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Friday, January 22, 2010

NATIONAL PIE DAY and PINK SATURDAY..all in one delicious day.....

.....simply to celebrate THE PIE !
A great way to celebrate NATIONAL PIE DAY is to bake some pies and give them away to family and friends..

I like APPLE PIE....
a LOT !!
I would LOVE to say that I made this
beautiful and delicious looking PINK PIE
for you but......I didn't !
Isn't it a beauty !!
I DID make this COCONUT PIE for ya....
...and a CHOCOLATE and a LEMON

PECAN PIE is probably my absolute FAVORITE...
but I read somewhere that just one piece has about
15 and 1/2 MILLION calories...
Dang it ! That sure takes the fun out of it, hu !!?
CHOCOLATE is so GOOD for you that I think we
are all safe in eating ALL WE WANT of CHOCOLATE PIE..

to all my sister friends.....
happy national pie day !!
and don't forget to swing by
lots of pinks waiting just for YOU !
BEVERLY asked us to add a new or" new to us" blog each Saturday...

The above photo is a few of the things she and her hubby love...
aren't they all just precious !!
When you go over to say hello and welcome her to Blogland,
would you kindly tell her bj said HEY ?


Civilla said...

Made a rhubarb pie. I have lots of rhubarb in my freezer.

Justine said...

I don't think I like pecan pie, but the rest of them? Ooh how I wish I could eat them! And I think that pink one was one of those jell-o pies! YUM

Justine :o )

Stacey said...

Oh I forgot about National Pie Day. I'm going to try to join you for that one. :)

Jeanette said...

I did not know about National Pie Day. I will be making one, for certain.

The Quintessential Magpie said...

Hi, BJ!

Talking about pie has made me so hungry! LOL! And there is not even a grain of sugar in the house. Me thinks I would be making a late night grocery run, but Publix closes in four minutes. Shucks! ;-)

That looks like a cute blog, BJ, and I'll be sure and pop by.

Happy PS to you!


Sheila :-)

Blondie's Journal said...

All of the pies look yummy but I think I am late for my date!! I will be sure to go visit your blogger friend!! Happy Pink Saturday, BJ! :-)


CC said...

And might I say, that although I didn't know it was National Pie Day, I did have a piece of my favorite coconut creme pie today..and was it ever good!!! And I like pecan too, and chess, and buttermilk, and lemon..and.... Happy Pink Saturday..have a great weekend.

this blessed nest said...

oh my goodness!

am i ever glad i stopped by. i had no idea it was pie day tomorrow! i am all about a pie. thanks for the info. your pies look delish. your home seems like a perfect place to sit down & enjoy some pie. very inviting & beautiful.

take care!

p.s. about the paper chains...i never get tired of them. i know my kids will one day, but for now i am making all that i can. :)

Dixie said...

National Pie Day... how'd I miss that! Pass the pie girl.. I'm here now!

Happy Pink Saturday... Dixie

Brenda Eason said...

Girl did you have to? lol Not good for a diet =) I nade it a week do i will just have to smell,but oh gosh I want it bad!

caren said...

I love all your pies...wish I had a piece right now. I ADORE your Mackenzie Childs. Happy Pink Saturday!

Tootsie said...

have a wonderful weekend...oh...and don't forget to stop by this week...starting right now to enter and learn about the great give away that is being held on my blog this week!

Light and Voices said...

Please pass me a slice of apple pie with a scoop of ice cream. Oh yes, I like the pie heated up a bit. Thanks if is yummy!
Joyce M

Phyllis AROUND THE HOUSE said...

Hi sweetie, well I am up for some pie, I made peach pie and it is being served with vanilla bean ice cream...I do love pecan though, I think I love them all...with all the rain here, the smell of something baking is just the best, oh I forgot, I also love strawberry rubarb, wow, so good..,

Sage said...

First time I hear of National Pie Day, but love that idea; i ws going to make a carrot cake, but will keep it for next week. Lovely pictures

Jorgelina said...

Happy Pink Saturday!!

Anonymous said...

I think there is a law that on National Pie holiday there are no calories to count!!! Doris


Dear BJ...Yummiest Pink Saturday post...MMMMMM.....Pecan....MMMMMMM.....Chocolate...but none sweeter than you! Happy Pink Saturday!

Theresa said...

OK BJ! You are on a diet and tempting all of us with these pies... What's up with that Sista? I love coconut, my favorite! Enjoy your weekend and step away from the pies:)

Yvonne @ StoneGable said...

BJ- Such a yummy post! I'm hungry and now I want pie for breakfast- possibly coconut custard!
And happy belated birthday. I see that you just had a birthday!!!
So, Happy Nationa Pie Day and Pink Saturday and Happy Happy Birthday!

Gabriela said...

Happy Pink Saturday!

I absolutely love pies and this post has made me hungry for ONE!
Like the pink one on the photo...

~ Gabriela ~

Betty (picture circa 1951) said...

Yes, who doesn't love pie! They all look delicious.

