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Tuesday, November 11, 2008



My sweet daddy was a Disabled American Veteran
and I am so proud of him. He was a model of a man that loved his country.


Many thanks to SUSAN for this wonderfully fun day....

Up til now, I've tried not to show ALL of my BLUE I am excited to show you my FAVORITE OF ALL.... you have glimpses of them thru other postings but i've not shown a setting with them before...

Using blue, white, silver with black place mats on a white cloth again......(my favorite look)

I know some people don't care for tablecloths but I have always just loved them and I use them all the time.And, when we have a lot of grandkids over and lots of grownups, too, I DO have several......shhhhhhh.....P.L.A.S.T.I.C. ones....*gasp

they go so well with PAPER plates and RED SOLO cups, don't 'cha know !!


But, don't misunderstand...we DO have a pretty table sometimes when they are here, too.

They all LOVE to sit down to a pretty table with a centerpiece and pretty settings.....

I HOPE I am making more memories for them to think about someday and say, "I remember dinners at Memaw's with her pretty table....."

This little coffee pot's lid DOES NOT fit ...the pot came from a thrift store, minus a lid.

loved it trip to a thrift store netted this little, lone lid so it came home to the coffee pot !

Never mind that it doesn't fit....things really don't have to MATCH nor BELONG to each other to make me happy..... I adore the look of VINTAGE and mismatched dishes....

This partial set of blue and white dishes didn't have the cups to it..

I am showing a white mug here but it is really waaay to0 large for the little dainty saucer.

I am forever on the look-out for more of my dishes.One never knows what might turn up at the very next FLEA MARKET !!

this pattern is no longer available except thru vintage search sources...

The crystal champagne glasses are from an antique store at least 43 years ago..
they make the most beautiful tone when touched with a thump of your finger...very musical sounding.
The wine glasses are thrifty finds and I adore them !
The clear, handled water glasses are from WALMART..(gotta love that place)
The silverware is ONIEDA.

(looking at this post now, i see that i completely IGNORED napkins....

now you all know the truth...


shhhh, please don't tell anyone....)

As you might already know, the silver chargers....HOBBY LOBBY
The solid white plates from PIER ONE..
the luscious BLUE AND WHITES are OLD ENGLISH BOUQUET, made in Staffordshire, England by RIDGWAY...

I found this partial set, plates of 6, numerous saucers, berry bowls, 1 serving bowl
at a FLEA MARKET for $40.00
Looking to add to my set, I have discovered that just the plates are almost that much...
So we did good !! And, I just adore them. I will add to them over the years and one of the granddaughters or a grandson will have a beautiful set one day.... and.... this is where the THRILL OF THE HUNT comes in because when I DO find a piece that doesn'require me to eat a HERD OF LIVE ZEBRAS, I have been known to get weak in the knees, belch, get red in the eyes and pass gas, all at the same time !!
MANY THANKS for looking at my TABLESCAPE TUESDAY offerings...this will be my last one until I can beg, borrow or steal some more pretty dishes....... and don't forget to go over to
SUSAN'S and see all the other pretty tables...

I HAVE so enjoyed "playing" with all of my dishes thru TABLESCAPE TUESDAY and have enjoyed having all of you visit my dining room.......

Until I find new treasure dishes, in the words of California's governer......


i can not, for the life of me, get my formatting straightened out on my publishing space...I have double spacing where i don't want much space between the lines when it ISN'T double spaced. I have tried everything I know to do. Does anyone have any suggestions for me? Would it help if i went back to a different template?


Bo said...

Good morning BJ...I loved your blue & white tablescape today.. I think it makes it even more interesting to mix & match this 'n that...and you know I'm no help on this computer're the one who has helped me! hugs, ;-) Bo

Beverly said...

Good morning, dear BJ. I hope everything is okay with your family, and that little Deeds feels better soon. I'm sure she loves having her Memaw with her.

Your table looks beautiful. I worked on completing a set of older dishes for years. I still get excited when I find a piece that isn't damaged or too costly.

Amelia said...

Loved the blue and white...always a great color combination. As for everything matching that could get boring...just mix and match and see what happens.

Enjoy something chocolate!

Theresa @ Take A Sentimental Journey said...

Hey Bj. Everything looks fine to me on your blog. And girl you are a nut ! I died laughing at your comment about passing gas.
Pretty table. You know I just love your dishes !

Pat@Back Porch Musings said...

BJ, this is beautiful! I think I'll have to unpack J's mother's blue and white dishes!

Your post fits into what I was trying to do with my All About Home presentation. Mixing it up, with dishes for great tablesettings.

Love this!

Tara said...


What a lovely room to sit and eat a meal with your the china!

Smelling Coffee said...

