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Thursday, March 19, 2009


She is also OUR HOST
She not only makes delicious foods, her photos of it all
is an ART FORM!
Is there NOTHING this talented lady can't do ??!!


When you go by to sample her wares (now, she may have a TRAIN WRECK or two) and leave her sweet words
she will have a list of all the other good foods being shown
for your viewing pleasure...
and, believe all is going to make you HUNGRY !!
Just TYPING about it all is making me just STARVE TO DEATH !
ONCE again...I am offering up plain, ole, country
WEST TEXAS cooking....

Oh, my!
My kids grew up on this dish and they all
still like it to this day....fixing it for THEIR kids..
Actually, it is another recipe that you can add the things YOU like...
1 lb. LEAN Ground Beef
1/4 to 1/2 cup chopped Onion
1 - 31oz can PORK AND BEANS
1/4 cup Catsup or Chili Sauce
3 - 4 tablespoons Brown Sugar
1 teaspoon Spicy Brown Mustard
Couple tablespoons of Molasses
Can chopped Green Chilis
Fry meat and onions until meat is done...
add all other ingredients..
Pour into casserole dish and top with GRATED CHEESE (we like Extra Sharp Cheddar)
bake at 350 degrees for about 30 to 45 minutes or until cheese is melted..
Serve with your favorite green and side dishes...
NOTE: I didn't use cheese on mine this time as Mr. Sweet and I are needing to
cut down on fats....cholesterol, ya know...
Oh and we do love PICKLED OKRA..


is so easy, effortless and nearly ALWAYS fool proof....
NEARLY fool proof, I say..
I'm afraid I have had a FEW "not as good as the last batch" times...
TRAIN WRECKS they are called...
but not many !
As with most foods cooked in a microwave, a lot depend
on the microwave itself as to how the food turns out....
Every time my candy hasn't turned out quite as good is when
I am using another microwave.
You may have to make it a few times until you see what is the
correct cook time for YOUR microwave...









Stir together peanuts, syrup, sugar, salt in 4 cup glass measure. Place in microwave and cook on high for 6 minutes. Add margarine and blend well. Return to microwave and cook additional 2 minutes more until peanuts are golden brown. Add soda and vanilla and gently stir until light and foamy. Pour into greased cookie sheet and cool. Break into pieces and store in airtight container.


****AGAIN, may I say that the times for cooking here is with MY microwave. Using
my olden one, the times were 7 minutes the first time and 3 minutes the next....
so just try and see what works best for you...
Oh, and talk about TRAIN WRECKS....
MY son thought, until he was grown, that you
were SUPPOSED to eat fudge with a SPOON !!
If, by some freak of nature, my fudge got hard,
David thought I had messed it up !! :O)



XO bj


SWEET GOLLUM asked for one of our TRAIN WRECKS in the kitchen...OOOO, I have had so, SO MANY that it was hard to decide which one to use !

A few years back, we had a LOT of our out of town relatives coming for THANKSGIVING with us. There were 16 of US and 8 of THEM.....24 PEOPLE....ok...I decided to get a HUGH turkey instead of doing the SANE thing and sticking with 2 smaller turkeys....BIG MISTAKE ! HUGH!!...

I cooked and cooked and cooked that MONSTER TURKEY and just knew...KNEW it was bound to be DONE. Of course, when we all sit down to eat, that stupid, dumb, idiot turkey WAS NOT DONE. BWAAAAAA.....I was just mortified. Sweet nephew stood up, cut the monster into smaller pieces, said, "This is the reason MICROWAVES were invented" and stuck those pieces in and cooked them....You know everyone was nice and said things like, "Oh, don't worry about it".....but here I am, the SENIOR ADULT.....I oughta know when a turkey is done or not....RIGHT ??

Needless to say, when I KNOW I am having a really BIG number of people over for TURKEY, you can bet your sweet dollar I buy TWO SMALLER BIRDS.......:o)


Happy To Be said...

BJ, love the candy recipe this I will try for sure and girl too funny about the turkey...I did a post about Turkey was great seeing your table at Susan's today...hugs and smiles Gloria

Diane @ Four Paws and Co said...

Yummm, Great recipes BJ! I've never tried to cook a big turkey but I've had one that didn't thaw in time. We had chicken breasts that year....

I had trouble clicking on your link on Mr Linky. I went thru Michael's blog list to find you...


Pat@Back Porch Musings said...

I'm going to make those beans and I'll try the peanut brittle, but it might turn out to be a trainwreck with me doing it!

Love the turkey story!!

jeanne said...

Oh my gosh BJ, I love everything you posted but I laughed my head off about the turkey. I did the exact thing several years ago when around 20 plus people were coming for Thanksgiving. This big ole turkey didn't get done. Lord have mercy! I thought I would die. ALL the food was ready and getting cold while we put the turkey on 500 degrees and cooked it another whole hour. I didn't have a microwave to save me.LOL.
Boy did that memory come back to haunt me. Love your bean recipe. I have one close to your ingredients but the chilies sound so good with the molasses.

Gotta go to bed. goodnight my sister friend.


Stacey said...

Hi BJ!! We are up late tonight, aren't we? I love your turkey story. I'm ashamed to say I've never cooked a turkey. When we have the family at Christmas or Thanksgiving we do stuffed pork chops. I don't know why???

I will definitely be trying your recipe. My boys will love it.

Gollum said...

First, I have got to thank you for your sweet note. I am so happy you are enjoying the basket. Your meaty beans are very similar to my father's beans. No food in the world tastes as good as beans and meat. It's one of those great "one pot meals" that every cook needs.