I can never get through the entire list of Pink Saturday participants, so today I was going to first visit all the other Bettys, but then I saw BJ and those are my initials so I visited you first. Now on to all the Bettys.

The Cookie Girl said...

National Pie Day! And I missed it?
Oh that just won't do. I have to go and make a pie today for sure.
All of your pies looks delicious.
Have a blessed weekend!

PS I love your song. one of my favorites. :)

Handmade in Gibraltar said...

Just dropped by from Farm girl Cyn's blog as I was intriuged by national pie day. I live a long way from America but it sounds like a good reason to bake a pie!
Lovely blog xx

dana said...

YUMMINESS! I love pie. . . most any kind of pie! I did not know that today was national pie day! Wow! What a reason to pull out the rolling pin and cook away!

Loved this post, BJ. Hope you have a great Pink Sat! L, Dana

Aunt Amelia's Attic said...

OH wow! National Pie Day! Didn't know that.

I'd LOVE a piece of each of those pies! LOVE em!

But since last March, when I had 3 nearly clogged coronary arteries stented, and thus avoided a massive heart attack, I simply can't even make myself eat pie. Usually, the filling isn't full of Sat/Fat but the crust is.

And... -sigh- I can make a grrrrrreat crust!

Well, I still make desserts for the rest of the family...... For Sun. Family Dinner. Which doesn't fall on National Pie Day this year. But I'm sure they would be happy to celebrate it, a day late. :-))))

SmilingSally said...

I'll scarf down that pecan pie any day! My next choice would be the coconut!

Mary said...

I loved your post today. Everyone of the pies you chose to share with us looks really scrumptious. I hope you are having a wonderful Pink Saturday. Blessings...Mary

Pam said...

I cna't decide which pie I want for dinner. The pink one looks delicious but pecan is my favorite. Thanks for sharing these mouth-watering pies.

Happy Pink Saturday.

Nancy said...

Oh, I just finished exercising, may I have a piece? I'll take apple, please!

Happy Pink Saturday!

Sandra said...

Oh, I so want some pie! May have to make a trip to Bakers Square later this afternoon!

Thank you for sharing these yummy delights.

Anonymous said...

Hi BJ, I am not a regular Pink Saturday gal, but love to visit. I did do one for today, as I had something special that is pink. Beverly's list has gotten so long I don't even know how to get in now. But It doesn't matter. I always visit you and can get around to see them. Those pies are to die for, as they say. I love the Pecan Pie the best, too.

Penny @ The Comforts of Home/Lavender Hill Studio said...

Yummy pies BJ! My favorite is pecan too....I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it!

♥Mimi♥ said...

It never fails. If the weather is all gray and gloomy Pink Saturday always cheers me up! This week is no exception. Your post this week is just wonderful! ♥Thank you so much for making my day a little brighter!♥

Sending warm wishes to you from northern Michigan - where the cold winds blow and gray clouds pepper the skies.

Liz @ Brambleberry Cottage said...

I'll take a piece of that scrumptious looking coconut pie please.

BJ - Thanks so much for the sweet intro to your blogging friends. I hope to see them all over my way for the Valentine's party!


Twyla and Lindsey said...

Gotta love pie! It's so nice to meet you! Somehow I've missed you and I have really enjoyed looking through your blog today. Have a good weekend! Twyla

Sandi@ My Yellow Door said...

I am eating a Cranberry pecan pie right this very minute and I am loving every calorie of it! I LOVE pie of any kind and all yours sure look yummy. Happy Pink Saturday, BJ.


CollectIn Texas Gal said...

Hi BJ...I'm Sue from CollectInTexas Gal and this is my first visit to your great Blog! I started at the top of Beverly's list today and I'm so glad I did cause I love pie almost as much as I love Birthday Cake! I've been havein a BlogginBirthday Party all week and today was the Finale...There's lots of cake left if ya have room. Hope you'll stop by and say Howdy! There sure are a bunch of us Texas Gals who blog and I'm so glad to find you on Beverly's Pink Saturday....Sue

KayEllen said...

oh my goodness!!Each pie is amazing!!

Happy PS~~always a pleasure to stop by :)

Kay Ellen

Kathleen Grace said...

Pie Day! And I missed it!? Just as well, I could eat a whole pie myself and probably would. I have no self control at all when it comes to pie;>)

Claudia said...

Ummm, pie is my favorite thing! Love, love it. And The Little Pie Company has a kiosk at Grand Central Station in NY - very tempting when I have to go into the city! Happy Pink Saturday!

Sue (Someone's Mom) said...

Ooo...a new look! I like it!

I had no idea it was pie day. That is probably a good thing. I do love some pie!


Pom Pom said...

Yum - PIE! I wish someone (like my MOM!) would make me a pie. She lives too far away and if I make one, well I'd have to eat it and then I'd get a little fatter and then I'd remember that I'm trying to lose my excess chubbiness and then . . . oh well. Thank you SO much for the lovely look at some delicious pies and for a fun visit to your spirited blog!