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Tuesday, April 6, 2010


We don't have a LOT of really pretty days during the Spring out here in West Texas..
Usually, the wind is blowing so hard, it's unpleasant to be outside...
and, here, when the wind does the SAND and DIRT.
But THIS day, it was beautiful and time for the dreaded
YARD WORK....!!!
Now, don't get me wrong...I LOVE being outside and puttering around
in my tiny garden's just the *getting ready* part of it I don't really just
jump out of bed, throw my clothes on and holler YAHOO about.

First thing I noticed is that I needed to plant something in the pots in my hanger (this is the one I got at a fabulous garage sale last summer). Something that grows in the shade....ENGLISH IVY !

....since I have a lot of it growing around the yard, it will save me a few dollars to dig up some and put it in the little pots...

May I just say DIGGING that deep-rooted ivy sure isn't much fun...and I will end up BUYING some already potted 'cause I got way too hot out there in the 90 degree weather...I am SUCH a sissy.!

I've always loved the look of a brick walkway with plants growing between them...
My violets grow up so pretty between the bricks...
This always reminds me of an English garden...not sure why!
It's so funny...the things we love....
* bricks with the name of towns on them..!!
I was getting hotter by the minute...
I'm just not used to hard work, I guess...
SURELY it's not my age !!!

And, why would anybody just love an old, iron water meter cover ??

My ROSE OF SHARONS are just beginning to get little, tiny buds...
I am just crazy about these flowering bushes/shrubs/trees...whatever the heck they are.
and I LOVE that!!

This particular day was in the 90's
and I was thinking about one of *THE ABOVE* after I had been
in the sun for an hour or so..
This year, we have a LOT of this little flowering, purple WEED..
Everyone on our block has them.
Mr. Sweet is going to spray our yard the first NON-WINDY day..
I wish everyone loved FLOWERING sure would make life more simple !!


I've got to make some pretty pillow covers for my SWING this summer...
Remember, RHONDI at ROSE COLORED GLASSES is having her yearly
We gotta be ready for that fun time !!

Poor, pitiful plants...

I have to paint my little fat BIRDBATH BIRD...
If it is supposed to be MADE to stay outside, wonder why *they* can't
make it so it won't FADE ?
O, and my little section of old PICKET FENCE is in DIRE need of PAINT...
Always a lot of hot work at the start of spring and summer...
and it always makes me want...

My favorite SUMMERTIME drink, in the whole world, is LIME SHERBERT and GINGER ALE.

And a cool, honey ham sandwich..
on that 45 calorie a slice bread...
(that's really not FRITOES you see there...i don't know WHAT it is !)

OH, SHOOT....time to get back to WORK !!



Amelia said...

Your day sounded so much like mine...referring to the heat, wind which includes the sand and dirt...and those purple weeds...I have them and lots of yellow dandelions to compliment them...the two colors are pretty but I don't want the weeds either. I transplanted 24 bunches of monkey grass today - plus other things - will be sore tomorrow probably.

Your lunch looked so good...we had stew and strawberry cake with cream cheese frosting and fresh strawberries on good tasting.

Enjoy the rest of the week.

Your neighbor North (in Oklahoma)


Miss Jean said...

I can't believe your weather was that hot. I always like to get my yard work done before the heat hits us. Not fun if it comes early in the year!

Julie Harward said...

You are gardening and we are getting a snow storm and wind...not fair! I love your hanging pots and your garden treasures..and the sherbet! Well have fun with summer...we'll get spring/winter until June 1rst. Come say hi :D

Kelly Ballard said...

You are lucky you can even go out into your yard...we are still getting blizzards here in Utah. Winter is just refusing to end around here!
Oh well, have fun digging in the dirt!
Cute bricks by the way.

Second Hand Chicks

GrannySue said...

As much as I claim to love gardening I'm not that thrilled with 'working in the yard'. I try to call it playing in the yard, but this year it isn't working. Who decided they are weeds anyway? If they have flower they count don't they?

salmagundi said...

Hi B.J.-- The wind has been blowing here in Southern Colorado, too. Hate it! I got a mouth full of grit this noon, and can still taste it. That's what I get for talking outside. Your drink looks yummy! Take care, Sally

kim said...

