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Monday, February 15, 2010


TODAY is when I get to play with my favorite color...RED
is one of my favorite memes because I can ALWAYS talk about RED !
Thanks, Mary, for hosting this bright pretty meme every TUESDAY..
I am also linking with KIMBA at DIY TUESDAY
Thanks for hosting this today!

one of my favorites...

The 2 above photos of NINE PATCH QUILTS
courtesy of THE WEB
This is one that I made a few years ago...
The 9 Patch has always been a favorite of mine...
so country and simple.
But the really detailed quilts are much more beautiful.
I adore the appliqued ones and don't have a CLUE how it is done.
I am hoping sweet friend, JEANNE, will teach me a thing or two about quilting...
will ya, Jeanne??
My mama was SO good at making quilts but I was too goofy to pay enough
attention to learn evern ONE thing about making one.'
Knowing this quilt was going to be so plain and simple, I decided I wanted some really fun fabric...
the cute fabric is the ONLY thing that saved this humble little PLAIN JANE..
BUT, I am just dieing to make another one...SOON....before winter is totally over.....
I actually didn't realize there were so many hearts in the fabric until
I started taking photos of the little blocks...
The border around the quilt...
I am not very good at making the is HARD !
I love sewing the little tiny squares together, tho.

To me, there is something really special about sleeping beneath a hand made quilt.
I have one on all my beds at Sweet Nothings..
O...and when they are freshly washed and dried...they smell SOOOO good....I just love that!
...and ya know what....the BACK is as sweet as the front...
I just love the backs of olden quilts...and new ones, too !

I have this one on my KING SIZE bed but it is not really quite large enough..
Gotta make another one to fit better.

OOPS...time for my mid-morning snack...
Not a half bad snack break !!...
and I won't have to walk an extra 20 minutes on my treadmill with
all this sugar free stuff !!
Is that photo fuzzy or has LACK OF SUGAR made me see crooked !!??


Joops said...

My Mom used to love quilt, she had a lot of it actually.

Blondie's Journal said...

Quilting: Another wonderful talent that you have that I didn't know of. They are all lovely!! I love the one you are working on, I've always been a big fan of Mary Engelbreight. Her work is so colorful and fun!

Your snack looks wonderful and it sure does take care of that sugar craving!! ;-)


Penny @ The Comforts of Home/Lavender Hill Studio said...

My mom was a wonderful quilter. Your quilts are great! I envy anyone that can quilt. I seem to fight with my sewing machine whenever I take it out of its case.
p.s. your comment on my post did take...I have comment moderation on now because of all of the spam. So I have to read the comment before they show up.

Rhondi said...

If I lived near to you I could teach you how to applique. The quilts you made are great, bright and colorful just the way a quilt should be!
Hugs, Rhondi

Jeanette said...

I love quilts, they are just so comforting.

Julie Harward said...

I love homemade quilts, I have one on our bed that I made and it stays on pretty much year round...they are so cozy and just the right weight. Yours are so pretty, love the fabric too. And you don't need the sugar, you are already sweet! Come say hi :D

Justine said...

The art of quilt making really stuns me. I know there are different "levels" of quilt making, but I could never do even the simplest of them. Beautiful job, BJ!

Justine :o )

Cindy (Applestone Cottage) said...

I love your quilt BJ~ You did a wonderful job, great post! Cindy

Hootin' Anni said...

One of these of these days, I'm gonna attempt making a quilt. I really like the simplicity of the first quilt!!

10 ALBUM COVERS = =scroll below my Tuesday's Heads or Tails meme to find my Ruby Tuesday.

Have a great day!!

Aunt Amelia's Attic said...

Oh I like the new blog look. The colors 'go together' so well. The yellow pok-a-dot background goes well with the shades of the new Header pic. :-) Everyone can now shed the Valentines Day look, and go experimenting again. :-)

You are so talented! I've never tried anything like quilt making.

You are lucky that you can use the Sugar Substitutes. My husband had a bad reaction to one, and we never use any, any more. And that does make a big difference in total calories.


Betty said...

I just love quilts. My Mom used to make quilts, wished I had paid better attention too. When my Mom died she was working on a quilt for someone, she was embroidering the quilt squares. After she died we got the squares to the lady she was making it for, a short while later I got a call and the lady gave them back to me, said it was on her heart that I should have them. Another friend put them together for me. It is a treasure to have.
When I was little we always slept under quilts at my Grandma's, I remember one of them had bear fur in it.

Ralph said...

The quilts all show a passion for this craft, the quality and love that goes into the stitching is for all to see. Plenty of rubies in every design, all these quilts to hang on a wall - or to keep warm on a cold night...

Dixie said...

I love this quilt pattern too... but quilting takes patience...something I find myself frequently short of!

theres a great quilting show on PBS that frequently does the appliques... they make it look so easy but we know "it ain't so"...

stay warm! gotta run! Dixie

Barb~Bella Vista said... your quilts. They are so colorful and pretty!


Auntie E said...

Great quilts.. Now I need to get started on another one. Maybe it will be of garden pictures.

Manang Kim said...

I so love your quilts, wish I knew how to do it too.

RRT: Fuji

Mary said...

BJ, I think these are spectacular! You are one talented lady. Enjoy those beignets tonight. Have a wonderful day. Blessings...Mary

Marice said...

those are really beautiful! :) great job! and i wanna have that kind of breakfast too soon :) hugs!

u may view mine here

Southern Lady said...

I love your quilt, BJ, and envy your talent. I think a quilt makes a room look warm and cozy, especially when used as a bedspread.

Jackie said...

Your quilt is just lovely BJ. I have a problem with borders as well.

God bless.

Alice said...

I love that quilt you made. I'd say you did a great job to have done it all by yourself. We talked about having the next ones we make quilted by someone else, and that would be a lot quicker. I love the piecing but don't like the quiltig at all. Anyhoo, I think you do great and love the fabric you picked out.

The Muse said...

you know a 4 letter word for quilt?
love :)
your tenderness can be seen can be felt here...

you my dear, are a treasure...keep unveiling the talents...we all sit here in awe...applauding!

♥ Kathy said...

Pretty quilts. Happy Ruby Tuesday

Judi said...

Love your quilts. They are lovely and how talented you are. Sometimes we just don't realize whast we could be learning if we took attention...I know how that goes. You are right nothing better than lying under a beautiful, handmade quilt.
Thank you for sharing...enjoy the evening.

© Jennifer Raley said...

If it was a lack of sugar for you on the fuzzy photo, then it was excess sugar for me. My mom decided to make a quilt before the weather got warm. It's turned into a bedspread. I think it's 9-patch quilt! She gave me some sheets a few years ago for crafts, I gave 'em back (she just called, her ears were burning!) It is a 9-patch quilt she's making So, I gave her the sheets back --- she needed 100 squares out of them, got 96 then pieced together the extra 4. And had some spare stuff. What a woman! :) Jenn <><

Kathleen Grace said...

I love nine patches. Since I am a beginning quilter I think I want to try one of these next. I am all about easy and quick so I look forward to something that will go together easily. Your quilt is gorgeous and a real heirloom because you made it with your own loving hands:>)