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Wednesday, July 23, 2008


EVER so often, when I DREAM so much about something......

LIKE this room that has been my ALL-TIME, VERY FAVORITE ROOM....EVER,

I just have to REVISIT and start DAY DREAMING, all over again.....


do you remember this room i have blogged about several times because i love it best in the whole wide world and want to re-do my living room someday to look


I am just so, SO in love with every bit of it.
I dearly love STUFF and LOTS of it .....


I have some new photos to add...
different spots in this fabulous, colorful, "make ya wanna sing" room

Oh, how I love the use of painted chairs with this natural, antique table

the use of different fabrics,

textures, colors....

This is the kind of room that would make me want to stay home
and just walk around, admiring the beauty, charm, character, personality that just flat
from it

I would love to have this much
in my very own living room and I am determined to
TRY for it...
(I have some RED slipcovers coming from Pottery Barn for those BLUE chairs that have been driving me nuts....well...let me rephrase that...

I have a COLOR SWATCH for the slipcovers coming..

I am THINKING of having the ottoman that matches the chairs done in a

Of course, I am on a strict budget and I can see this designer
has used expensive items along with his talents.
Part of the fun of re-doing a room is to try to
"go for the look"
with less expensive objects....


It is all so gorgeous to my eyes


You can see more of his beautiful rooms over at

and his/her name is


(if you go over, please leave a comment and tell him /her
"bj said hello"

Blessings today,



Southern Lady said...

Oh, BJ ... I love that room too! Doesn't it just say, "Come on in and sit a spell!"

I hope this finds you getting stronger every day, my friend. I've enjoyed your older posts, but look forward to some new ones from you soon.



Stacey said...

BJ, I had to drop everything and go straight to the HGTV site. Like you, I have several that I just stare at and study - that's where my inspiration comes from.

Actually, RMS is how I found you!! Thank goodness.

So glad you seem to be getting better.

Your lurking friend,
Stacey :)

Beverly said...

BJ, that is a beautiful room. And, I think you are just the perfect lady to put your spin on it in for your home.

I'll be cheering on all of your projects - just like I'm cheering on your getting better project. And, look how well you are doing.

Rhondi said...

I've missed you! Glad that you back with us again. I LOVE that room too! I've always loved the huge red and white check fabric and tried to find it because I wanted to recover 2 of our dining room chairs in it. I couldn't find it at any of the retail fabric stores I know of. I could probably get it through a designer but it would be too expensive that way.
Can't wait to see how your room comes together. Too bad I don't live close. I know how to make slipcovers and I could help you recover your couch.
Get well soon.
Hugs, Rhondi

Kathleen Grace said...

I love this room too. It has all the bright cheery colors and patterns that are my favorites! I need to go tweak my living room after seeing this again:>)

ginger at enchanting cottage said...

That room is just beautiful, I would love to sit and have coffee on the couch.

Rue said...

Good morning Bj :)

I read your comment at Picket's blog and I popped over to see how you were doing. I'm glad to see that you're posting again :)

I love this room and I always have. Just plain gorgeous!

I hope you are feeling better!


beddow said...

It is beautiful! It has that cozy feel.
Sure is good to have you back.


Baby Vagabond said...

If anyone can recreate this look, I know you can BJ!!

It is indeed a beautiful room. I wouldn't mind having that myself! ((hugs)) Rosie

Jeanne said...

BJ I am so glad to see you posting. I have been so busy with grands, I haven't visited hardly at all. I do love your dream room. I have some dream rooms too. Mostly I have a dream porch/deck. It looks like Beverly's porch. I love her back porch since she did a makeover.

Take care and don't over do. I am so happy to see you are improving.

Love ya, Jeanne

Debbie from NJ said...


I love that room too! Such eye candy indeed. You can do it! Have you ever watched the show on HGTV where they have an ispiration room that costs thousands of dollars, and they make it over for about 2,000. So cool!!!

Melissa @ The Inspired Room said...

Hi BJ, good to see you are still loving your favorite room! :-)

Sorry I've been so scarce during your time of need and recovery! I've had such a hard time keeping up with my blogging friends lately, with all the wedding planning going on among other things, but I wanted to come by and give you a great big hug. You are in my prayers. Take care of yourself sweetie...


Anita said...

It looks very cozy... and even if I hadn't seen it on your blog, it would remind me of you! Bright and cheerful... :)

Holly (Nickname) said...

Hi BJ!
Stop by..i have something for you!!
This room looks just like you, so I can see you incorporating it into your home. I love kennect's spaces on RMS too! Go visit 66nick's spaces..He is really good too and trying to become the next Design Star. Let me know what you think..
I hope all has been well with you dear sweet BJ!!!
xxxooo Holly

Susan said...

