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Saturday, April 12, 2008


GOOD MORNING to all......................

SWEET HUBBY found this adorable nest and bird egg.....built on his old welding bottles. ...

What a LARGE bird egg !!

Poor sweet is such a "hurry up" kind of nest.....
.....almost as if she just couldn't wait very much longer....not long enuf to find a good limb in the trees.........

She must have just flown by this old welder thingy and thought......

"THIS will have to do; I can't build a ROUND, run-of-the-mill nest, tho. It will have to be long and narrow because this SPACE is long and narrow....OH, WELL !"

It seems to be doing the job, tho. YIPEEE, little did GOOD !

AND THEN........ I caught her on her nest....

It's a beautiful

She is just PRECIOUS !!



There's new life all around me....

The starting of my lovely VIOLETS.....
Soon, my whole flower bed will be covered with these little beauties.

The white IRIS are blooming...or, at least, SOME of them are blooming. Others will follow suit very soon.

This little one is something that starts with a V....

.........Vigas ?

.........Viagra?.......NO......(tee hee) I am pretty sure we aren't raising VIAGRA !!

Do you know the name of it?? It escapes this steel trap of a mind of mine.

The FIRST small bouquet of the ever- lovely LILACS......
Oh, how sweet they smell. My whole bathroom smells like a garden ~
~HAPPY SPRING, sweet blogger friends....and a BLESSED WEEKEND ~

LOVE, bj


Rue said...

Good Mornin Bj :)

Beauitful homes from RMS and I love that room too ;)

LOVE the dishes and the flowers are gorgeous!

Happy belated anniversary :)


Amelia said...

It is called vinca minor...I have in several places around my house. The flowers are so dainty and pretty.

The hummiingbirds are back (at least in our area now) so spring is defintely close.

Amelia in Oklahoma

Beverly said...

I hope you had a wonderful anniversary. It certain was a day due celebration.

Spring is definitely in place around you. I enjoyed all of your pictures. I was going to tell you that was vinca, but I see that Amelia already did.

I've got a project that I hope to make some progress on today. Enjoy your weekend.

Michelle said...

Good morning BJ,

Your flowers are beautiful. I wonder if I can grow lilac.. the birdy nest is such a sweet one!


Anita said...

Lilacs! We barely have lilac leaves... :(

These pictures are all so gorgeous... and morning doves are my favorite bird! :)

Have a wonderful weekend!

Holly (Nickname) said...

So inspiring, dear BJ!!
Everything is so fresh and new...
Looking forward to a beautiful day here today, after a night of springtime thunderstorms and rain...I am going to sit outside today and read my bible. I am doing the bible in a year and am currently in Judges,and Proverbs.God is so faithful and loves us so much.Unfortunatly we are the ones that stray and cause all of the problems, but even then His so forgiving!
We are so blessed!!!
xxxooo Ruth

Rosie's Whimsy said...

Have a wonderful weekend, BJ, enjoying the sweet smell of those beautiful lilacs! :-) Rosie

Hope said...

Hi BJ,
Just wanted to stop by to say hello and catch up with you. I'll have to go back and read everything. I'm so far behind!

I just love that basket with the birdhouses painted on. So cute! I love everything in your cozy home! I'll be back later to check everything out!

Have a great weekend!


Kathleen Grace said...

HI BJ, I cant believe you have iris and lilacs and violets! Our violets dont come out tile early may nad the lilacs and iris bloom at the very end of May. You are so fortunate to have spring visiting you already:>) I hope y ou are having a great weekend!

Penny @ Lavender Hill Studio said...

Hi BJ!
Your birds nest is so precious, but I am coveting your lilacs...I love lilacs and I don't have any....

Anonymous said...

What a great Spring post! Your bird house basket inspired me to get out my paint brushes again. love the Lilacs. and the Vinca? or Viagra? how funny:) Happy Spring to you also:)

Betty said...

I love the music you have on your blog today, BJ.

I haven't visited much this past week, but I hope you had a good week. The flowers are beautiful. It doesn't seem much like Spring here today as the temperature is only in the 40's.

Have a good week, BJ

Rhondi said...

The mourning dove nesting is so precious. They seem to like the ground so amybe they always put their nest somewhere on the ground which is why they chose that spot. The new growth and flowers in spring is so wonderful isn't it? Every morning I go out to see if anything new is blooming. It is such an exciting time for me.
Lilacas are afavorite of mine. They remind me of my childhood. We had a lilac bush just by our back door and I loved the small of them.
Hope you had a great weekend

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing the wonderful pictures. Itjust brightens my day that The wonderful gifts of Spring and Summer are right around the corner. Have a great week, Janie

beddow said...

I so love lilacs, thanks for sharing all your flowers. And the bird nest too! Have a wonderful day.

Catherine said...

Nice captures of the signs of spring! Yes it's vinca minor, I have it also! It gets lovely little pale blue flowers~mine are blue. Gorgeous lilacs~if only I could smell them! :)
Have a great week!

Meggie said...

I love the photos of the dove on her nest...will you allow her to sit for the duration?...since it's on your hubby's welding "stuff."