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Saturday, March 6, 2010


I'm playing in SUNDAY FAVORITES today...
a meme where you can pick out a favorite posting from the past and show it again..
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Thanks so much for stopping in here today...
While having some cinnamon rolls ( ones...
no homemade rolls around here this morning......takes too long for me! ) and coffee this morning, I started looking around at all the signs I have.
I'm not sure why I love them so much but I do.
I like old, new, large, small, silly, serious, entertaining and mostly the ones reminding me how much God loves me.
One of my favorites and it's just on a plain board..nothing fancy at all. But don't you love the way the signmaker made her/his letters? So pretty and flowing.....It just makes me feel good to look at it. And, just the words "AMAZING GRACE' fill my heart........

JOHNNY CASH...*double sigh*.....This is just like THE MAN IN BLACK looked when I saw him IN PERSON in 1957. I will still swear today that he looked right at me once and winked!! My girlfriend said he was looking at HER but Johnny and I both knew it was at ME !!!!!! :)
Being in love with him made him look, to me, better as he grew older. Better lookin', better singer.....just like fine wine and old books.. just got better with age!! I sure do miss him! Just knowing he is gone, I suppose. If I've seen WALK THE LINE once, I've seen it 15 times. I don't buy many dvds but I sure bought this one!

...... there's bound to be some truth in this....
I've heard it all my life !!!!!
This one is on a shelf in my entry hall and turned so that you see it as you leave. I've glanced over at it more times than not as I've left for the day and HE always seems to be blessing me.
I love this one, too. It reminds me every day not to take myself too seriously!!
Beautiful Daughter bought this one for me in Fredericksburg, Texas a few years back and it's also the perfect color, brick red, for my living room. I really have enjoyed it......
Now this one, I DO NOT like so much.
It seems it's always hanging in the door of the most precious junque shop that you would eat a LIVE ZEBRA just to get inside and you are traveling and it will be at LEAST one hundred years before you are back thru this little town!!! :)
I have a LOT more signs to share with you soon..


Julie Harward said...

Love your sign...I have lots too, it's just fun to say what you feel right there, to everyone! Now, I've got to go count mine! Have a nice Sabbath day..come say hi :D

Joanne Kennedy said...

LOL I thought you were going to say the last one was what you hang in your kitchen when you don't feel like cooking.


Brambleberry Cottage said...

Love all your signs! I, too, like signs. Well, actually, most anything with words that hold meaning for me.

Remember the post I did for The Perfect Gift? Maybe your primary love language is "Words of Affirmation" as well.

Have a blessed Sunday!

Penny @ The Comforts of Home/Lavender Hill Studio said...

I love all of your signs BJ. My favorite one is the If you Stumble....

Sue (Someone's Mom) said...

I just saw there was a new Johnny Cash CD a few days ago. How did he do that? I have to say, he isn't my musical taste...but, I think we all have those stars we love like that!

This was a fun post, I'm glad you posted it again.

The Muse said...

now surely you know I WOULD LOVE your

my cottage has few of its own..
(surprised are you?)

there is much insight into our spirits and heart when we peer into our homes! :)

have a great Sunday!

Purvail said...

What great signs..all have a special message.
Love the cinnamon rolls ..I don't care if there are store bought.

Have a pleasant Sunday

marty (A Stroll Thru Life) said...

Oh I love all of your signs. They are fantastic. The Amazing Grace and Chocolate really speak to me. I do have God's Grace, but the rich coffee, chocolate and men, not so much. lol Hugs, Marty

salmagundi said...

Great signs! I know what you mean about the 'closed' sign. Those special thrift stores are always closed when we drive through never to return. Have a great week. Sally

Wsprsweetly Of Cottages said...

Chocolate, coffee and men is better than rich?? WELL, of course it is..but no one ever told me. I had to learn it on my own!
Sorry...I get carried away sometimes.
I love you, bj!!

shirley said...

So much fun to visit here and see the signs that make us laugh, ponder, frown and so many more emotions that a sign brings.
I also love J.C. too! I bet his eyes sparkled as he gave YOU that special wink!

Shelia said...

Hi BJness! Yep, that Johhny was a good 'un, wasn't he?
Love all your signs and I would come over if you had anymore of those cinnamon rolls!
Be a sweetie,
Shelia ;)

Cottage Rose said...

HI BJ; I really enjoyed seeing all your wonderful signs.... So many that it is hard to pick a favorite,,,, but I have to say I like the Stumble and Dance one,,,, that is so me.... lol thank you for sharing...


Chrissy said...

B.J you have always loved your signs!! I have to say I LOVE your new header....those candles in the jar are perfect,think all my friends have done that now too! Hope you are well,x0x0x0x0

Justine said...

Holy cow, you do have a lot of signs and I love them all!

Johnny Cash. Never did understand why people liked his music so much. Sowwy.

Justine :o )

Kathleen Grace said...

This is something I keep meaning to add to my decorating but I just don't find the time. I love these little signs and I think they are a great way to add charm. I really love the letters in your kitchen that I have seen in other posts. Gotta make some for mine some time:>)