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Wednesday, January 28, 2009


Abortion is wrong because it is a failure to love, appreciate, and care for a human baby. It is also wrong because it constitutes the deliberate killing of an innocent human being. When people defend abortion, their arguments should always be evaluated in light of the fact that the unborn baby is a human being, a separate individual from its mother. Therefore, deliberately killing it would be just as wrong as killing any other innocent human being.
*NOTE: the above photo is of a 21 week baby, being operated on before being born....
note the little hand...

There are two ways to live your life.
One is as though nothing is a miracle.
The other is as though everything is a miracle.
my thoughts, too, Mr. Einstein..


jidgede said...

bj, oh how i appreciate your post.....may God bless you today and every day......jennie in tn

Southern Lady said...

BJ, thank you for this post. I wish all Americans could see the picture of that precious little hand.

By the way, I mentioned you in a story I posted Monday, and thought you might like to read it if you haven't already.

Take care, my friend ...


Marcela said...

I am crying while I read this post...

I love babies so much!!!

Thank you for this post sweet BJ

Candy said...

Blessings, Candy

Loretta said...

And Amen!

Bo said...

Wow BJ...powerful stuff here today!
I couldn't agree more... Hugs, Bo

Barbara said...

BJ, Thanks for coming by and thank you for your latest post. It breaks my heart. Bless you for your courage to address this issue.

jeanne said...

Good morning BJ, I hope you are sleeping. I too was up at 4:30 this am. I did not do my post for today I was too tired. I went to bed at 9:00pm last night. I did write my post this AM and I had fun with it. Come back and look you don't have to comment.

I so agree with you about abortion. I will say there may be a reason for one in unusual circumstances but I believe in adoption as a choice.

I scrolled down to see your post I missed. In short I love your new look. Good job girl.

I too am feeling the strain of visiting everyone I want to each day. Time blogging is unreal. Sometimes I look at the clock and hours have gone by and I still haven't been to the blogs I love to visit. It bothers me and I do not have an answer but this is what I think. If I have lots of time to just visit fine, but sometimes I have to stop and miss some days. I think bloggers who have been doing this for awhile understand when they haven't seen a friend for a few days. I sure do. I know you do too. Maybe we should write a post about it collectively. Otherwise blogging becomes a chore instead of a pleasure. We can't have that happening. I love this too much.

Love you too my friend...Jeanne

Terri and Bob said...

Good morning BJ!

The picture of the hand in the operating room was such a miracle. And the photo with the Einstein quote was breathtaking.

Anonymous said...

That picture of the hand is mighty powerful. A good post, I agree. Love your valentine cards. Drop by when you can I have an award for you.

Love Ya,

tardevil said...

I don't think I'd ever have the heart to do that. Can you imagine? Every baby needs love.

Judy said...

Well said BJ.

Amelia said...

BJ. Amen to that that post. Abortion is so wrong by God's can anyone support the decision to allow such horrible things...and how can Christians support the political party platform that allows this?

May God forgive them!

Connie said...

Bless you, bless you for saying that, honey! It's soooo true and I can't see why others don't see it. I love love loooooove babies and just seeing one being aborted breaks my heart, chickee.

Anonymous said...

I love babies too, but I believe a woman should have the right to choose, now don't get me wrong I don't think it should be used as contraception, thank goodness for the pill, but for certain cases, I think Roe vs Wade should be left in place. Think back to wire hangers and Doctors making $$$$ in dirty back rooms.

I don't know if I could do it, thank God I have never been put into a situation where I would have to even think about it.

Every woman should have the right to choose. But it is one TOUGH choice I do believe.

Kathleen Grace said...

I so apprecaite this post BJ. The photos tell the truth, these little ones are miracles.

Beth in NC said...

I am glad you posted this. Tardevil sent me over. Please check out my blog. Yesterday I posted two new blogs that need some pro-life friends.

God help this nation.


squawmama said...

Good Morning BJ...This was a wonderful and meaningful post today... I loved the pictures and had seen the one with the doctor... They had said that while performing a delicate surgery on the mother the baby reached out and grabbed his finger... I can only imagine how they felt in that operating room...Like I said a GREAT post today... Love ya


Smilingsal said...

i agree with you! I believe in ADOPTION, not abortion.

lookuptoday said...

I have never been able to understand how some people can not understand that a baby in the womb is a real human being with a soul, created by God- but then there is people who kill live babys every day-my conclusion it is evil in its worst form.Dee

~♥~ Monica S said...

Oh I love pictures from Anne Geddes :-) (the last one)

I am not in favor of abortion either... BUT in certain cases.. I WILL understand!


Shelia said...

Oh, dear sweet BJness! Amen! I agree with you totally! I too wish everyone would believe this! That picture of the tiny little hands grasping the doctor's finger, makes me cry everytime I see it!Thank you for this post, dear one.
Be a sweetie,
Shelia ;)

Sandi McBride said...

Wonderful post.

Stacey said...

Maybe you have to have experienced being a Mom to appreciate that miracle. I don't know...I often think that a person would just have to believe in God after experiencing a baby.

justabeachkat said...


AMEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I totally agree.

Thank you so much for your visits and your comments. I really appreciate them and hope you'll come visit me're always welcome. I've sure enjoyed my visit here.


Linda's Blue Gate said...

If you truly believe it is a miracle than it is so wrong..... the choose should be adoption.... I am afraid with Bush gone the restraint will also be gone..... pray for the unborn


ellen b. said...

