We added a new sink, light fixture, and tile flooring.
I love my pretty sink...
I actually wanted formica that looked  like granite...
and they have some that is really pretty and affordable.
My least favorite pick in the world would have been what we ended up with...
Well, Mr. Sweet fell in love with looking stuff and
I had to go deep...REAL deep, inside myself and know that
and I ALWAYS get to choose what goes into our home.
O, he would have bought the one I  wanted in a heart beat.
But...he loved this other so....
that is what we have now.
and guess what...
And, I feel good about him having something he thinks is pretty.
(shhhhh,'s NOT pretty's ok)
 ...our little
At one time, years ago, this space held a little gas heater.
When Mr. Sweet decided to take it out, he made it into a
great magazine it !
It's a tiny little ugly bath
with some pretty little things scattered around.
Yes, m'am....THIS is what keeps me from being afraid...
It's NOT in the bath, tho...:))
Entry hall....
We put this in right after we had a would-be intruder last summer.
Makes us both feel better....

We are such scardy cats.....
Love, bj


Mimi said...

So glad it was only something simple that made all that noise ~ loved your post and cute pictures!!

Lynn said...

Love Ya BJ! Had a great chuckle and so glad that the goblins were of the bathroom variety:@)

My Country Heaven Cottage said...

BJ ,
You crack me up!!! But I know what you mean about the noises sounding louder when your home alone at night! I spend alot of time alone when my husband is away working for our Son in Law. Glad it wasn't anything to alarming!
Keep those doors locked & be safe!

Leslie said...

What a funny post! That exact thing has happened to me more times that I can pour a drop out of a shampoo bottle! Love that Pothos in your bathroom..

Robin@DecoratingTennisGirl said...

That cat is the funniest thing I hae ever seen!!! I wish I could have been with you, so you wouldn't have been so scared. You need my dogs, they would have been howling and barking up a storm! They are great alarms!

Sherry @ No Minimalist Here said...

Hi BJ, I had a picture fall off the wall and the glass broke. Hubby was out of town and I was sleeping. I thought someone had broken out the glass in our front door. I called 911 and was so embarrassed when they found the broken picture. Better safe than sorry.

The Decorative Dreamer said...

Whew! I don't like things that go bump in the night either! LOL! Funny, I have never thought of you as poor though! Seriously? You have so much warmth and abundance coming from your kitchen and home photos that the state of being poor never once entered my mind. Glad this was just a case of poor suction cups. LOL!

Kathleen Grace said...

I would have been terrified to BJ. Home alone and a loud noise would make me jump right out of my skin! Your bath is pretty, and I am pretty sure that your loving kindness and thoughtfulness to your husband has a lot to do with being married these many years:>)

Kathleen said...

LOL, I bet you were scared!

You are not poor! Not money wise,, and so rich in spirit you are royalty!

Shelia said...

Hi BJness! Oh, I can just imagine the fear you felt! I've been there a few times myself! Now only you would take your camera into snap the sound! :) I think your bathroom is lovely! and I do like your library. My bathroom library in on the floor! :)
I do remember your intruder and these alarm systems sure do help you feel safer. We have one too and if it ever goes off from a malfunction or something - it's when Mr. Precious is away! AWWWWGH! :)
Be a sweetie,
Shelia ;)

Happy To Be/ Gl♥ria said...

Oh you silly thing but you know what BJ I have been robbed so I feel you girl..I think Ted Bundy is gone..But girl when the night stalker was around like 25 years ago I could not sleep until it was lite out ha ha!! Now I love your sweet bath and the books in the bathroom I thought I was the only one left in the world that kept mags in the reading room ha ha!!Hugs and smiles my dear friend..Gl♥ria

Kathy said...

I would have been scared too. Even with the alarm. Your bathroom looks really cute.

Keetha Broyles said...

A week or so ago Fisherhubby was at work and I was down in my Football Cave working on a jig saw puzzle when I TOO heard a ginormous crash.

I looked all around - - - including coming upstairs and looking.


It kinda sounded like something had hit the outside of the house - - - but no tracks in the snow.

I never did find out what it was - - - - I just had to force down my fear and go on!

Stacey said...

I've experienced that before. We once had a very loud crash in the middle of the night. It was a picture that fell off of the wall!! Yikes.

Anonymous said...

Good one, BJ. That happened here, but it was a picture sliding down the wall on the stairs in the middle of the night. Very strange sound and a tad scary even with the two of us home.

I like your countr top. J picked out the new rug in the living room. It is very nice, though it was not my first choice, but J lives here too. Guess what...he was right.:-)

Penny from Enjoying The Simple Things said...

