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Monday, June 9, 2008


THIS award goes to
JANIE just LOVES blogging, even though she would like to change the name from
to something sounding a little more fluid on the tongue such as
JANIE has a beautiful blog so it would be a treat for you to stop by to see her soon.
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EVEN the pretty FERNS aren't doing as well, although they are

in the shade
and watered and given a mist ea day
The hot dry winds are just about to kill everything in my pitiful yard

The poor potted plants are just pitiful ...
This pot needs plenty of SUNSHINE
but NOT the high winds that whip it all over the place
The Day Lillies are so burned and turning yellow
even with the small amount of water we are allowed right now
that I don't think they are going to produce the bright
ORANGE flowers we usually have

It is hard to watch your plants just burn up ad know there's not a lot you can do about it ...
AHHHH, but things could be worse
not to fret

This is ONE plant that seems to be doing good
Bill pruned this GRAPEVINE to the ground during the fall and it seems to be coming back healthy
This is my loveliest ROSE bush and produces the most beautiful
APRICOT colored roses with a fragrance that is out of this world
just look at the poor, puny little flowers here
I just hope to keep the bush ALIVE thru this
dry, hot season
BUT, if it is not to be,
there will be more rose bushes to plant next year

I was so proud to get this pretty PINK
KNOCKOUT ROSE bush planted
but HOT winds up to 50 mph have NOT been kind to it

My TRUMPET VINES are suffering as well

We also pruned these vines in the early spring and it is probably a good thing..
They are planted more in shade and a protected area at the side of our house..
This is one reason they are at least producing a FEW flowers, I think

My ROSE OF SHARONS aren't at their
very best, either.

By this time of summer, our backyard is usually ablaze with beautiful
LARGE flowes from these bushes
They need more gentle breezes and RAIN water to blossom to their full beauty

Our poor, little teenie TOMATO plants
This is our first try gardening in containers and I am afraid, even tho they have a few,
VERY FEW, blossoms on them, they will not make big, nice tomatoes
then again
who knows ?


hence the reason for NOT entering my cottage garden in the
that our sweet DEENA of CAN I BE PRETTY IN PINK
is having
Please click on the button on my sidebar and be sure to take part in it, if you can


YES....all my FLOWERS aren't very pretty right now






Rosie's Whimsy said...

It is indeed hard to watch your plants wither. We went to a cool spring directly into a heat wave ...... not a Texas heatwave ..... but mid 90's in the mountains of PA is HOT!

That reminds me, I must water!

:-) Rosie

Beverly said...

I'm sorry your plants are having a rough time. We're feeling a bit wilted over here from this extreme we've had lately.

But, you are right that God is always nurturing.

Penny @ Lavender Hill Studio said...

Oh BJ...I am sorry about your poor plants :-(. It has been hot here in NC too, but I am extremely lucky to live in the mountains in the middle of a forest. It seems to stay more moist here than in the rest of our state...

Anita said...

I'm so sorry your plants are suffering! We have talked about our yard, and are talking about planting drought resistant plants, but that leaves out a lot of my favorites! We are planning on building a "hoop house" for our garden itself, to keep it sheltered, but that costs quite a bit of $$!

Jeanne said...

Woe is me, I am sooo sad for your garden. Like you,I love my flowers, and watching them suffer would make me suffer. My rose of sharon doesn't bloom until late July. I wonder if it is because we are so high up in the mountains. We have a large tree and being new to these flowers I don't know much about them.

But, lets be real, our grandchildren are at the top of our list of importance. They can't wait for grandkids week in July.

Hope your flowers feel better soon!
Love ya, Jeanne

Donna Kay said...

Hey, it still looks good to me - I have one little plant in a pot that Kelsi gave me for MOther's Day and I have already killed it - don't know why I even try - I OVER watered this one!!!
I hate to think what the remainder of the summer is going to be like - Love - Love - Love your black & white tile!!!!!

Terrie's Lil' Piece of Serenity said...

BJ, We've had more than our share of windy, rain and cold weather. My plants are starting to come around. Yours will, too!! Just make sure to baby them. It's early enough in the year they will come out of it!!
Hugs, Terrie

Melissa @ The Inspired Room said...

Oh, darn. I just wrote my comment and somehow it got erased before I could publish it.

