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Tuesday, September 9, 2008


is our gracious hostess for her new, weekly event,
I am already getting into the mode of thinking..
so I wanted to share a few of my
Silver chargers, white Ironstone dinnerware and little

I have so enjoyed the bright red dinnerware...
not only at CHRISTMAS time but so many other times throughout the year.

Our CHRISTMAS table is so much fun.
All the place settings are different and the grandkids and adults alike just love it.

The tablecloth I use EVERY SINGLE YEAR belonged to my mom.
I just love it and, no matter what I dress the table with, the cloth always
makes everything look just right.

Even my treasured Staffordshire LIBERTY BLUE transferware
gets into the CHRISTMAS act and looks mighty fine doing it.
"Blue and white ironstone dinnerware has been collected for many years, and the introduction of the Liberty Blue pattern in 1975 by Enoch Wedgwood of England, with its fifteen different historic scenes of colonial America, brought forth keen interest. Here the Old North Church, Minutemen, West Point, Independence Hall, Mount Vernon, and many more historic sites are shown. The Liberty Blue promotion coincided with America's Bicentennial celebrations, causing more people to become interested in owning a set for themselves. "
I have a place setting to serve 10 and I am still adding to it.
PLEASE stop by SUSAN'S and take a look at the other beautiful tablescapes.
and may I be the first to wish you a


Crystal ~ CJO Glassware & Gifts said...

Your Christmas tablescape is beautiful, you can invite me to dinner anytime :)


Kathleen Grace said...

You ARE the first to wish me a Merry Christmas BJ! lol, Your Christmas table is beautiful, I love the idea of different plates, I bet the grandkids look for their favorites every year:>)

Pat @ Back Porch Musings said...

Beautiful tablesettings BJ! I love the idea of using the blue transferware for the Christmas table.

I picked up some different salad plates in the last couple of weeks. They're pretty summery. I want to try them out in the blue dining room. I'm putting together a blog post, using them and some other little bits and pieces.

I love playing around with dishes. You probably already guessed that! I love seeing how everyone sets the table.

Shelia said...

Morning, BJ! Oh, what a wonderful Christmas table you set! I love all the different dishes you use and they all look wonderful. How sweet to be able to use your mother's tablecloth! I love those blue plates, too. Now, I've just scrolled down thru your yesterday's post and love your windows. Your home is so beautiful. I remember from RMS! And your blue things. Oh, my goodness, I would love to take that hutch and everything in it, but I'm a sweet one and won't do it! lol
Thank you for the prayers.
Be a sweetie,
Shelia :)

Judy said...

How beautiful each one is. I have a lot of the liberty plates. Yours looks very nice as a Christmas setting :)

Smilingsal said...

I'd love to sit down to a Christmas table like any of those pictured.

And, the blue--oh, you could do a Blue Monday!

Adrienne said...

Gorgeous! I hate to tell you this but you aren't the first to wish me Merry Christmas. I had a dentist appointment yesterday. When I said goodbye to him and his staff I told them I would see them in six months - next year. Then I wished them Happy Thanksgiving, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. In return my dentist wished me Merry Christmas! It was crazy but a bit fun! ~Adrienne~

santamaker said...

Bj, the chrismas setting is fantastic! Love it !It'll be here before we know it.... Oh but there is such a special place in my heart for the blue and white. It's my fave!
Be good,

Beverly said...

Your table looks fantastic. I love setting different at each place setting.

I would love to have a large walk-in pantry just for dishes. I am a confessed dishaholic, but I am out of places to store them.

Virginia said...

You have very good taste. I love all your tablescapes,each one is beautiful. And what a great idea, setting the table with different place settings. And to be able to used the tablecloth that belonged to your mom, makes it more special and beautiful. What sweet memories you most have about that tablecloth.
Blessings, Virginia

Terrie's Lil' Piece of Serenity said...

BJ, I love your Christmas tablescapes. I love the idea that you always use your mom's tablecloth. Have a great day!
Hugs, Terrie

countrygirl3031 said...

Oooooo BJ, your table looks stunning. You decorate so beautifully!


ceekay said...

Your Christmas placesettings are so pretty and what a great idea to have them all different. I like that. I think I will wish you a Happy Fall first...cause Christmas, well, I just can't say it yet!

Charlotte said...

Christmas will be here before we know it. Every year when we take down the tree I say "Next thing you know we'll be putting it back up." I know that's true because it happens every year.
I love your beautiful windows. Love the blue stuff. love the pink stuff. I've enjoyed going all the way to the bottom of your blog. I especially like your political stuff on the side. Go McCain/Palin!!!!

Linda's Blue Gate said...

I adore the look of the chargers..... but I don't have ANY..... I need to work on that. Lovely table..

Big Toe Mom said...