Oh how I love a beautifully set table!!! I'm enjoying these Tablescape Tuesdays. I'm a 3rd generation "dish collector", and have cabinets full of them, but am in such a busy stage of life that we most of the time stick to the Correll. Maybe next time I set a pretty table, I'll participate in Tablescape Tuesday, too. :-)

And, about your computer: I've found that once I write my post, if I take out my space between paragraphs (joining the two together), then put my cursor inbetween them and do a "hard return" twice (hold down the shift and then press enter twice), it puts the spacing the way I want it. (Most of the time.) Clear as mud??? :-)

Shelia said...

Oh, good morning most precious BJ!! Oh, what a beautiful table you've set! I love those blue and white dishes! But now honey, we're going to have to get you some Tums and Beano. You're cracking me up so early this morning!!
Sorry about the puter stuff. I have the same problem!! It's so aggrevating. If you find out how to fix it, let me know!
I'm going to be imagining all day you finding a piece to your dishes set and your pretty face going bananas while the rest of you shoots bombs!! lol
Be a sweetie,

Andi said...

Oh my gosh...I've never been to a Tablescape Tuesday before and I so love being here. Your table looks amazing BJ. I see you're a fan of blue and pretty.

Now...what time is dinner?

Stacey said...

I love the blue and white dishes!! The little flower basket is so pretty.

You know we are known to deck it all out with Solo products also. What's better for a hamburger?

I've had problems with the spacing in blogger also. I set it all up the way I want it and then it doesn't appear that way. Frustrating.

Rita Kent at TesoroFino.Com said...

oh this is simply beautiful! I just love it.

beddow said...

I love your blue and white dishes, of course you know I have been loving your tablescapes.
My grandmother always used a table cloth and she had a clear plastic one she put on top when the grandchildren were there. I loved eating at that pretty table. Whether it be in style or not, my family dinners will have a table cloth. Of course I have never been a person who decorated because it was in style but one who decorated as I loved the feel.
Have a great day BJ!
And thank you Veterans for your service!


brettinsky said...

What a beautiful dining room! I love a good find too-it is always so much fun to dig around at a flea market. Thanks for the solo cups/paper plates/plastic tablecloths comment made me laugh out loud!

If you would like to join Trim the Tree Thursday where we are going to show off our holiday decor from any holiday comment on my blog! I would love for you to join!

Cami @ Creating Myself said...

Tablecloths are passe? I hadn't heard & don't think I care now that I have. ;o) I use tablecloths alllll the time....and sometimes, they're not even tablecloths but maybe sheets or curtains & maybe even a bedspread. LOL

Your table is beautiful know you can use the same dishes over & over again. ;o)

Liz said...

Hi BJ, your table is lovely! I also think that the table clothe is very important. If I can't find one I make it! I also love to mix and match. I think that it is so much more creative!


Darlene - Our Creative Life said...

I just found your's great! I'll be back often!

ellen b said...

Hi Bj! I love your dining room. What a great space you have. I'll never tire of seeing blue dishes. Yours are wonderful. Have a nice day and it's great that your daddy served his country proudly!

ann said...


salmagundi said...

Those dishes would be a favorite for me also. They are wonderful. I also am messing constantly with the spacing on my posts - and it seems that when I get it the way I want - somewhere in bloggerland, it gets changed. I'll be checking your comments for an answer!! Sally

Claudie said...

It was comforting to come to your tea party this morning. It did make my heart feel better. Its still a cold damp day but I'm off to do a little shopping which always makes the mood a little better.
Thank you

Scooterblu's Whimsy~Rhonda said...

Hi BJ, I just love your tablescape of blue and white! The dishes are fabulous! And the navy placemats and silver chargers are such a nice touch! You did a wondeful job putting this together! :) ~Rhonda

Anonymous said...

Your table is amazing. I love your blog. Thanks for sharing terrific ideas.

Sue said...

BJ those flowerbasket blue dishes are to die for!!! I have some OLD brown transferware with a flowerbasket pattern I just LOVE, can you believe there was a large set at a fleamarket and I passed on the dinnerplates and just got the small plates, am I crazy or what! I will never ever have that opportunity again! Buyers regret bigtime! come by and click on my cabinet with the dishes and you can see my brown patterned plates and a few accessories. Have a great day! xo

Carrie said...

I really enjoyed reading your entertaining post...your Ridgway dishes are beautiful. by the way, My first blue and white pattern were six amall Blue Danish dishes by Ridgway.

Anonymous said...

Just LOVE those blue and white dishes! You table always looks beautiful whether you use red solo cups and paper plates or whatever. Let's face it; you are just talented!

Jan and Tom's Place said...

BJ...I love the blue and white dishes...they're gorgeous. You set a mighty fine table.

Thanks for stopping by and leaving your comments about my B&B post.


