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Wednesday, April 8, 2009

What's a COFFEE TABLE to do ?

My thanks to SUZANNE at COLORADO LADY for hosting this most amazing day...
I have seen some fabulous VINTIAGE THINGIES each Thursday and I hope you have, too...
Be sure to visit SUZANNE and all the others that have their treasures out for you to "ooo and ah" over...OOOO, and you will just about DIE when you see what her sweet
hubby brought her for THE CITY DUMP....I am so so envious!! :O)
and THANKS SO MUCH for stopping to see me... I appreciate it !
so I am calling on YOU...
once again !!
YOU.....the best decorators in the whole wide entire world
helped so much with THIS...
and I love it ....
I need your sweet help on my
I would just love to tell ya that I bought it down in FRENCH LIQUE, TEXAS,
with DIXIE by my side....I think that is the CUTEST name for a blog and I just LOVE saying it....
"French Lique, Texas"
you should go over and see her cute blog...
I just love going there....
But, alas...I purchased this French coffee table in YE OLE THRIFT SHOP
for the amazing sum of ......$15.00..
yesssss, $15.00 for this full of charm table...
heavy, french legs, scalloped edges.
A little faded and run-down when I first rescued it
but refinishing to the beautiful wood on top
and a quick coat of the best BLACK on the shapely legs
brought it right UP FRONT !!
*I must tell you ....another lady, very sweet lady,
said, "I saw that table first, you know!"
I'm thinkin', "Oh, dear....." ..there's gonna be a FIGHT !"
"Oh, no, I didn't know that you saw it first and
wanted to buy it!"...
"Oh", she said...."I have one almost like it...
so, no....I don't want to buy it...I just saw it first!"
UHHHH.....DUH !!?
I just replied that I hoped she was enjoying HER like
table...and I was sure going to love MINE....
she just smiled sweetly....
I realize I am a VERY BRAVE GIRL
to even show this pitiful table top dressing...
Actually...there's no "decorating" involved in
my coffee table..
We use this baby ALL THE TIME..
but I know it can STILL be pretty to look at...
I would just like something special for the center
of it...not flowers nor greenery...
but......WHAT ?
Probably flowers and greenery....."sigh
(oh, he was just here on my table..)
do ya'll like his show as much as
MR. SWEET and I do ??
between RAYMOND and TWO AND A HALF MEN, we laugh a lot !
I love 2 and a Half Men so much, I want to marry it.....
well, back to the COFFEE TABLE....
Kitty Bartholomew
used to show fabulous table scapes...
I remember, once, she showed a coffee table with
a bunch...a BUNCH of natural stone tiles, placed
on top of a coffee table and plants of all kinds sitting
on the tiles....just breathtaking ! I ran and
bought a BUNCH of natural stone tiles, placed them on
another coffee table I had at the time, put lots of smaller
plants on it and it looked fabulous....until all the plants
started dying...not enuf sunlight, I'm sure...oh, well *sigh
and remember
COUNTRY STYLE ?....I LOVED that series!!
Since they took off all my favorites...I don't even
watch HGTV anymore! Never even turn it on !
I dearly love Candice but, with her decorating,
money is no object and I can't do one single thing
she shows us to do!! *double sighhhh
I love the size of this table as it services
two very LARGE, leather sofas..
and I REALLY love that it is a drop leaf....
I think, however, the size makes it harder to dress....
Not sure about that but it SEEMS to....
What do you have on YOUR large coffee table?
When you have time, would you just take a look at mine
and let me know what I might consider ?
I think it goes without saying....
SOCIAL SECURITY doesn't like me spending much money on ANYTHING !
Soooo, whatever I has to be CHEAP....and I am NOT crafty,
so I can't MAKE anything...
XO bj
(in a sorrowful state)

Now, I did find this....this....I don't know WHAT it is, actually....I am wondering if I might be able to come up with something that would look interesting and GOOD on that long table. using this piece.. LOOKS like it might have had candles on it at one time...any one know what it might be ?? This many candles, lined up in a row, might look a little weird....I don't know... I'm just sayin'.....

"never work before breakfast...if you HAVE to work before breakfast, eat your breakfast first !!"

:O) i love that one!


Coloradolady said...

What a great find with your coffee table. It is very pretty. You know, I find that one of the most difficult things to dress is the coffee table...that is why I did away with mine, it never looked right to me. I really don't have any suggestions, but I will return to see what creative things your bloggers can come up with...hope they have links for pictures... :)

Have a great weekend! Happy Easter.

