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Saturday, November 21, 2009


WITH her "touch of pink", I had to show you one of my sweet granddaughters, BRYNNA,
dressed for 80's DAY at school....
is she totally adorable or WHAT !!
She's a cutie, fur sure, fur sure!!
Her mom was a teen in the 80's so she knew just how to dress BRYNNA...
LAST month, I was blessed to win the most adorable GINGERBREAD MAN COOKIE CUTTER CARD
from one of the SWEETEST bloggers you will ever meet.
Her name is REBECCA and she lives over at A GATHERING PLACE..
The wrap is still on this pretty card but I didn't want to take it out right now....
The card says,
Gingerbread Cookies
Candles Aglow
Popcorn and Stockings
All Hung In A Row.
Mistletoe, Holly
And Twinkling Lights
Blessings Will Follow
This Cold Winter night.
Families Gather
Together With Love
For Christmastime Giving
And Joy From Above.
by Rebecca Nelson/2009
THANK YOU so much, Rebecca...I just LOVE it.
Be sure to go over and check out her adorable shop with so many gifts to choose from!
PINK bows, pink card....just right for PINK SATURDAY...
I am happy to be playing PINK SATURDAY again with our friend, BEVERLY at HOW SWEET THE SOUND... ********************************************
My daughter*in*law, KATHY, and her first granddaughter, CATE....
I am thankful for all these people in my life...


Diann @ the thrifty Groove said...

Very sweet pinks today!

Happy PS!

Blessedmom's Simple Home said...

Your granddaughter looks adorable in her 80's outfit, what a cutie! The little baby your daughter-in-law is holding is adorable too, but I'm thinking, that would make you a great-grandmother, and that's not possible, you're way too young! Btw, my daughters love reading your posts too, we all love bj around here :-)

The Quintessential Magpie said...

Oh, BJ... I loved your pinks. The cookie cutter is precious, and that baby! Oh, that baby is a doll!

Happy Pink Saturday...


Sheila :-)

Enchanted Rose Studio said...

Your grandaughters is darling, she looks so Olivia Newton John! You little GGD is adorable!

Congratas on your gingerbread cookie cuter win, she wrapped it up beautifully and the poem is so sweet!

Have a lovely weekend, BJ!


Theresa said...

Adorable Granddaughter. I could do 80s too. I have pictures of my Daughter dressed like that:) Oh sweet Cate, She is a dollbaby!

What a cute card with the cookie cutter. There are some really creative bloggers out there!

Have a sweet Saturday Dear BJ!

pinkfairygran said...

That is such a lovely photo of your d-in-law. I don't see my granddaughter, so it touched me, as this is how I always envisages I would be if I were blessed with a granddaughter. Sadly it wasn't meant to be..... life doesn't always turn out as expected, but you learn to pick yourself up and get back to being the positive happy woman you were, and are, inside. Thanks for sharing, and commenting on my village blog.

Jorgelina said...

Your grandaughters is darling.
Happy Pink Saturday!

Judi said...

Happy PINK Saturday BJ
What a happy PINK post! The gingerbread card is adorable. The verse so cute.
Your granddaughter is adorable. I love what she is wearing. How fun to have a day like that.

Grandmother and baby are beautiful. Precious moments.
enjoy this lovely day

Anonymous said...

Happy Pink Saturday and Thanksgiving
xxoo Denise

Sally said...

Bryanna is much too pretty for the 70's; thank goodness those days are gone!

Congratulations on your win; I know you'll be making gingerbread cookies soon.

Carol said...

Congratulations on your "Pink" win at Rebecca's "A Gathering Place". Aren't these just the sweetest concept, the poetry, artwork, the cutter all wrapped into the cutest packaging!!

Blessings from Good 'Ol Texas
*Just look'in & not blogg'in yet

Mary said...

Brynna is just darling. I love the other pinks you chose to share with us today, including that photo of your great grandchild.

dana said...

Happy Pink Saturday! Your grand girl looks darling in her 80s the gloves! :) Also, the cookie cutter card you received IS lovely and so thoughtful. Thanks for sharing a photo of Kathy and her first Grand Girl! Yes, you have loads of reasons to feel thankful, BJ. You have such a lovely and loving family!

Have a great weekend! L, Dana

Sandi@ My Yellow Door said...

Hi BJ,
What a sweet post! You do have much to be thankful for! You have a lovely family. I'm thankful for mine as well! I love the sweet cookie cutter gift you won from Rebecca. Congratulations! Happy Pink Saturday and have a wonderful weekend.


Sarah said...

BJ, totally agree! This is adorable. I always enjoy your posts. Happy Pink Saturday and Blessings for Thanksgiving! ~ Sarah

Catharina Maria said...