I would have been scared too! We also have an alarm. Right after we first moved in, I was home alone at night taking a bath. I had the dimmer switch on low and all of a sudden the lights went out! I thought someone cut the wires and they were coming in to get me. Then I looks over and saw that the night light was still on, so I realized that the dimmer switch on the light was faulty...

Vee said...

You perfectly described the emotions of hearing a bump in the night. Glad that your mystery was solved. Your little bath gives me some hope...some people, like you, can truly "make a purse out of a sow's ear."

Auntie sezzzzzz... said...

Soooooooooooo sorry you had to go through this!

But sooooooooo glad you have an alarm system. We do too.

I think it's just sooooooooo sweet, that you let Mr. Sweet get his choice in the bathroom. Yes, it was sweet. We are so lucky to have husbands who go along with most everything we think up. Nice to give them a choice, now and then. :-)

And that magazine holder idea is wonderful!!!!!!! He is so smart!

Hugs and ♥'s...

Theresa said...

Oh BJ, happy that is all it was that made such a LOUD noise:) I had something similar happen a long time ago, a picture fell off the wall in my living room! It sounded like the whole WALL fell! The glass broke and everything shattered around it! Have a blessed day my friend, I LOVE your bathroom! HUGS!

Anita@Theycallmejammi said...

I'm glad your loofah sponge and bath poof did not attack...they seem so benign, but you just never know!!

Unknown said...

Why is it that noises always sound so much louder at night? LOLOLOL

Julie Harward said...

That was funny...and I like your bathroom a bunch, you have great taste! I don't get scared at night if I am home alone because I have BIG Cougar and he is a good guard! ;D

Blondie's Journal said...

This is funny...some things have a mind of their own. I was blogging in the kitchen at night just recently and I heard a loud strange noise behind me...even the dogs jumped up and looked in the direction it came from. I didn't see anything strange so I just went to bed {a little nervously}.

The next day I found that my big wooden pepper mill had fallen into the dog food bowl! If I had been alone I would have been calling 911. lol!

I like your bathroom. I usually win out when it comes to decor choices. Last summer we decided to split the decorating up at the Lakehouse. I got the kitchen and he got the master bathroom. I LOVE my kitchen but the bathroom...well I'm trying. When we show people around I am always the first to give hubby the credit for that bath! ;-D


CHERI said...

I've had the very same thing happen...and I about jumped out of my skin. Love that you let your Sweetie Pie have his choice. You're a better woman than me!

Anonymous said...

What a funny post dear BJ!
I wish you a pleasant weekend and a happy Valentine's Day.

Unknown said...

You are a real kick, BJ! I can relate to this kind of emotion ... been there.

Love your bathroom.

Happy Valentine's PS weekend ~

Carole Burant said...

Why is it things like that fall when we're alone or in the middle of the night??? lol This one time I was woken up in the middle of the night by a loud bang in the basement...I got up and crept down the stairs before thinking "am I crazy going down there?" and ran back up and into my bed with the blankets over my head! lol The next morning I found out it was my ironing board that had fallen off its hook.

I love the way you've put all these delightful little touches in your washroom:-) Mine is reallllly old too and it still has the tiles and flooring from the 70's...yuck! Hopefully I can get it completely gutted and redone soon!!! xoxo

Vista Gal said...

Hi BJ,
It has been a while since I have stopped by.
Your little home is so very sweet!
my home is a 1957 home also.
We have lived here for over 33 years. Our kitchen is in need of a face lift, but our homes have "charm".
I had to laugh at the big BANG!
That happens here too!
p.s. Was it you who had a suggestion for me in posting multiple pictures? If it was, please Help!
Come by and see what I have done to Beverly Cottage. I am a work in progress:)~m

The Charm of Home said...

I just found a wonderfully talented lady who paints beautiful sweets and they look like they came right off your blog. I wondered if you have ever seen her work. It so reminded me of you. So cute.
Here is the link:

Rita said...

Been there done that and it is so scary; these things to alwys happen when we are alone in the house; have you noticed.

Sheree said...

Darling bathroom BJ!! The last time I heard that "loud" bang in the middle of the night, I kept asking my husband..."did you hear that"? Hear what???? he would say! When I finally did get out of bed to see.. my 10 ft. Christmas tree had fallen-- knocking a mirror and stained glass off the wall :( Sounded like a big ole bear intruder to me!
My sweet protective hubby...never heard a sound!!!!

On Crooked Creek said...

Glad it was just a fallen shelf and not an intruder! By the way, I adore your new hair style. HA! Thanks for showing your little bath. .. I think it's very nice of you to let Mr. Sweet choose some of the items inside!