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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Outside Whites....


I've ALWAYS thought cupolas were pretty...
and added so much charm to a cottage.
A few years back, MR. SWEET built one for OUR cottage and
I just love it.
I DO want a MUCH larger ROOSTER up there, tho.
Maybe for CHRISTMAS ?
YEP....I think they DO !!

A stone-WHITE birdbath...
and I just liked the looks of this photo with the sun shining behind and through
that plant...whatever it might be...:))
...a neighbor gave them to me and I THINK
she called them cannas or something like that.
SOMEtimes...not often, they will
bring out the prettiest RED flower...

my ONLY claim to a PICKET FENCE....

just a tiny few pickets but they're pretty cool in my tiny garden....
My WHITE Rose of Sharon...
OMGosh, it has just about BLOOMED it's silly self to death this summer...
bloom bloom bloom.....bloomed it's little flowering brains out !!
I'm pretty much gonna have to say that one of my FAVORITE WHITES....

"Ya'll have a WHIPPED CREAM day !"
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Adrienne said...

Oh, I want a cupola! Around the time we bought our house I saw a similar home in a magazine - complete with cupola on top and that's been in my plan all along. Only problem - it's at the bottom of my sweetheart's priority to-do list. Things with more importance or urgency seem to keep nudging their way to the top. Thanks for sharing yours. Will let you know if I ever get one, too.

Shelia said...

Hi BJness! Oh, what a pretty post! Love your little cupola and I'm sure that little Rooster is just practicing until he grows really big!!
Your plants are so pretty and the pickets! You never disappoint me! You always give us a little food to eat! :)
Be a sweetie,
Shelia ;)

Marilyn said...

Cupolas are so Cottagy beautiful!!
Is that a word??? LOL!!
Asking for a Rooster Weather Vane for a gift??? I want a new back door for my birthday!! Yeah... really!! LOL!!

Olive Cooper said...

I think a weather vane is a fab gift any time! olive♥

Sherry said...

Love your Rose of Sharon. Mr. Sweet did a nice job on that cupola! And, your picket and flowers are lovely.

shannon i olson said...

Very nice! Cannas have to be dug up here every year so I have never planted them ...yet. Rose of Sharon won't even grow here....I am jealous.

Sandi@ Rose Chintz Cottage said...

Yummy to both the strawberries with whipped cream and the cupola! I've been wanting a cupola for some time now and still don't have it! Whah! Maybe yours! and I love roosters too. I'm sure a rooster weathervane will fit into Santa's stocking. Love your white blooms too. Thanks for sharing.


Julie Harward said...

I love cupolas...I had one built for our previous home and had a rooster weather vain on it too...then the people that bought the house, (he's a macho cowboy kind of guy) took the rooster off! ;D

Linda Chapman said...

I enjoyed your beautiful post! It always feels like you are entertaining visitors on your indeed you ARE! Sometimes tea, sometimes a stroll around the yard or gardens.....always nice!

Happier Than a Pig in Mud said...

Love your cupola, it would look great with a big ole flying pig on it too:@) Your Rose of Sharon is pretty, I'm glad it's doing so well for you this year-enjoy!

Kathleen said...

I'd love one of those for the shed. DH could build one, but he is resisting!
It was a good year for Rose of Sharon here too! I love the blue ones.
Strawberries?? Come see me, I have been missing you! :)

Country Wings in Phoenix said...

Hi BJ Sweetie...
What a beautiful share today. I love your garden and that cupola, I would love to have one. DH did an awesome job of constructing one for you. It is so beautiful.

Now I have always loved a Rose of Sharon. Moma always has one in her garden too, but if memory serves me, I believe hers is a pinkish purple color. It is across the back of the yard. So beautiful, and sure does stand up to the heat in Oklahoma there.

Now I love the strawberries and cream and I could sure use some about now. It is 96 degrees in the house and still climbing. The air went out last night and they are still not able to get to us. If not late today, then tomorrow. I am praying for today. It is so DARN hot in the house. All the fans are running but when it is 112 degrees outside it is hard to find a cool place inside.

Thanks for cooling me off for a spell. I sure did enjoy the strawberries and cream. It cooled me off for a spell anyway.

Have a beautiful afternoon sweet friend. Thanks for sharing.

Still no package sweetie.

Many hugs and much love, Sherry

Sue (Someone's Mom) said...

Such pretty things. I love the cupola...they just really add something to a house.

Why is it snowing here already?

eileeninmd said...

I love the cupola too, and it would be very cool to see a big rooster up there. Wonderful photos of your gardens and flowers.

sissie said...

Hello Sweet BJ!
I would love to have a cupola on my house with a great big ole chicken weathervane! So, you are lucky that Mr. Sweet built one for you.
Your flower garden looks lovely and I'm really hungry now for strawberries and whipped creme!


