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Thursday, February 12, 2009

THE very first thing I had to do yesterday was go to the grocery store..
The prices of EVERYTHING just blows my mind... gotta do what ya gotta do..
And, the worst part of it all....I needed to buy cleaning supplies because I NEEDED TO CLEAN !
Have you noticed how expensive cleaning supplies are? I wish I would make my own, darn it !
I put on loads of clothing to wash (in my newly painted and cleaned laundry closet:) while I did some house cleaning...
sometimes I LOVE cleaning house...sometimes NOT.
and, this was a NOT time....
I did get some of my quilts washed, dryed and stacked...don't they look pretty with all the different colors and just KNOWING they are all clean makes them look better to me.
We got company a'comin...
I also worked on THIS....
am I going to have to keep my bedroom door closed while company is here..??
Nawh.. it's family....nuff said !

Lemon oiled several of my antique pieces... they get so dry and if I keep them oiled, they look so much better....and prettier....and I think they might last a little longer...for grands, maybe.
Probably by the time they all get married and a house, they will want NEW things...
not some old antiques...but...that's ok. They will have them IF they want them and, if not....
just sell 'em !
Oh, and this is a beautiful, antique chest of drawers that my sweet AUNT LILLIAN gave to me.
I sure would rather have my AUNT LILLIAN than this silly,ole chest !!!
WHEN I got tired of all the cleaning and washing and fluffing, I just made COOKIES !!
made from scratch from this adorable cookbook Beautiful Daughter
gave me at Christmas time...the name of it?
"AIN'T LIFE DELICIOUS" and it's signed by the local author !
and, you know what ? There's several dishes at our local tea room that I have so wanted to know how they were made....YEP, YOU GUESSED IT....all right here in my
brand new cookbook !
I'll share some with you a little the spiced saltine crackers..ummm, so so good !
and the EARTHQUAKE Cake....Oh! Honey
I'm excited to find the recipes..
(maybe I need to get out more ?)
THESE cookies made me feel a WHOLE lot better !
SOME for our guests.......
with some left for THE COOKIE JAR...

and he was SO funny in the old movie, "OH, BROTHER, WHERE ART THOU"...too cute.
I love it when they are HANDSOME and FUNNY !
XO bj
this post is coming to you pre-recorded...i am out in the country staying with 4 grands...
Yep...AIN'T LIFE GRAND !! ;>)
See ya later....


Smilingsal said...

Now, THAT's My idea of a HUNK! Yes, I loved that movie too.

Yum, those cookies sound good. How do you eat cookies and stay so thin?

I love that chest from you Aunt Lillian. I've never seen anything quite like that.

Anonymous said...

Oh Honey you picked a good hunk today.And he has the best sense of humor too. Those cookies look devine, I can't wait for you to post some of those recipes. Enjoy the grands.

Love Ya,

Diane said...

GM BJ! Well, even the every day isn't EVERYDAY with you, is it?! Great post, delicious lookin cookies! And, speakin of delicious lookin.......uummmmmm, uuuuu mmmmmmmmh~! That George Clooney is scrumptious! Have a great day and enjoy the kids!


2L3Bs World said...

Hmmm I love your chocoltae chips.. It made my mouth waters.. thanks for sharing..
best regards,
loida of 2L3B's

Southern Lady said...

BJ ... I think YOU are grand! I love starting my day with a visit to your Sweet Nothings. You are always so positive and fun and I love to hear about what's going on in your world.

Enjoy your company ... I know they're going to love every minute of their visit with you.



Deanna said...

Good morning my sweet! I'm grabbing a cookie for breakfast! Wow, I agree with supplies have just gotten so outragously pricey! I swear I recently came across a blog that had a homemade recipe for where did I put that recipe......fritters! I'm going to have to blog hop to find it. I'm thinking it was someone from the Pink Saturday list.

Lately, I've been buying my cleaning supplies from the Dollar General. Most of the time I get a spray bottle, add 1/4 bleach and about 2 squirts of Ajax Orange and fill the rest with water and give it a good shake. I love to clean my counters, stove and fridge with that.

Hope you have a great time with the grand's!

Love ya,
Thanks for the cookies!

Lisa ~ A Cottage to Me said...

You have lucky Grands! Hope you took them some of those cookies. Oh I'm sure you made them for just for them. Enjoy your visit!

Carol said...

Your quilts are beautiful BJ! I feel the same way you do about cleaning.

tardevil said...

Enjoy your time w/ the kiddos. If it makes you feel any better, I don't like shopping for expensive cleaning products either...or using them. But, your cookies sure do look good!

Lynne (lynnesgiftsfromtheheart) said...

I love popping in to say hello at your place..even a cleaning day turns into a fun day filled with pretties and goodies for us..and the grand finale of the day... drum roll please!!!
George Clooney himself "yummy"..
have a super day my friend..
hugs ~lynne~

Twice as Nice said...

I don't understand with the falling gas prices why things are still so expensive at the grocery store.

I use Melaleuca products. They are nontoxic. Have you ever read the ingredients on those cleaners? A friend of mine switched to Melaleuca and put all of her old cleaning supplies in a box for the garbage man. After 2 weeks and him still not taking them she asked him why. He said he couldn't take them because they were too toxic for the landfills!! I say google homemade cleaning supplies and I think you will get homemade recipes using things you already have such as vinegar and baking soda to name a few. Just think of all the chemicals being absorbed through our skin and what we are inhaling when we are cleaning with these products. Plus it will save you a lot of money!