Dixie said...

Hi BJ... well... I'm not the queen of country decorating just because I live in the country and like to decorate... but... here's an idea for you...

I think i'd fold down at least one side of the table - sofa side - you can always pull it up for company when you need it...

then I'd use a wicker basket with needlepoint ivy in the center... add a little birds nest with eggs.. and a few different birds in muted colors (like sparrows) on either side of the plant..and maybe a book on birds...(with a little bird sitting on it) and don't forget to cover your book with vellum! A couple of short chubby candles/holders... for romance and good smell...

that's my idea.. and you might have the stuff already laying around your house...

hey.. it was such a good idea... I think I'll do it on my table!

have a joyous Easter... Dixie

Happy To Be said...

Now Bj, like you I also live on SS and I love to thrift store shop now..Also I can't remember the last time I watched HGTV and I use to have it on all day..Candice I love but woh could afford her style..Now I love your table and what a great find..I am still trying to figure out the use of the long board that one even have me strumped..and girl I studied antiques..How about stacking some books like you did on your one table and then adding framed family pictures and a bowl of flowers on the table...Now Raymond's Mama is my MIL I kid you not they even look alike Len and I both call her Marie ha ha!! Love the Picture of your New great grand...too cute..Congrats again to you...hugs and smiles Gl♥ria

Brenda Eason said...

BJ a coffee table is hard because it is made to be used. I usually decorated one end and then just put a nice country magazine in the middle.If you want to use the basket already on the table get some of the moss many use( not the old Grey kind)Fin you a rustic iron rooster and put in the middle. Add some realistic egg around the moss. Go thrifting and find two iron candle holders( in black) and two old readers digest in the colors to pick up the color in the living room. Stack the two books and put one candle holder on it and the other beside it. The books will give you different levels. Put the basket in front of that. I would do it in the lift hand corner. Don't forget you can always paint the basket.

Bea said...

What a great job refinishing that table! Have you tried putting the long "thing" on the table? What about getting some clear glass tealight holders at Walmart and lining them up on the long thing? I was thinking of a crocheted doily on your coffee table. Vintage magazines? Do some "shopping" in your house and I bet you will find something you like arranged on that table.

Anonymous said...

i don't have a coffee table but i love yours with the drop sides..ssoo practical, never seen one like that before :)

Elizabeth said...

I really like this table BJ. You don't see drop-leaf coffee tables very often. For mine I just have a placemat and a big bowl of seashells. That way there is still plenty of room to use the table.

Stacey said...

Good Morning BJ! My favorite way to do tables anymore is with a tray first and then arrange on top of it. It just seems to pull the items together and it all makes sense. We know you can make it perfect. I really like your table.

Deanna said...

Hi's the little bundle of joy? You must be so very proud of little Kate!

Well, I'm not a decorator either and I usually am the thrift store buyer for all of my decor.

On my coffee table I have two large floral glass vases which house my two beloved male bettas, Blanco and Azul. In the middle of the two vases I have a large ornament shaped cookie jar for my guests to dig into...I usually house cookies, peanuts, pretzels and whatnot. I'm a big believer in feeding the guests..LOL!

Now with the new baby, you could get some lovely frames and make an arrangement of her photos. I'm sure you will get a bevy of more useful ideas from the other ladies who really know what they're doing! Oh, and for Raymond and favorite! When I had my corneal transplant two years ago, my husband bought me the whole series and I watched that for the whole six weeks I was out recouperating. And my mom looks like Marie!

Have a blessed day!
Deanna :D

Diane said...

I'm not so good at decorating, so I'll forego specific suggestions for your coffee table, except to say color! It need 'pop'. Other than that, all I can say is it is a beautiful table! You have some of the greatest finds in your home! I've got to come visit you and go bargain hunting!!!! Have a great day! I'll be watching to see what you do with the table.


Dena ~ swaddlecottage said...

Hi BJ,

First, let me just say congrats on the wee addition to the family! I don't watch HGTV anymore either. It seems like the only thing they show anymore is shows on how to buy or sell a house...and when they do decorate it is all modern and not at all interesting to me. We need a good country decorating show again! I think I would group your pretty crystal clock collection on your table, along with some more red stacked books and then get a big platter for the center with varied sizes of chuncky cream candles. Maybe play with some black and white toile fabric under the tray...hummmm...this is one of those things that you need to just play and play with until it makes you smile. I actually loved Brenda's ideas - especially the rooster. Can't wait to see what you do.


