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Saturday, September 6, 2008



BEVERLY at HOW SWEET THE SOUND is once more hosting
Many thanks, Bev, for a fun, weekly event.

I am about to run out of PINKS....
but, every time I look around, I spy another little bit of PINKFULNESS.

This cutest little PINK plate that looks a tad bit brownish in this photo
is one of my favorites because BEAUTIFUL DAUGHTER gave it to me.
I love HER and I love Chocolate !!
Sorry if I have used any of these before in the postings...
Awh...just look at 'em AGAIN !!

Have I shared these PINK rosebuds before?
I got a pair of these at a thrift store and gave one to
and I kept one.

I love this handpainted, English plate

PINK, PINK.....every where !!

"Heart of my heart,
I love that melody......"

an old, old song from my childhood

An old, OLD, pitcher that belonged to my favorite Aunt Lillian ..
i sure would rather have my AUNT LILLIAN than this ole pitcher !!

I WISH all this fabulous PINKNESS belonged to ME, but, alas,
it all belongs to

this is a photo off one of their pretty calendars.


I hope your weekend is so full of BRIGHT PINK, you will have to wear shades all weekend long!
love ya,
oh, i do love this song playing !


Rosie's Whimsy said...

I think I need to snag some of those calendars! They always catch my attention every time you show a glimpse of one.

Have a Fabulous weekend!

Beverly said...

Happy Pink Saturday, BJ.

It is fun to see pink, isn't it? I have been keeping my eyes open for it, too.

You know even if you do share a picture more than once, I probably wouldn't remember. I do good to remember what I walk from one room to another to get. ;-)

I love all of your pink today - especially Aunt Lillian's pitcher.

Amelia said...

Good morning,

Loved the Aunt Lillian dainty and fragile looking.

Enjoy the pinks in your life today.


Becky said...

Hi BJ,
My name is Becky. Happy Pink Saturday. I enjoyed your pictures of the china and all your other pretty things.
Enjoy your weekend


Happy Pink Saturday!

Great PINKS!

~ Gabriela ~

Darlene said...

I LOVE all of your pink-ness. Esp. the one about chocolate...perfect!
Happy Pink Saturday!

Adrienne said...

Hi BJ -
You have such gorgeous dishes and china with pinks. Aunt Lillian's pitcher is a treasure. I have the same little creamy white heart-shaped wall pocket with the lock. I found it at a garage sale for twenty-five cents! I haven't hung it yet. Life has been too busy to find the perfect spot but it's lying in a place I can't miss it so I'll do it soon. Thanks for sharing such pretty things.

Smilingsal said...

bj, Happy Pink morning! You've got some pretty things on display here; I especially like that handpainted dish.

Shelia said...

Morning, BJ! I'm just loving all of your pinkness this morning! Oh, thanks for telling me I messed up on my Divas! I went right away and fixed it!!
Be a Pink sweetie,
Shelia ;)

ellen b said...

Love your pink. Most things china are my weakness among my other weaknesses :0)
Have a great week bj!

Theresa @ Take A Sentimental Journey said...

The plates are gorgeous BJ. I just love plates! I bought 4 saucers yesterday.Just gotta have um !

Picket said...

Morning BJ...I love those plates and that little pitcher from your Aunt! I too have run out of pink! lol Hope you have a great weekend my friend!

Virginia said...

Pretty pinks! I love Mackenzie Childs things, can't afforded but I love to look at it.
Happy Pink Saturday!
Blessings, Virginia

ko said...

Thank you for all of your sweet words! I am glad to meet another TEXAS GIRL! :) Your blog is precious! I am so happy you have found me, so I was able to find you!! :) What a beautiful family you have!!!

Crystal ~ CJO Glassware & Gifts said...

Great pink post!! But your sidebar of Palin inspires me more :)


Pink Slippers said...


Jeanne said...

Good morning my dear BJ. For running low on pink you did very well. At least it's not like me running all over the place looking for pink. The hunt is fun though. One thing is for sure, showing a pink item more than once is a good thing. No one remembers everything they see. Well, maybe Beverly's brilliant mind would. I am not kidding. smile.

Think pink! love, Jeanne

Mo..."Mo's Cottage" said...

Hi Bj,
love all your pinks....everytime you post it makes me smile....the cake plate is just adorable..and the pitcher from your aunt is just lovely...nice to think of her when you use it....Happy Pink Saturday....
Mo :-)

g said...

Wonderful pink things to share with us! I love Aunt Lillian's pitcher. And where can I get one of those calendars????

Best to you!

Cori G. said...

Hi BJ,
How's the sledgehammering going? Any more walls or roof lines knocked out? Hee Hee! And one last comment...Isn't Sarah amazing!!!! She is such a breath of fresh air.
Have a fun pink weekend.
XO Cori

Cori G. said...