BJ!!!! i am laughing sooo hard!!!
it's still 100* degrees in PHX! thanks for the reminder...we only have What 150 days or so to finish our Christmas shopping?!?! Happy Everything to you too you crazy, silly, wonderful girl! and you can proudly proclaim to one and all YOU were 1st!!

Debbie @ said...

Beautiful! I too look forward to setting my table for Christmas. Your table is wonderful, love the vibrant colors and your plates match the tablecloth so beautifully. Everything just looks wonderful!

Stephanie ~ Angelic Accents said...

What a winter wonderland of amazement you have created!! I just love your Christmas tablescape!!

I just now got my tablescape post up, so please stop by my blog!

Big TX Hugs,
Angelic Accents

Jeanne said...

Hello BJ, what an absolutely lovely post about Christmas today. I totally loved your beautiful and variety of dishes. Your settings are so attractive. I know it was a joy to you to set that gorgeous table for your loved ones. I know that, because I adore making a beautiful table setting too. My mother passed that down to me and I bless her for making me realize what a happy thing to do. I don't consider a beautiful table work, I consider it a pleasure.

Thanks for sharing today and Merry Christmas will be here before we know it. I know I will feel up to the challenge by then. Thank the Lord.


Thank you for your great compliment on my window. Great balls of fire, you are a hoot.

salmagundi said...

Loved the taste of Christmas in September. Everything is beautiful; and I know your family must look forward to it. Sally

RetiredAtLast said...

And a Happy New Year to you. Christmas is all about family and traditions, and I think using your Mother's tablecloth is a wonderful tradition. Sometimes that may be all we are left with, that and the memories that go along with the tradition. Have a blessed upcoming seasons, both Thanksgiving and Christmas.

bj said...

TO RETIRED AT LAST'...thanks so much for leaving a message for me.
I so appreciate you taking the time to visit and leave a note.
Pls. come back any time...
love, bj

Brown-Eyes said...

Well now...looky here who is strutting her "stuff"...and I am so glad you are! Your different tablescapes are so lovely to see...the only thing that would make them better is to be sitting there at your loving table...
Hugz, ;-) Bo

Susie Q said...

How beautiful BJ! You have such pretty dishes and create the most lovely tables!
I use blue often for Christmas and love it!

I am thrilled you won that giveaway! I bet you are tickled!


Carrie said...

Oh...I was also tempted to post a Christmas table setting, but did another. I enjoy the different place settings you use. The red plates are fabulous.

I have 9 place settings of the Liberty Blue but have 13 dinner plates and the serving pieces. So I am still looking to find more pieces.

Susan (Moonlight and Magnolias on RMS) said...

This is gorgeous! I love all the different place settings...what a wonderful idea! Except, I'd be circling the table all night unable to make up my mind which one I liked best! Love how you did your nakins, too. Thanks so much for posting this wonderful Christmas table. I'm in the Christmas now, for sure! Susan

Susan Ramey Cleveland said...

I love your tablescapes, BJ.

Mary said...

Oh BJ, what FUN! I love all your Christmas place settings, and you know I adore the Liberty Blue!!!

Brenda said...

Oh my I love them all.You did such great work.Im trying to get myself all together =)

Kelli said...

Just gorgeous! All of your Christmas dishes are wonderful!

Rhondi said...

Hi Bj
Your tablescapes are all beautiful. I'll bet that Christmas at your house is filled with more than just a beautiful table. Oh my goodness, I don't want to think about Christmas quite yet!!
Hugs, Rhondi

Edie Marie's Attic said...

Hi BJ!
I really like all your different Christmas dishes! I've been so tempted many many times to buy a Christmas set but never have. I have a set of blue Staffordshire that I LOVE. Your table looks so festive.

Your blue delft collection is wonderful!! You have some NICE larger pieces like the canisters. I have a collection of smaller pieces and love all of it. My favorite piece is my Grandma's wall mounted coffee grinder. My mom gave it to me one year for my birthday and I just cried I was so thrilled to have it.

Big hugs, Sherry

Life on Bonnie Lane said...

You have such beautiful table settings! I love the Christmas theme. Hard to believe that it will soon be upon us!


sarah @ a beach cottage said...

oh what a lovely little taster of christmas, you've got me thinking about what to do now, not that long til it rolls round again!

I love seeing how you set your table, just so full of inspiration, I think this is a great blog party game lol


beddow said...

Beautiful! Thanks for sharing. What a treasure that table cloth is, and keeps your mother a part of your dinners.

Betty said...

Hi BJ,

It's been a while since I visited you, and I want to tell you that I sincerely hope you are feeling much better now.

I just love your Christmas table and place settings. Beautiful.

Sweet Designs said...

Your Christmas tablescapes are wonderful, Christmas is my favorite time of the year, spiritually and decorativly too.

Nancy said...

BJ, that's what I can't wait for! skip fall I say! Christmas is my favorite. Blessings, nancy