SueLovesCherries said...

You're funny! I enjoyed this post. Personally, I can't help you. My coffee table has a permanent display of 3 cups of pencils, pens, colored pencils, and markers - my Teen does her drawing on the couch!

ClassyChassy said...

Love your post today! Thanks for sharing!

Susan said...

Still LOL at the "fight" over the table--gotta love that lady wanting to let you know she saw it first. The table opens up to a wonderful size and it holds Raymond so nicely--we went through our loves Raymond time where we had to watch it daily. Personally I would add a quilted table runner and change it out seasonally. And that precious little one below is that your great granddaughter? Congratulations, what a sweetie.

Deb said...

Dixie has great ideas, I bet you will come up with just the right touches, your new granddaughter is so cute...congrats...

Sarah said...

I must tell that when I visit your blog I get this strange craving for ice cream! Think it has anything to do with your yummy header?
As far as your coffee table...think grouping versus having everything spread out.

Pat@Back Porch Musings said...

I love your table! Maybe a tray with a candle and a little statue sitting on a couple of book?

Your sweet baby is beautiful, BJ!!

Linda's Blue Gate said...

China..... I say china.... you have LOTS..... take some of the favorite colors and different piece like a pitcher.... some sugar bowls...... use books for different height and just play until you love it.....
That baby is angelic..... what a sweet face....

jeanne said...

Oh BJ, I just saw Kate. I love her already. Lucky you. I am so glad she has arrived and all is well. Oh what sweet blessings a baby gives us.

Now, your awesome coffee table. I have trouble as to what to do with mine too. I keep changing it all the time. I hope one of those blogging decorators comes up with some ideas. I will be watching and checking them out.

I do watch less TV in general. HGTV is no longer a favorite of mine either. I'm tired of all the buying houses shows, or remodeling a house that will cost a fortune to get it done. Get real for us SS people. Yeah!!! LOL.

Gotta run and get myself to therapy. I am tired of it but it is a must do. (if I want to walk normal again) AND I DO!!!


Mrs. G said...

What a cute idea for your bookends, having the hider hide among the books. Love the coffee table.

CC said...

Oooooo, I love your coffee table..but I would be at a loss as well. I am usually drawn to ivy, birdhouses and birds.
Can't wait to see what you do. Happy VTT and have a lovely week.p.s. I love reading your blog. You are such a sweet,fun loving lady..your blog just feels good. :)

Barb said...

Thanks for coming by.
Decorating has always been a problem for me, but i am better at changing things since I opened my store last year.
Things are constantly changing, so I have learned not to think of things as so 'permanent'.
I think that's how you need to think of this table.

Take whatever things around your house you like, and place them on a tray on the table.
Still leaves room for lots of the 'daily' stuff that will end up there. (at least if is like my house.)
If this is the TV area, find a cute box to keep you controllers in. Or maybe a large, but not tall box, for books, paper, controller, and all.
If you have books you read all the time, stack them and put a 'cute thing' on top of them and something next to them..
In Spring, being the nest lady, I would have a nest and maybe some little artificial eggs on it. Could be in neutrals, or even some soft Spring colors.
Take a favorite bowl from the kitchen or use your wicker basket, and drape gingham (of course I'd do lace =0)), and fill with old things you love from your house. Or how about some old garden tools?
Just vary it all the time. Make it fun, and something always changing. Your grand kids will love that!!! Oh, maybe even a cute basekt of toys, or baby items (bibs, little shoes etc)

Oh I'm having so much fun!!!

OK, better leave room for others to comment and go read some of the ideas you've been given already, but i may be back with more ideas. Just how my creative mind works.

hugs and blessings,
Barbara Jean

Stephanie said...

Cute Coffee Table! I'm the shabby chic girl so I would paint it. But it is really beautiful as is. I have trouble finding the drop leaf ones - so thats a find!

I have had two successful coffee table set ups that work.

One is a set of "coffee table books" or cookbooks between two bookends. Simple and easy :)

The other idea is a serving tray, something decorative and maybe hand painted. I didn't put it in the center but off to the side. Then decorate the tray. (Small bud vase, A picture frame you really love, and some coasters) This way none of that stuff looks like its floating around the table. On the other side I usually put a small pretty basket so you can always find (and hide) the TV remote, extra coasters, or a few napkins)

Everyone else has such great ideas too! Lucky you!