It is already hot here, too. Way too early for us. That sherbert and gingerale sounds so good. I will have to try that. I have lots to do outside too still and we are over run with weeds this year. Yes, if flowering weeds were good I wouldn't have to do anything. Love your cute post.

Pat @ Mille Fiori Favoriti said...

Hi BJ!
Our weather in NY finally has become pleasant after a long and snowy winter, so I was thrilled to be out doing a little yard work today ;-) Of course tomorrow I won't be able to move without

Happy Outdoor Wednesday!


Lynn said...

Gonna be almost 90 degrees in Philly tomorrow, that's just not right! It's been so hot that my neighbor's plum tree bloomed and faded in one day!
Yard work is like cleaning the house... don't rush, it's not going any where! Have fun!

Bette said...

i love your entry and so are your hanger and your swing. always wanted to have a swing but...

nancy said...

I love your hanging plants.COOL! I thought you went back in an drink some wine..LOL> SHerbert and ginger ale. I gotta try that some day.. Have a good week and happy gardenting. Nancy

Becky K. said...

I don't necessarily always love the process either...but the results are worth it, aren't they?

I do know now that I'll be keeping lime sherbet and ginger ale around this house for these hot days.
That looked absolutely yummy!

Becky K.

Kathleen said...

That was good! Love those named bricks! I haven't done anything outside yet..soon enough though. We can't plant anything yet, we could still get a freeze.
Thanks for the reminder about the Porch party..
Well, you have all your equipment ready! But take it slow!!

Sandi McBride said...

Its the work I love to hate! Getting spruced up after a long winter...this week has been hot for April...90's the past three days. Can't bear it! I love unusual things in the gardens too, makes them whimsical and fun. Great read BJ!

Sue (Someone's Mom) said...

I'm back! Sort of. I just read through some of your posts, I just hate missing any of them. My husband does most of the yard work at our house, he loves it. I usually pick out the flowers for the pots and plant those, but that may be his job this year. I'm still in Florida with my mom. We brought her home today...she lasted 5 days in the rehab place and decided to do it outpatient. So, she and dad still need some extra help for a while longer. She is so happy to be home after 5 won't be easy, but we will get it done. At least I'll have some blog time now.

Your Pillsbury bunny cracked me up!

Maryrose said...

What a charming post, almost make yard work look fun as long as I get a lime sherbert at the end :)
Those bricks are so cute and I too love the metal cover.
Enjoy your day and Happy Outdoor Wednesday.

Penny @ The Comforts of Home/Lavender Hill Studio said...

It sounds like you worked really hard and deserved those Fritoes! I need to start working on my garden too. Came back from vacation with a bad chest cold and am trying to get rid of it....

Maura @ Lilac Lane Cottage said...

Oh my that drink looked good made me thirsty just reading about your day! You were warmer than us in Kansas only got up to 84 or so but when you're not used to the hot weather it sure knocks the stuffing out of you! While hubby worked the roto tiller in the veggie garden getting the soil ready and putting the gates and fencing up I was in the cool house cleaning and getting ready for company on Thursday. I couldn't believe how hot it was when I went to collect eggs and check on the chicks and goslings! I hope you have a beautiful day again tomorrow...can't wait to see your place when you're done your spring 'fluffing'. Blessings. Maura

EG Wow said...

The temperature sounds too warm for me in April! Good to see someone is getting some gardening done, though!

Wanda Lee Of The Plumed Pen said...

Hello there sweet lady,

Your tea was exceptionally lovely this week my dear! Thanks so much for partaking with 'Tuesday Tea For Two'; and also the link is live for 'Wednesday Tea For Me And Thee' now, whenever you'd like to pop back to link up!..,

Yes, unfortunately there was something wrong!I was feeling 'pathologically weak', so to speak,from later yesterday onward and throughout the day. (Just as I was when I was severely Anemic in the summer). I had felt unwell with an unsettled tummy yesterday, as well as having had a headache. I still feel weak, but comparitively much better! (Also my dear mama is very ill with the shingles and I'm very concerned about her as well poor sweet, dear)! Thanks for asking!..,

(Although I see my participants numbers dropping a bit each week and it hurts just a wee bit, whereas I am celebrating my 26th and 16th parties respectively, yet, nontheless I'm also very delighted and most grateful for those who do particpate, such as yourself my dear blog friend)!

