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Tuesday, December 30, 2008


by LISA RENEE, published February 29, 1998

The sun shines brightly,
bathes the day in golden light.
Winter wind still blows,
Bitter air seeps through drafty old windows and doors;

Chills me to the bone,
I stay safe indoors,
The sun cannot deceive me.
I sip on hot tea,
In here it feels warm, yet my hands and feet are cold.

Ice forms on the panes..
A cough that won't leave
keeps me from going outside..
Errands don't get done!

I wrap myself up...
It is only eight degrees
and I write instead;
When I fall asleep, escaping the bitter cold,

I will dream of spring.*


................ just like HOT BISCUITS and HOMEMADE PEPPER JELLY......



myself.....I LOVE the WINTERTIME and I LOVE THE


have a winter sun day,



Marcela said...

Happy winter !!!
If you were here I would say happy summer ;)

Anonymous said...

This was so pretty. BJ, you are just good for the soul.I wish I had your vision on life, but then that's why I visit you first thing in the morning. Makes me smile.

Love ya,

Bo said...

Good morning BJ...Your home is so pretty & inviting. I'd love to have one of those biscuits with pepper jelly & a hot cuppa. I really like winter long as I can stay cuddled up inside. May your day be as bright & warm as you, ;-) Bo

Southern Lady said...

Beautiful pictures, BJ ...

Your lovely cottage is always filled with sunshine, and your "Sweet Nothings" never fail to bring a little sunshine into my days.



P.S. ... I love your new blog look too!

Smilingsal said...

Isn't it beautiful the way the sun creates patterns? You home is so pretty.

Beverly said...

Ah BJ, I love you, too. And, your blog is like a bright spot of sun warming our spirits.

There is a time during the day that the sun comes in my office window, and it feels so good on my shoulders.

Judy said...

Your blog is like a breath of sunshine to me every time I come here.

Anonymous said...

I love winter too and most everyone I know doesn't so I am in the's nice to find others who do love winter. So I'm going to copy your first commenter and wish you a Happy Winter, along with a Happy New Year wish too.

Susan said...

great post... I'll look at the sun differently today!

Penny @ The Comforts of Home/Lavender Hill Studio said...

Oh BJ! Those pictures are so wonderful. I love the way you captured the sun all over your house! Your home looks warm and cozy. The perfect place to spend a winter day.

Neabear said...

It is a rare treat for me to get the winter sun here at home. The best location is the living room, but I usually at work when the winter sun comes in. Then I am not always lucky to have it streaming in on the weekend. So I try to enjoy the sun when I can. I get to be off work on New Year's Day! Yay! I was asked to work at first. But others were willing to work, so I get the day off. If the sun is shining that day, you bet I will be in the living room enjoying it. With a cup of hot coffee with one of my favorite coffee creamers(can't drink it black like hubby does). Happy New Year!

Neabear said...

Oh I forgot to tell you. I think it was you asking about my name Neabear. My first name is Linnea. I am called Nea for short by most of my family. I am Aunt Nea, Grandma Nea. So that is where the Nea comes from. It is pronounced as two syllables, with a short e and short a too. For example like the "a" at the end of Glenda. The bear comes from my collection of teddy bears. Now and then I show a picture of my bears. Sometime I should show all of them. So that is where the name comes from. I decided to use it as part of my email address and now I use it for everything it seems.

Anonymous said...

BJ, Oh let the sun shine in, face it with a grin... I live in a condo with only one window down and two up. Oh how I miss the sun dancing across my walls. My previous home had lead glass windows that would put on a spectacular show with a beautiful rainbow of colors. I'm believing for a new home this year & lots of windows are on the top of my wish list. Warm and cozy post. Thank you. Patty Ann in Tulsa

beddow said...

Good morning BJ! I love to look out at the snow when it is bitter cold and see the snow sparkle, it takes me back to when I was a little girl and loved seeing the "diamonds" in the snow.
Have a great day.


Kathleen Grace said...

I sure could use a bit of that winter sun! I feel like I am fighting hibernation, and I have a cold:>( Can you send some my way?

Picket said...

Beautiful pics BJ....I have the winter sun beaming thru my windows this morning also...I love it! have a great day girl! ♥

Happy To Be said...

GM BJ now girl I seen some Ironstone that just warmed my heart right up..WOW!! just loved that..I hope you are getting some rest...Happy Birthday and a safe and blessed New Year to you and your family...hugs and smiles Gloria

salmagundi said...

I so enjoy the sun that shines into my computer room in the mornings. It warms me for the whole day. Enjoy your sunshine today!! Sally

Susan said...

We don't have winter here in So. Calif. except in the mountains. Some of our trees are finally turning fall colors. I think we have 3 seasons: summer, fall and spring. It was 76 degrees here yesterday. It does get cold at night though.
Hugs, Susan

Terrie's Lil' Piece of Serenity said...

BJ, What a cute posting. I am longing for sunny days. It is dreary and windy here. We are expecting more... snow. I have to work tonight. I hope the roads are safe to drive on when I get off. so, I will invision the sun coming through the window in my dreams!! I am so.. looking forward to retiring in Texas!! I hope that dream does come true!! I love the picture of all of your white mirrors. I wish I had more walls to decorate. Your blog is so warm and cozy. I just love to visit you!! "Happy New Year"
Hugs, Terrie

Mary said...

Homemade pepper jelly -- YUM! I love to see the sunshine on all your pretty things, even if it is just winter sun...

Wishing you a joyful New Year, dear bj!

Pat@Back Porch Musings said...

Beautiful post, BJ!
It's in the 60's here in the Ozarks, today. My bones are still aching! The sun is shining, though and it doesn't seem so painful.

Cottage Rose said...

Hey BJ; The poem was very nice. I really enjoyed looking at all the lovely photos.

Happy New Year.


Terrie's Lil' Piece of Serenity said...

I hear it's someones birthday tomorrow!!! "Happy Birthday".
Hugs Terrie said...


oooh I love winter sun, nothing better really is there, though I am basking up here in Northern Queensland

I love popping by here, just always so homey and comforting...

best wishes for the New Year and here's to lots of blog friendship for 2009


Rue said...

Happy Birthday Bj!!!!

Beautiful post by a beautiful lady :)


Mary / Mariah said...

Wake up , wake up , come on BJ it's time to get up . The sun is shining and it's time for cske and ice cream . Oh you want it in bed . Ok , how about some tea to go with it ? Now just relax a we'll all sing to you . Don't worry your hair looks great and you look so young .
WOW BJ HAPPY BIRTHDAY sweet girl Enjoy . We love you ,

Mary / Mariah said...

Sorry it's CAKE not cske , LOL I'm enjoying your party so much I must be slap happy .
LU Friend .

Femin Susan said...

Your blog is really interesting... Keep posting.... Wishing you " A Happy New Year''

Anonymous said...

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