That red plaid speaks to me. That room is so pretty.

Glad you are feeling better each day.

Mo..."Mo's Cottage" said...

Hi BJ,
Sorry I have not been by for a while...My husband was in the hospital for a few days. Gave us quite a scare. Now things are getting back to normal..he is doing great now...
So glad you are up and around and blogging. Sure was worried about you.
Love the rooms just makes you want to read a good bood and relax.
Mo :-)

Helen said...

BJ, BJ ... I cannot believe this blog! Just this morning, promise!, I was looking at all of my "inspiration" photos and stopped at the amazing room you featured today. It is my all time favorite and I had forgotten who had posted it on RMS. So a huge thank you!

Nancy said...

Oh, my goodness! I have admired that room for a long time to!! I think it's perfect. Nancy

Suzy said...

Nice to see you are better and better. I will go now to check that out.

Have a great day sweetie! Suzy

CIELO said...

Beautiful rooms, BJ... I'm glad to see you blogging again... hope your health is improving as the days go by....

Have a lovely day


Julie said...

Wow - you aren't kidding. That is a beautiful space! It kind of pulls you in..not too stuffy either.

Ruthie said...

That room really is inviting! I can see why you love it. You'll have fun redoing your own to look like this.

Anonymous said...

BJ, Kennect is a guy, I think. Either way, he/she is my fav too! I love all his rooms, but only right up there w/ yours! So glad you are feeling better. Did you see the pictures of the RMS sisters trip to TN on catnabarns blog? Have a great day!

PAT said...

I love this room too, BJ! It's truly delightful!


Dena ~ swaddlecottage said...

Hi BJ, I've loved this room too! Between this and Tina's (Cherry Hill) sister's place I'm just in love! Okay...going back to my homework. I really would rather do so rearranging of stuff but I know I need to focus. Sigh....


Cottage Rose said...

Oh my goodness BJ. What a beautiful room. I love every thing about it. And I love the challenge of making a room over on a tight budget. Which I have also. I hope you get your dream room you sweet thing. God Bless.


Picket said...

Oh girl I remember that gorgeous room also!! It is just a showstopper for sure! Hope you are feeling even stronger today and that you and yours are safe from the storm...take care my friend.

Anonymous said...

my sweet bj:
you inspire all of us every time we come to you site. I always leave refreshed...especially when you take me back to RMS where I first met you....THAT addiction sure took up alot of our time... fortunately, I did weaned myself from it just b 4 having to go into Rehab. Lots of info but I don't have the time...and speaking of time...I have missed you and pray for a speedy recovery. God has shared you with us all for a reason. Such an inspiring person in all your blogs whether we are going bk to the good old days or having lunch with the girls..which I hope will be on your " to do list" soon.
Take it easy and look forward to the "new room" that I know you will do somehow/someway..
love and missed you...
Annie in LR

MoonlightandMagnolias said...

Hi glad to see you back home and getting better with each passing day. You were in my prayers and thoughts often over the last few weeks. You left a very sweet and meaningful message on one of my tablescapes before you got sick and I knew then that you were a very special person. If you have a chance, I'd love to share something kind of funny with you. :-) E-mail is

Elizabeth said...

I love everything kennect does! And yes, he/she is a designer, there's been mention of doing rooms for clients and friends.

The Scarlett Rose Garden said...

Ah, this room IS great! Bright(yet not too bright), cheerful, romantic... it's got it all.
I know you'll come up with something fabulous!

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Anonymous said...

Just had to drop you a quick response...A friend of mine pointed me to this bit about the room...I had no idea that you liked it so much...I am so glad to hear that you do...One thing that the photo's don't show is the idea that this room gets a ton of traffic...There is a ton of entertaining that takes place here...And everyone feels at home...The entire lake cottage is a very laid back space...So come on over and put your feet up on the sofa...Nobody will mind except maybe some dog that is trying to share the sofa with you...BTW, I am a he....

Thanks so much,

paintinpatti said...

This is a beautiful room BJ. I love red, too - so much! I try to put a bit of red in every room in my house. It's good to dream - it keeps us creative! Blessings, Patti

Life on Bonnie Lane said...

I love Kennect's rooms! He has a certain flair, and I just love all of his "stuff." My favorite thing in those pics is those light green dining room chairs with the very interesting back and the toile seat covers. I also love his RV that he decorated, the most beautiful interior that I have ever seen!

You would do great using his style for inspiration!