I'll have to try the cookie recipe and love the cookie jar. :O)

Penny @ The Comforts of Home/Lavender Hill Studio said...

Love George....that cookbook looks like a great one too. Have fun with your grands...

Knitty said...

*elbowing my way to the front of the Hunk and Chunk line*
I'll have one George and two cookies please. :)

Raggedy Girl said...

Loving the "hunks" but since i have five rooms with wallpaper that I want to take down and switch to paint I am getting cold feet. All I wanted 22 years ago was to have wallpaper in every room and now it is coming down room by room because I just need a change. I love your laundry room, it looks a lot like mine. You made me remember it need some cleaning. And yes food and cleaning supplies are really expensive.
Roberta Anne

Bo said...

Hi gotta love a man that loves a pig! Yeah, he's had his pot bellied pig longer than any of his girlfriends...LOL...Your quilts do look marvelous & you have so many....lucky you. Have fun with those grands! ;-) Bo

laurie @ bargain hunting said...

You have been a busy lady! Cookies always make me feel better. Love George! laurie

Beverly said...

I'll second the hunk for today. Um, Um! But, if I can't have him, may I have a cookie?

squawmama said...

Hey BJ... You are so right that George can park his shoes under my bed any day... but he better run if Johnny shows up... LOL LOL Those cookies looked scrumptious and I can hardly wait for you to share some of those recipes... The Earthquake cake sounds interesting... Have fun with the grankiddies... I watched mine early this morning...Love Ya


Happy To Be said...

BJ, love your HUNK of the day girl..I would rather look at him then clean house any pass me a your antique girl..and you are so right about the oil as wood needs it...hugs and smiles Gl♥ria

Kristen said...

thanks for stopping by...isn't tardevil the BEST! I love her blog.

I also love your quilts! Did you make them?

~♥~ Monica S said...

Mmm.. those cookies looks so good!! You have a real sweet tooth my friend!!
Have fun!


Susie Q said...

Cookies AND George too?? Egads sweet BJ! I am in heaven!!

I love that chest from your Aunt. So beautiful and such a treasure!!

Just wanted to say hello, I am thinking about you sweet BJ and Happy Valentine's Day!


Sweetie said...

I LOVE to buy cleaning supplies (I don't love the prices). I try every new product that comes on the market. I loved seeing your pile of beautiful clean quilts. I can just imagine how good they must smell. I have two quilts that I have to take to the laundramat and use the very large washers. Mr. George Clooney is one great hunk. It's almost a sin to be so handsome. Enjoy those grandchildren.

nikkicrumpet said...

You're supplies are I figure I'll do my part to keep our household budget under control...I'll stop cleaning!!! Love the stack of quilts...they look so pretty. I have a stack that I never use..I put them in the guest room just for decoration lol

Anonymous said...

Wow I bet your home smells great. I wished mine was all clean.
Do you have a Dollar Tree? They sale Awsome brand cleaner. They used to sale it on TV. i see people in there buying it by the dozens.

Dena ~ swaddlecottage said...

Hey Pretty Lady,

I'm supposed to be doing my homework (sshhhhh, don't tell that I'm bloggin') but I had to pop over for a cookie and a sneak peak at the hunk ;) I feel your pain on the wallpaper, been there, done that! Have you tried fabric softner, water and vinegar? Mix it with equal parts and spray it down - that worked for me...hope your arms are holding up, oh does that bring back memories!


Andi said...

Hi BJ! I'm doing just fine...just ever so busy lately. I love how pretty your quilts look stacked up there. And can you pass me a cookie please? Yummy!

Andi said...

I forgot to girlfriend gave me a little sign once that read HOUSEWORK MAKES YOU UGLY. After that I figured it wasn't worth doing...ha!

Mona said...

Hi bj..I always love it when I see you have visited. You have been so encouraging and I appreciate it. Not to mention what an inspiration your blog is!
George Clooney is so handsome. However, at my age, even he looks like a kid. Makes me plain sick, I tell you!! :) ( you think...he will EVER marry?)

Your Aunt Lillian's cabinet is gorgeous! All that carving on it! I understand how you feel about your Aunt. My mothers name was Lillian and her sister is my favorite Aunt. Has always been like a second mother. Yes, I know exactly how you feel.
Your cookies look delicious. I baked some too, but they don't look THAT good.
I have always loved to clean house. I guess because it is always so rewarding. Seeing everything shining and smelling wonderful. I have a bit more reading to do on your blog and then I'm off to Walmart for some plate holders.

Sweetie said...

I LOVE to buy cleaning supplies (I don't love the prices). I try every new product that comes on the market. Your pile of beautiful quilts look so fresh and clean. I have two quilts that I have to take to the laundramat and use the very large washers. Mr. George Clooney is one great hunk. It's almost a sin to be so handsome. Enjoy those grandchildren.

Shelia said...

Hey, BJness! So glad you got everything spic and span! Those cookies look so good. I'll bet you took them all with you to see the grans!
Oh, George!! He's a looker.
Be a sweetie,
Shelia ;)

Kathleen Grace said...

Those cookies look divine and, while I don't always enjoy cleaning, I sure appreciate the results! Have fun with the grands Sweetie!