I sea lovely pinks .

Happy Pink Saturday !
Love from the Netherlands RINI

Happy To Be/ Gl♥ria said...

GM BJ, Fur sure, Fur sure...she is a cutie pie...I just love coming by here and seeing your great family know what a sucker I'm am for family...THANK YOU BJ, the the Thanksgiving card my friend...not only was the card one of a kind it so reminder me of you as you also our one of a kind...Love ya sis...May you have a Blessed weekend my friend....Big Ole Mountain hugs to you....Gl♥ria

Cathi said...

I remember my daughter actually dressing and living the 80's style!
Your grand daughter is darling. Happy PINK Saturday!

Sue (Someone's Mom) said...

I think your granddaughter looks like you. I was glad to read she was "in costume" as my first thought was "Oh no! That look is back in style"! She's so cute.

Love your gingerbread win, and always love to see a grandma with her baby. Mine are both boys so no pink around this nest-darn it!


Elizabeth said...

Your granddaughter looks perfect for the 80s, she could go back in time w/ Michael J. Fox and his time machine!

kimmcl said...

Oh yes, you are very blessed BJ. And I am blessed to have you as a friend. I've enjoyed getting to know you and your family over the past year. May you all have a very Happy Thanksgiving.!

Marina Capano said...

Hi Happy pink saturday! lovely post!Your grandaughters is so pretty!


Carol at Serendipity said...

What a lovely post! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving and Happy Pink Saturday!


sissie said...

Your granddaughter looks so cute and the baby is adorable.
Thanks for sharing such a precious Pink Saturday post with us.

Happy Pink Saturday!

Stacey said...

Happy Saturday BJ! Your grand daughter is so perfectly dressed for the 80s. I had kind of forgotten about that look. :)

Andi's English Attic said...

And I didn't even know about Pink Saturday. Perhaps I should join in, after all I AM beginning to like pink, perhaps the pink lovers would be interested in my journey.
Your granddaughter looks great. Did mum have some authentic clothes still in her wardrobe? Thanks for stopping by my blog. xx

Pat@Back Porch Musings said...

Brynna looks so cute, all dressed up for the 80's!!

{Bellamere Cottage} said...

Hi BJ....

Your little granddaughter is just adorable...she does look like the 80's.

I LOVE Rebecca....she is just the sweetest thing, isn't she?

Your little great granddaugter is a darling little pink thing!

Yes, I was on RMS for awhile several years ago. I have linked up with so many girlies from "the old days"! :-)

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

Warm blessings,

Claudia said...

Happy Pink Saturday, BJ! The cookie cutter is so cute and your granddaughter looks adorable and straight out of the 80's!

kimmcl said...

Hey BJ! I just saw your comment about linking to my post. If I can bring a smile to someone's face I'm all for that! Funny though, hubby wasn't smiling so much today.....ha!
Oh, and yes! I'd be thrilled if you mentioned me in your wonderful blog!!!

Justine said...

Your granddaughter looks awesome! Before I even read, I said, "Whoa, totally 80s!"

Justine :o )

Kathleen Grace said...

Oh my goodness the 80's! Did we really look like that? the only thing that makes me feel better is that every generation looks at their teen pictures and cringe. Lol, I think this generation it will be the boys baggy jeans with their buns hanging out that make them feel silly. Your grandaughter manages to be cute nonetheless. Happy pink Saturday BJ.

Shelia said...

Hi Bjness! Oh, your ggranddaughter is just so cute all dolled up for the 80s!
Congratulations on winning Rebecca's cookie cutter. Isn't she a doll and so pretty!
You are a blessing to me Dear One! Thank you always for your visits to see me.
Be a sweetie,
Shelia ;)

Sammy Girl said...

OH, BJ --
Such wonderful family pics! And I love the pink strap!
Hugs and hope your Pink Saturday was FABULOUS!
Betty :)

Christi @ A Southern Life said...

Sweet pinks. Seeing a dress like the 80's day makes me feel really old! LOVE that last pic!

Christi @ A Southern Life

Rebecca said...

Oh BJ...thank you for the NOD on your little Card. I'm soooo happy you love it! I've almost sold out of all of them for this year. I can't believe it. God is sooo good and faithful. Isn't He?

You granddaughter is a hoot....

And the picture of your DIL with her grand baby girl is just so precious...

Blessings to you, friend. Make your Thanksgiving Day be filled with much JOY!

Love, Rebecca

Kathleen said...

You are truly blessed..sweet grandaughters and grandbabies..
Yhe cookie cutter is adorable too!
Emerg surgery for my dil..4 little ones to care throws us curves..
Happy Thanksgiving!