The Quintessential Magpie said...

Hi, BJ! So glad that you dropped by for a visit. As you can tell, I am on a break, but I saw that you left your calling card and wanted to reciprocate! :-)

I hope to be back blogging again in September. Mr. Magpie has had some health issues, so I am waiting to see how all of that shakes out.

Sending you hugs. Love all the cupolas. I have a weather vane, but no cupola! My weather vane is a cooper whale. Cuppola remind me of Mt. Vernon, and I'm a big George Washington fan.

Love to you. Hope you're staying cool in the heat that has been summer.

Back to my break...


Sheila :-)

The Quintessential Magpie said...

P.S. I forgot to say how much I love your pickets and plants! :-)

Blondie's Journal said...

Your cupola is so cute. So you want a weather vane on top of it? That's what we have and DH is SO proud of building it! I love your picket fence, too. I always wanted one of those. Your garden looks very lush in spite of all the heat and dryness. You must have a green thumb there, my friend!


Theresa said...

Love all of your whites especially the whipped cream! I could use a bit of that tonight before bedtime:) Another blogger just posted about a copula and weathervane recently...

Enjoy your evening dear BJ! HUGS!

Rebecca said...

I love cupola's. I want to put an old one on our garage-the strawberries looks so good!!!!!!!!

Midlife Mom said...

We have a cupola on our barn, of course it has a horse on it! I love them, there are several places nearer the coast that makes the copper shinny ones and they are beautiful! I must agree with you that the white whipped cream is yummy!!!!!! Also love your picket fence. I don't have one but I do have a rail fence around the horse pastures and they make great backdrops for some of my flowers. Great post as always!!



Beautiful pear tree lane said...

Love cupolas, and your flowers are beautiful,thanks for sharing. I must say I am with you on strawberries and whipped cream.Thanks for sharing.

xinex said...

Yes, I believe those are cannas, BJ. I have them too and I love them. Mine has orange flowers....Christine

Sarah said...

Strawberries look delicious with that whipped cream, but it's the rooster weather vane that has my heart singing tonight. Wish I could think of a spot for a cupola. Love it! ~ Sarah

Barbara Jean said...

Picket fences are one of my favorite things!
Any little bit wil do in my book. =)

Good to see you.

barbara jean

Sunny said...

Cupolas and picket fences...two of my favorite things.
Thanks for stopping by my blog. To make the musical notes hold the Alt Key at press 13 for ♪ and 14 for ♫.
Stop by my other blog sometime, I post a lot of cupolas :)
☼ Sunny

Weezer said...

Beautiful photos. I love the layout of your blog.
Weezer (Linda)

Heart of Georgia
Walk #69
Table of Rebekah

Penny @ The Comforts of Home/Lavender Hill Studio said...

You have a cupola and a rooster weather vane? I am so envious!

Kathleen Grace said...

I love that cuppola! What a dear Mr. Sweet is:>) It must have been a good year for Rose of Sharon, mine bloomed more than they ever have. The lowers actually weighed down the branches!
I see your temp right now is 61, aren't the cooler temps wonderful?

gail said...

I've always had a thing for cupolas and picket fences!

Dena said...

I love your cupola BJ! What a neat idea to add that! I'm adding to my "want" list :)


Sage said...

What lovely photos you have shard with us. I have a feeing you live in a little corner of serenity; everything is so so pure and nice; love it!

Judi said...

I love cupolas too but have never had one. They add such character to a house.

love strawberries too with ice cream..:o)...

I think the Rose of Sharon is doing very nicely this part of the country too. It must have been a good years for plants.

Thank you for sharing all the beauty around your home..
have a wonderful day

Lori Lynn said...

I think your little picket piece is sweet!

¸.•´¸.•*´¨) ¸.•*´¨)
(¸.•´ (¸.•´♥ Lori Lynn ♥

Virginia said...

I love everything...I enjoyed your beautiful post!

Linda said...

I can't think of a better Christmas gift! I asked for crown molding last year and I got a ceiling fan another time. Those are perfect gifts. I like your cupola...I think they are so cute too. Thanks for sharing!

Marydon said...

G'eve BJ ~ I love cupolas ... we have a 'PIG' on ours ... you know 'when pigs fly...'

Your florals are so pretty backed with the picket fence.

Save some dessert for ME!!!!! :)

Have a lovely eve ~
TTFN ~ Hugs, Marydon

Annesphamily said...

This was a sweet post! I like everything every time I stop here. You take the best photos and just put things together so amazingly. Have fun! Anne

Nora Johnson said...

Love all the Red here -especially the rooster weather vane and strawberries and cream!
What a lovely blog you have too. Will be back again to read through earlier posts…

Have a great week ahead,

btw My Rednesday post: “Can you give me directions?” Do stop by!