If I had to cook for that many, I would have gone for the biggest turkey I could have found. I wouldn't have bought two--but after reading this, I have learned something. This is just one more think I love talking about food with other women (and men, too)..Cooking wisdom is one of those things that is passed from cook to cook and the learning never stops.
Thank you for this fabulous post, BJ.

Anonymous said...

The food looks yummy. If I don't get in bed im gonna eat evrything I see hehe

Chandy said...

BJ, that looks too yummy that even if it went wrong, I'd still eat it! LOL

Nancy Jane said...

All of the wonderful food you prepared, and I zeroed in on the pickled okra. I've never had it and now I'm going to have to try it! Loved the turkey story. No matter how old we get, there's always occasionally time for a 'young bride' moment, lol. Nancy

laurie @ bargain hunting said...

I have a real problem with peanut brittle-I can't stop eating it. I'm afraid to do this, but I am going to try that recipe. Once I talked my husband into frying turkey outside, I never had to worry about the turkey for Thanksgiving dinner, and it has made my TG dinner so much easier! Your party, over at Susan's, looked so great! laurie

Susan @ A Southern Daydreamer said...

I have a similar baked beans recipe but it has some bacon in it... probably southern thing!


imjacobsmom said...

Okay I'll backwards, I LOVE EMERIL! He's handsome!
My thanksgiving fiasco involves a snowstorm. I lived an hour away from my parents then. We had the overly large 20+ pound turkey - no pan. My brother lived about 20 minutes from me - 45 minutes from my parents - snowed in too. He had some side dishes, my Mom didn't believe us that we were REALLY snowed in. 20+ inches of snow and I lived in a countryside cul-d-sac so no plow came to see us 'til at least 5 PM! My brother lives in the boonies, too. We finally got out - went to k-mart right before they closed and got the last alum. pan and my brother came over and we ate turkey after midnight. My Mom & Dad were not happy. BUT they showed out town on the news and we were vindicated! I am saving your peanut brittle recipe and Jacob loves the Beans with meat (we hide the onions from him) ~ Robyn

susan said...

You DON'T eat fudge with a spoon??? :)

Amelia said...

I know that recipe for peanut brittle is a great one. I cook mine until a soft ball stage - then it turns out great each time.

Have a fabulous Friday.

Martha said...

Good recipes and I love your turkey story.

Marcela said...

Hello dear BJ

Delicious food and pretty background :)

Have a nice day :)


Smilingsal said...

It's reassuring to find out that you're not perfect; I was having some doubts.

Beverly said...

Now, you've gone and made me hungry, too. I would really like some peanut bruitte.

Bonnie said...

Great recipes....cant' wait to try the peanut brittle. And as far as cooking the happens. But that is why I don't cook on the holidays, my husband does. He is the better cook.

Mid-Atlantic Martha said...

These look wonderful --what is it about Turkeys that just seem to invite disaster of some sort? I think it must be turkey revenge or something! LOL

mbkatc230 said...

The bean recipe looks great - any time I see a recipe with green chilis I know we'll be trying it lol. Funny story about the turkey! I have always cooked a 20+ lb bird (or as hubby calls it, Birdzilla) ever since I started cooking Thanksgiving dinner (20 yrs now). I'm afraid if I did a smaller one I would overcook it. Guess it's all what you're used to. Kathy

Raggedy Girl said...

I loved your whole post, thanks for sharing all your recipes. I can relate to the turkey thing as we had an incident with a two year old turning the oven off and our turkey was totally raw.

Have A Fantastic Friday
from A Raggedy Roberta Anne

SusanQ said...

One thing I love about the blogging community is finding out about regional recipes from all over the country and world! Your beans and peanut brittle sound wonderful - thank you :)

Yes, thank goodness for microwaves - LOL!

Beth at Aunties said...

LOL about your raw turkey story.... Just when you want everything to be perfect! Thanks for the wonderful recipes...the peanut brittle looks devine!
And the Beans look so yummy. I am going to try that recipe also:-)

Thanks for sharing today!

Penny @ The Comforts of Home/Lavender Hill Studio said...

Those sound like great recipes. I have never put meat in my baked beans...that I will have to try for sure! And I love peunut brittle. I think I am making some of that soon.

Julie said...

YUMMO! Is that even a word?? Those beans look so good!

Thanks for sticking with the very long story about my husband! I am almost up to "current events"! Once I get up to date - I will likely just post once or twice a week about what is going on.

Linda said...

Oh, those dratted turkeys - aren't they a pain?! It's not nice to make that peanut brittle and not pass me a big ole piece - looks delish! Linda

Foley said...

Love your recipes - the beans and the brittle! I never thought brittle would turn out well in the microwave..will have to give it a try!
Seems like alot of the train wrecks are going to be Thanksgiving ones !! lol

Kathleen Grace said...

Great idea for microwave brittle, I would love to try that, and I love baked beans too:>) It is so funny reading everyones cooking train wrecks, lol. Just goes to show everyone has them and we should all just cut ourselves some slack! Have a great weekend BJ!

Frippery said...

Yum yum yummy! Even thinking of underdone turkey now is making me hungry! Those beans look delicious. Thanks for sharing the recipe, Pam

Lynn said...

We love beans here and I love new recipes, that looks great going to try it for sure!!! My last weeks Foodie Friday was my moms beans!!

~♥~ Monica S said...

Thanks for great recipes! :-)

you have alot of goodies don't yoU!


Linda's Blue Gate said...

Candy and beans...... does it get any better......
BJ you always have the best things......

kari and kijsa said...

love those baked beans- when made that way, our family always called them Cowboy Beans! There are so many yummy goodies!
kari & kijsa

Ruthie said...

Oh you really made me hungry and I'm about to turn in and can't eat now. :)
Good post.