..,(I do not mean to say that I feel sorry for myself in the least, nor that anyone 'owes me anything' as it's all a freely given gift of generousity, a wonderfully reciprocal 'give and take' here in blogland and I'm extremely grateful for all who have so kindly commented, and joined me in each and every blog party; very much so)!!

More than anything, for me personally I realize that; 'to have your health, is to have your wealth',as well as to be alive! Whereas I was so very sick; I choose to focus on 'joy' instead, as well as having supreme gratitude for the precious gift from God of life and of 'everyday'!

At least for now,I am not well enough to visit lots of folks and/ or to invite them to my teas..,Hopefully later on I will be able to do so!

I love your pictures of the plants and outdoors, we spent a good deal of the day outside as well! Hubby did tons of transplanting also!~What a yummy lunch! Makes me hungry!.., (Guess that must be sign that I'm on the mend)!.., Hehe

Enjoy yourself and do have a marvelous week!

Hugs from Wanda Lee @ The Plumed Pen, and also @ Silken Purse

Natasha said...

I love the idea of planting an English Garden in Texas! I do things like that here in Brisbane and it seems that our weather is very similar to yours...not very English and very very hot in Summer!

Thanks for letting me know about photoscape too, BJ. I will try it out soon.

Have a beautiful week and happy gardening!

Best wishes,

Barbara said...

BJ, I can't take another day of this terrible wind, I told Roy if it continues this summer like last, I will have to move....he just laughs. Last year I could not find many days to ride my jet ski because of the wind on the lake.

I have a helper in my yard, I am ashamed to admit, so when it gets real hot, I am off to the inside.

We have not had a 90degree day yet, but an 80 something. Enough complaining....Juan will be here Saturday to help Roy, so we will be at it again.

Happy Wednesday.

Nancy said...

Already becoming warmer and more humid than I'd like here in Ok. I need to tackle our yard as well...but now I know we can refresh with ginger ale and lime sherbet. Sounds wonderful!

Kissed by an Angel said...

You garden is going to look gorgeous!!! I love your brick path - you are right it does look English, we have a lot of them over here!! I went to my friends the other night and her neighbour has a brick path with white violets growing through!!! Your lunch looked good too, lime and ginger, two of my favourite flavours, only beaten by lime and coconut!!!

Allison Shops said...

I'm with you - it's gotten hot way too early! Love your yard goodies. Rose of Sharon - I need to look that one up. I know I've seen it before, but have forgotten.

Thanks for stopping by AtticMag. I hope you registered for the Giveaway!


Pat@Back Porch Musings said...

It is amazing how things started poppin' around here this week. I took the photos of the PJM Rhododendron under the powder room window, Sunday morning and two days later they were in full flower.
I'm going out today and try to get some photos. The wind has been blowing so much here, it hasn't been easy getting pictures outside. It's cloudy today and the wind is at least for the time being. In Missouri that could change real quick!:-)

Your refreshment looks soooo good. I am going to have to pick up some lime sherbet and ginger ale!

Aunt Amelia's Attic said...

Dear BJ, I just love you to bits! You say things, which I'd say. Except for the Lime sherbet float. I'd have to pick a Strawberry one. But, that's cool too. :-)

You like to putter around some, but do not wax lyrically about gardening. Check!

You show photos of around the yard, and there are still rogue leaves about. As in ~ It's not a purrrrrfectly grooooomed yard Check! [I nearly said it's not perfectly groomed yet! But ours never get to the perfectly groomed state! -giggles-] So anyway, last year's leaves around. Check!

DIGGING deep rooted stuff, is not fun! Check!

Too hot to stay out long, in 90 degrees! Check! Hey, I'd never even try to do outside stuff, in 90 degrees. Not even try!!!

You love not-much-maintenance shrubs, etc. Check! [That's why I always put Impatient(s) in the back patio pots!!! No dead-heading!]

I love that flowering purple weed too! Check! [If I had my way, it would cover the whole lawn and there'd be no need for mowing grass!!!!]

Your bird bath bird needs re-painting. My Garden Gnome does too. How come? Check!