Me again. When I commented on pink saturday I forgot to close your blog page and your music kept playing. Then I heard the song by Johnny Cash, Ragged old Flag. Every time I hear that song it brings tears to my eyes. Good tears. Thanks!

Beverly said...

I just love your dishes! Happy pink Saturday to you!!

Suzy said...

Your PINK stuff are just adorable. The roses are cute and the pink plate, precious!

Hope you are fine, walking your mile(s) and having fabulous weekend. Love Suzy

Kathy said...

Sweet, sweet pink things!

Patricia said...

Why does pink always look so lovely on dishes - the pitcher is beautiful. Happy Pink Saturday.

Brown-Eyes said...

BJ...You are the kindest, sweetest lady...the pink balloons reminding us to continue prayers for the Nielson family is such a lovely thing to do. Blessings to you dear one.. ;-) Bo

Grandma Faith said...

Love all the pink! I copied your McCain/Talen sign. Thanks

kari and kijsa said...

Great pinkness here!! love, love. love the sidebar!!!! We would be honored for you to add the weather quote! Have a great one!

kari & kijsa

Stephanie ~ Angelic Accents said...

What a wonderful PINK Saturday post! I love all your pinkness, especially that vintage pitcher!! Where did you find that adorable plate about falling into choc? I need one of those!!

Big TX Hugs,
Angelic Accents

Marina Capano said...

Hi! Happy Pink Saturday! what a nice pink things! I love pink topiary!

visit me anytime...


Dena ~ swaddlecottage said...

Hi BJ,

I hope that you are having a relaxing Saturday :) Hop over to pick up an award when you get a chance.


Cherry's Jubilee said...

Ohhhh woow.....double wow....I love that pitcher girl. I am so sorry to hear about your operation....I am sooo glad you are gettin back to walking...keep it takes time. Ya know it really cheers me up when I walk...the fresh air and the change of seasons that I am beginning to see. OHHH i have that same tin heart with the little key...I love tender heart treasures. cherry

Joy said...

Your pink pieces are beautiful. I especially love the plates, just gorgeous.

beddow said...

Beautiful! You know I am a chocoholic so of course that plate made me smile.

Have a great day!


Suzie Button said...

I pray everyday for the Nielson family and am following Nie's blog and her sisters too. I pray for healing and a blessing from God for them.
I love your pink! I hope you had a wonderful Pink Saturday!

judy said...

Hi, I'm new to your blog. Of course the Mackenzie Childs caught my eye. I get their magazine and can't wait to see the new things.
Great blog.

Anonymous said...

Now I am lovin PINK so much more since I won the pink & white polka dot throw. . .LOVE IT!! Thanks again:)Have a great weekend:)

nikkicrumpet said...

Ya gotta love a pink plate that speaks the truth about chocolate! Have a wonderful Sunday!

Tricia said...

Aunt Lillian must have been so special. Happy Pink Saturday. Didn't you just love little sister giving baby Palin the spit shine during the speech?

onlymehere said...

These plates and pitcher are so beautiful! I love the plate with the quote about chocolate too!

onlymehere said...

I almost forgot, I saw your comment about the dresser that you painted black, excellent idea! I've had this dresser since I was a young girl (about 35 years) and never had a broken drawer or anything, even with my girls using it now for years. Today while the boys carried it out of the house a drawer fell out and broke. We kept dropping the price and asked $3.00 and couldn't sell the darn thing! It was donated to our church's thrift shop after and they'll fix the drawer and sell it. Oh well, that's life.

Angie said...

What beautiful things you have! I love everything!


Margie said...

I love all your *pink* things today! All are quite lovely and cheerful! I know what you mean when you say you'd rather have your Aunt Lillian than her pitcher!

Vanessa Greenway said...

Wow! That English plate is so pretty! Have a great day! Vanessa

KatCollects said...

Hey, I had i Grandma named Lillian, love that name. Love all your pictures. Happy Pink Saturday!

Mya said...

What a beautiful sea of pink you painted. Love the song too but it does bring a tear to my eye.
happy pink

SweetAnnee said...

Your pink pics are cool...and I love MacKenzie Childs pottery and tea pots..
I'd love to own one..perhaps some day soon..
love to you..deena

Nancy said...

Lovely pinks, BJ! Blessings, Nancy

Linda's Blue Gate said...

Pink is just so fun. You have some mighty pretty pink ....... hay congrats on winning Penny's give away.... can't wait to see what she come up with for YOU...

Tara said...

Hi BJ:

What great pink items!

Left you an award on my blog as I so enjoy visiting here all the time!


Tara said...

Hi BJ:

What great pink items!

Left you an award on my blog as I so enjoy visiting here all the time!


Debbie said...

Love your blog - love the music playing - love the photos of everything.....Thanks for sharing it all.