Amen bj! May God have mercy on our little ones!

Anonymous said...

Thank you BJ for having the courage to say these things. You are so right. I'm afraid of where our country is headed at this point.
Janet A.

Smelling Coffee said...

So true! I'm so glad that you are speaking out about this!

Anonymous said...

The quote on the bottom is so very true and wonderful when you think of it.
A very thought provoking picture.
Thank you for sharing.

Anonymous said...

AMEN! Way to go, Jean! Every word is so true. Too bad and such a shame that all people can't see this truth! Thank you for your post today. It brought tears to my eyes just thinking about the situation. Have a great afternoon!

Raggedy Girl said...

Every baby is a gift from God.
Roberta Anne

Sweetie said...

BJ - you have reiterated my beliefs completely. When our oldest granddaughter was born, she was not expected to live. She was immediately taken to the neonatal unit at a hospitial that specializes in the care of newly born infants. During the time that we spent in the neonatal unit, we saw many miracles. There was one baby that weighed less than two pounds. That baby grew to be a healthy adult. Our granddaughter is a beautiful, healthy young woman although we thought we would lose her. It is difficult to believe that doctors that would work so hard to save the life of a premature baby would perform a partial birth abortion on a baby the same size. A baby is always a gift from God.

countrygirl3031 said...

BJ...I sooo love this post. Everyone needs to see that little bitty hand...a human living baby.


Susie Harris said...

I stand with you my friend!!! We have a voise.. those tiny ones dont. Thank you for using yours.

Susie Harris said...

Opps... that's VOICE..sorry~

beth at aunties said...

BJ, You and I have had the same thoughts! I received some powerful comments yesterday on my post. Boy, though your pictures are worth 1000 words...Powerful and moving. The quotes awesome also!

Thanks for posting this and I hope we can get a movement going to block FOCA from passing!!!
All abortions unless the mother's life is criticallya at risk... and then only through humble and much prayer, but Partial birth and late term abortions make me so sick! They all are murder!
The little hand shows how precious this tiny life is. I LOVE that you posted this. (I did have to delete a few of my comments yesterday... which made me sad.)

Hugs for doing this,

nikkicrumpet said...

With the current controversy surrounding the new President's support of the late term abortion bill...this post couldn't be more appreciated and important. You did a marvelous job summing the issue up very simply. Thank you BJ for making it so very CLEAR!

And to Anonymous. What about the baby's right to choose??? What if it's a girl baby?? Didn't you just remove her choice???


BJ...what a heartwarming post...the precious little could someone stand for abortion is beyond me! I love babies and hope to God to be a grandma someday....
With so many couples trying so hard to get pregnant the thought of one lost little life and the joy it could have brought to someone makes me so sad! I would love to see Abortion outlawed!

A Southern Sanctuary said...

Thank you so much for the courage to post this! I am raising my great-grandaughter at the age of 66 and I know that she is a miracle sent from God!

I believe in women's choice also, most of them make that choice when they go to bed with someone, knowing that it is possible to become pregnant.

God bless you!
Lela Faye

Southern Lady's Vintage said...

Amen and Amen!!!!

Joanne Kennedy said...

I am with you 100%! I can't understand ANY reason good enough to kill a baby. Not one.

So someone is raped and didn't want the baby. So give it up for adoption. How many women are raped and don't get pregnant? Lots, Most in fact. God must have wanted that baby born if he gave the gift of life to that woman who was raped.

So a mothers life is at risk. Why is her life more valueable then a babies life? Shouldn't we leave it up to God to say who lives or who dies?

My mom was faced with that choice. The Doctors all said if she had me most likely one or both of us would die. My father told the Dr. to make sure she lived. Yes he loved me and wanted me but he had four other children to worry about losing their mother.

However, my mom said she would not make the choice and left it up to God. Guess what? We BOTH lived!

A life is a gift from God and no human has a right to say that gift should be flushed away like a piece of trash.

No One!

Yes a woman should have a choice. She does have a choice. She can decide if she wants to have sex and risk getting pregnant or not. Once she gets pregnant that choice was made! Not after.


Beautiful Pear Tree Lane said...

Hi BJ, thanks for reminding us today,....sometimes we get so busy with life that we forget about what is really going on in the world. How callous we have become as a nation. We seem to want to protect everything except the most important,which is human life.I thank you again ,my friend.

Beverly said...

God bless us - everyone.

Theresa @ Take A Sentimental Journey said...

I agree with you totally BJ. Wonder if Obama has ever thought,what if his mother had aborted him ?
The poor baby has no way of defending its rights !

Happy To Be said...

AMEN to this BJ..thanks for sharing hugs and smiles gl♥ria

Sunday Girl said...

Yes, thank you BJ. More people need to be brave and spread the word about this heinous act. I agree with most commenters here. I cannot believe there is ever a reason for abortion, ever. I believe you cannot commit a wrong-doing and have something right come out of it.

Deanna said...

Strong and powerful post.

No life should be squandered.

Deanna :)

Adrienne said...

Dear BJ -
I'm with you on this one. How anyone can miss the fact that these tiny babies don't have life is so far beyond my understanding. Thank you for your post. God bless you!

imjacobsmom said...

Einstein had many profound things to say and I agree with this one. Think of those new little octuplets that were born this week and how tiny they were, and how they are struggling to survive at 25 weeks. Think of all of the people in this world yearning to be parents. ~ Robyn