Have a great weekend

Penny @ The Comforts of Home/Lavender Hill Studio said...

What a great coffee table BJ! I love the drop sides and the great French legs.

I love stacks of books on a coffee table with a vase of fresh flowers. Add an old silver tray filled with chunky candels of different heights.

salmagundi said...

Darling baby and she already has enough hair for a bow!!! About your coffee table, I'm probably not a good one to ask; but I think I can tell you what your long board thingy is. I have one just like it, and when I bought it was told it was a French bread (baguette) board. They actually bake the bread in it. Mine has some dark burn-type areas on it. We have a long narrow dining room table, so I often put my bread board down the center with votive cups sitting on it. Sometimes, I use candles, but sometimes I use the little glass cups for flowers. Hope you find a solution for your coffee table - I'm sure you will. Sally

Raggedy Girl said...

I was just stopping by to see what you were up to. For some silly reason my hand, which was so much better, is really hurting today so I am not up to typing. So I made this little message to let you know I still came by...and I loved your post because I always do!

Roberta Anne...The Raggedy Girl

Susie Q said...

Lovely coffee table and I agree about HGTV...I'm just not that crazy about the shows any longer. How many shows do we need to that tell someone how pitiful their house is, what they have done wrong with it. OR, how unlimited funds can make your house look like this, or how to buy a house, do a bunch of cheap crap to it and then sell it quickly to some sucker...I miss Kitty and all the crew. For that matter, I miss the old Home Show with Cristina Ferrare!

Donna said...

Great vintage stuff!! This is my first VTT and its been great fun looking at all your blogs. I would paint to paint right now I have wicker coffee table usually put some seasonal things on not a lot with a now I have a cake plate and clear glass dome with easter grass and a few fake eggs and bunnie and few spring garden mags.
Have a great Easter and blessings to all

Smilingsal said...

The most important thing on my family room coffee table is the remote control. I try to make it all look nice, but hey, it's a family room; it's comfortable.

Miri said...

Great the refinishing, the wood is a lovely color! We use our coffeetable too (and cover it with clutter) but when it is cleared off, I like a nice big fruit bowl in the center-its both colorful and tasty :)

Jewelgirl said...

My coffee table always became the
foot rest table so now it is in storage and I use 2 ottomans for a coffee table. Much easier to dust
too!!!!! Happy VTT!

Stephanie said...

Hat pins are a tricky one...they tend to find you! :) But yes, much easier to collect than dishes ;)

Have a great weekend!


Anonymous said...

Oh that's so funny! A fight in the store:)
I have a large coffee table as well (and what a great find there on yours!). Ours is a busy table too, we sometimes eat Chinese on the floor there and Saturday cartoon finger food day :).
On my coffee table sits a large oval serving tray with handles. I use this when entertaining or for everyone to sit drinks on. It's really a very nice tray so I like to show it off too!

Dawn said...

I love your coffee table. It was a fight at my house to buy one because my husband thinks it is a junk catcher and a foot stool. Which it is! I recently found a large wooden tray at Walmart and put part of my coffee table decor on it so that it is corralled! When it's time to dust (not often!) I just pick up the tray instead of moving everything piece by piece. 'course there's still the remote and the coasters and pens and homework....And by the way your Country Home magazine in the picture made me sad ;(

Allidink said...

Hi Bj! I just wanted to say that you are awesome :)

Talk to you later!

All the best,

Susie Q said...

I LOVE YOUR way of decorating. Your home is filled with lovely treasures and each nook and corner shouts JOY!

I MISS Kitty! I MISS Joan Steffend...I MISS so much about HGTV. Now it is all about buying and selling, de personalizing houses and spending small fortunes to do it!


Cori G. said...

Your table has lovely lines and that other thingy...I think it's to serve 6 fresh loaves of bread in the center of a large table that way your people are not always asking you to "please pass the bread." It also provides YOU an opportunity to have seconds because your not always passing the bread.

Rhondi said...

I'm with you when it comes to HGTV. I loved Kitty Bartholemw and Country style. Now I seldom watch it. Instead I spend my time reading blogs :)
Hugs, Rhondi

Oval Coffee Table said...

Hello. Nice coffee table. It looks great! It really catch my attention. The coffee table is o.k. - it's a bit old, and the size is ok, but it kind of looks like hotel lobby furniture. Thanks and have a nice day.