Anyways, I was thinking your plants looked good, until you mentioned the troubles. So, too bad about your flowers, but praise God about the health of your family. Great perspective!

Have a wonderful day, BJ! Thanks for coming by today! You brought a big smile to my face!


Rhondi said...

SO sorry that your garden has taken such a beating. Hopefuly the plants will all survive and be back again next year healthy again. Ours are suffering fromthe heat. Just hope they don't put the no watering restrictions back in effect. As it is we canonly use the sprinkler on Sat.
Hugs, Rhondi

Julie said...

Hi BJ,

Yes - my garden is staring to wain a bit as well. High heat and heavy wind have caused my tomato bushes to fall over and the fruit tree flowers were literly blown off of the trees - so little to no fruit harvest this year :0(

PEA said...

I wish I could send you some of the rain we've been plants are getting TOO soaked! lol I know how you're feeling, not being able to water your plants as much as you want to but as you say, plants can be replaced:-) Love how they are still blooming, though, even under such windy and dry conditions!! xox

Betty said...

It is so hot and dry here as well. Your flowers still look pretty, but I'm sure they are suffering in this heat. We have four tomato plants, two in the ground and two in big flower pots. They are not doing that well I'm sad to say.

Donna Kay said...

BJ - go check out the piece of furniture on my blog - you will know which one it is!!!!!!!

beddow said...

Ah BJ I am sorry your plants are having such a rough go of it but as always I admire your positive and lovely personality.
We had a wind storm with rain that just blew up real sudden and my peonies are beat to pieces, they were so full of blooms this year. I guess it just goes that way some times.


Mary Isabella said...

It is so hot here in Kentucky today. It is 95 and it is 7:00 in the evening....Mary

Mary said...

Oh poor BJ! It is so hard to wait for your blooms, only to see them dry up and blow away. It seems as though the whole country is having a lot of extreme weather lately. We got close to 100 today!

Donna said...

I'm sorry your plants are drying up from the heat and winds, BJ. We're experiencing the heat here as well, fourth day of 100 degree weather!

Southern Lady said...

BJ, I am truly honored to receive such a sweet award from you and I appreciate your mentioning my blog to your visitors. It really means a lot to me.

I was sorry to see your flowers and plants are struggling in those hot Texas winds. I know that's frustrating, but ... as always ... you have such a positive outlook and count your blessings instead of dwelling on things you can't do anything about.

Thank you again for the award and, most importantly, your friendship.


Theresa@Take A Sentimental Journey said...

I know what you mean about your poor plants BJ. My ferns have been about whipped to death from wind.I just tonight got my squash, cucumber,and okra plants in the ground.I couldn't get any help this year, so they got put in late. I hope they make it.But really BJ I thought your flowers looked pretty good, considering the weather.

Theresa@Take A Sentimental Journey said...

sorry I didn't mean for that post above to be anonymous

Robyn said...

Love your garden, sorry to hear things aren't perking 'up'! hang in there...soon things will bounce back!

Scooterblu's Whimsy said...

BJ, So sorry for your flowers and plants! We are experiencing above normal temps here, 100 degrees, plus... in JUNE! What in the world will July and August bring? Most of my flowers are still holding their own, but I am babying those buggers like crazy! LOL! I absolutely love your black and white tile backsplash! Can't wait to see the final reveal! It looks great so far!

Hugs, Rhonda ;)

Life on Bonnie Lane said...

Congrats on the award! You sure do deserve it. You have a fantastic blog and it's one of the first that I click on every day!

Wow, your poor plants! I wish I could share some of the rain we have been getting, just not quite so fiercely!


Ruthie said...

I love your new song "Sweet Nothings". How fun!

Also enjoyed your flowers - we used to have a Rose of Sharon at our old house...I always liked those flowers.


Tara said...


YYikes--this heat has got to wane!

Suzy said...

Who knows BJ maybe your garden may become a wonderful lush bloom oasis yet!
I wish you some rain and a happy week. Suzy

Joanne Kennedy said...

Oh how sad! Mother Nature can be such a _ITCH at times!

Thankfully everyone in your family is doing well though.

The plants will come back or you can always buy new ones but family, well, they can never be replaced. So, YES, you are blessed.