Miss Janice said...

Okay, I know you didn't wipe your mouths with the back of your hands:) Seriously, I love that blue and white, it is a timeless look. Good job! I can't help you with the line-spacing--I can't figure it out either and it's so annoying. Thanks for sharing!
Miss Janice

Nancy said...

Hi BJ, I think you have the best tablescapes...Really! They are always gorgeous! I don't know nothing about this formating stuff on blogger! I do know sometimes it can be a pain in the backside! Nancy

Grandma Faith said...

Hello, BJ, and thanks for your concern. I've been in Chicago on a trip with my girlfriends. We had a blast and I've got some blog ideas. I enjoyed your tablescape post. You are so much fun to read! Your dishes are beautiful and you are a darling. Love, Faith

Marcela said...

Hello dear BJ
Oh, I love your dishes...Soo beautiful!.
Are you going to be a great-grandmother??? ( from your son's daughter or from your daughter's)

Picket said...

Hey BJ...that is the most beautiful blue pattern I have ever seen on a plate! Gorgeous table setting girl and I have always loved tablecloths....about the posting..sometimes mine will spread apart like that but I just highlight and get the font size I want and then I start backspacing to drag the sentences back together and click save and post! other than that I am clueless! lol

Melissa Miller said...

~Beautiful job!~ Love the crisp white.

Susan (Moonlight and Magnolias on RMS) said...

Hi BJ, You positively crack me up! You must be a blast to go shopping with, especially when you find more of your china! :-) I do love your blue and white china...have you checked eBay just never know...might find some more there! Thanks for a beautiful tablescape and some good laughs! Susan

ceekay said...

Your table is lovely and I am sure you are making wonderful memories.
Blogger is driving me nutz!!! I love now how pictures are downloading opposite of how you put them on! What a pain.

jeanne said...

Hello BJ, I have had another one of those therapy days where the whole day just disappears. I am visiting late but I do love your tablescapes so much. Your wonderful sense of humor keeps me smiling throughout your fun post. I love your blue and white settings and I love tablecloths too. I couldn't tell the lid didn't fit and you didn't have napkins. It is a fact that money for the best of everything is NOT necessary to set a lovely table. You will get that set of blue and white dishes some day. Even if you don't, I am betting your family would be happy with one plate of those lovely dishes. I have one plate of my grandmother's dishes and I treasure it. In fact I think I'll post it. smile.

Love you...Jeanne

Dena ~ swaddlecottage said...

Hi Sweet BJ,

I love your blue and white tablescape, it is so fresh and pretty! I haven't been able to play with my table lately because my school work is spread out on it! I need to move my junk and play :)


CIELO said...

I love your dishes and the white tablecloth.... oh, and your new blog banner is as lovely.... :)

So good to see you, BJ!

Love ya!


laurie said...

That china is so pretty, and what a deal! Love those silver chargers. I am so glad to know that someone else has that problem with their blog. If you've been to mine, you've seen why too much space between some things, and I cannot correct it. I'll read your comments to see if anyone else had a suggestion. laurie

tardevil said...

You are so funny! (using the back of your hands) Another pretty tablescape...guess you'll have to buy some more dishes! You know it's addictive, don't you? :O)

Mary said...

Loved the tablescape. You have a knack for making things look pretty.

I received the card in the mail yesterday, but hadn't got over to let you know. Thank you so much. S will love it.


sarah @ abeach cottage said...

hi BJ

just catching up here, love this tablescape, you know I love mix and match the best, just so much more interesting I believe!

so so sorry for the delay in mailing out your parcel, I have been awaiting a little extra to pop in & that came on Friday, but still I did not get it all wrapped and pretty, well now it's ready to go, so I'm hoping I'll get it out tomorrow, I hope that is ok and I really hope you like it!


Cathy Miller said...

Very pretty! Love the blue! Such a cheery table! And don't feel badly-we usually use papertowels at our house to wipe our mouths!

Glenda said...

First let me say, I love, love your music choices.
Secondly, I can offer no help on your formatting problems, since I don't blog and know nothing about the templates.
Now to my business at hand. I adore your entire tablescape. Around my table you have a choice of a paper napkin or a paper towel, depending how messy the meal. My grandchildren never see glass dishes unless there is meat to be cut (the styrofoam doesn't hold up well to a knife). I have a couple of nice sets of china, but when there is a crowd it is just easier on the hostess (me) to use disposable. Then I can enjoy my company instead of spending my "quality time" with the dirty dishes.

Sondra Behne' said...

I have the same problem with double space and new paragraphs. I found the only way i can fix it is to go to edit and fid the post you want to edit, click on it and save it in draft. The go to you drafts and open that post. I then do my fixing there. Some times it works.