Wow, I went through your yard work, with you already today. How will I ever get out front and rake some left over last fall's leaves, myself?!? ,-) Unless I simply say that I'm just all tired out, from agreeing with all of BJ's gardening wisdom. Check!


Kathleen Grace said...

I hear you BJ! I have been dreading the yard work this year, oh heck, I dread it every year, and we have a huge yard! As for flowering weeds, I say if it flowers it aint a weed! lol. Lime sherbet and ginger ale sounds great, I'll have to try that!

Ann said...

I too love the iron water meter cover!! Anything like that in the garden makes it so much more special to me. I'v collected lots of old metal pieces and spread them in my gardens. Love the brick too. Happy Outdoor Wednesday.

Ms. Bake-it said...

You are too cute BJ! Love the hat! That is a cute bird on your birdbath. Lime sherbert and ginger ale. Sounds interesting. I like the hanging pots you found at a garage sale. I am sure your garden will look quite lovely when you are done slaving away in the heat!

~ Tracy

Mary said...

Getting started is the hard part, bj. It will be lovely in a few weeks and worth all your effort. Your sandwich and sherbet have made me hungry. That's not good as I've just finished breakfast :-). Have a wonderful day. Blessings...Mary

Diann @ The Thrifty Groove said...

Hi BJ!

Well that was a fun day to spend with you! I LOVE those old bricks and the iron water company cover!!

Oh, lime sherbet and ginger ale? That sounds wonderful! One of my all time favorites is a "Boston Cooler" make of vanilla ice cream and ginger ale. Of course here in Michigan we ue "Vernors".

I really need to get ut and start working in the yard. Where to start?

Have a wonderful day!

Claudia@DipityRoad said...

Hi Sweet BJ!

I read your post and wished oh how I would love to be your neighbor. I bet the work and time you spend in your garden is such a joy to your neighbors.

Hope to see you friday for FFB ... your beauty is always inspiring.


Enchanted Rose Studio said...

Your pot holder is divine, bj! It will look beautiful with ivy spilling out and climbing around the brick!

I'm not too crazy about prep/cleaning but love the planting part. I went from 1/2 acre to my little pation, so I've got no room for complaints.

Thank you for your visit and for posting about my giveaway, you're a darling!


Deb said...

That was a really fun post. I wish we had the heat that you are talking about. Have a great day. Deb

chandelier magic said...

Hi -
So glad I found your blog - I love it.

I try to get at least 1 hour of gardening in every morning - in my pajamas and barefoot.

Love the meter cover -


joanny said...

I love your banner header -- just joined A Southern Daydreamer -- your garden looks like it has a real good start for the growing season - although it gets awfully hot down your way, here in Oregon it is wet most of the time -- send us some sunshine and I will send you some rain..stop by my blog and sit a spell and view the beauty of this great country we live in,and the couple of last brief post I will read you some poetry too, while we dine on your wonderful lunch-- gardeners are the friendliest folks - don't you agree,
Happy Spring Planting

Gweny said...

TEXAS, The BiPolar State, God Bless Her and Love Her!!! We too had that 90+ temps this week. AND that Blasted Wind... From February to June.. Hang on to your hat:) I love the iron water meter cover, and of course the brick from my home town:) HEEHEE. I have English Ivy growing in my court yard and just love it. I wish I had your pot hanger, its adorable. MY swing hit the ground a couple of years ago (with me in it) and I haven't gotten another one yet but I do have that same little red bird.. He's just tooo cute:)Rose of Sharon's and Crepe Myrtles are an all time staple for West Texas along with the lantanas LOL. No Texas yard would be without them HEEHEE, Well I don't have a Rose of Sharon yet but always intend to plant one every year. BTW, all other posters, 90 degrees is a blessing to work in down here. We'll be hitting the 100's next month...OHH if Spring only lasted longer:) We should share a sherbert and gingerale sometime B.J. <3

glimpse of my world said...

You were very busy no doubt!! Smiles and I am loving your new burlap runner with all the crocks!!

Rhondi said...

Thanks for mentioning my porch party. I had forgotten that I put that new button on there! I guess I need to spread the word.
I wish we could just let the flowering weeds in a our lawns grow too!