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Friday, March 14, 2008


I am busy fluffing, cleaning, nesting, re-arranging, picking craft paper, paint and the regular "Spring is almost here" things....once I am seeing progress, I will post a few of the things I am trying to get done.

In the meantime........I posted some LITTLE DETAILS around my house a few weeks back and found some more today....
Pretty knobs, hinges, carvings....I really love all these details.
This is a carved drawer front on a vintage dresser.....

These hand painted, flowery knobs are on my antique, green hutch with the brass bar backing that just highlights the sweet knobs. Most of us DO love roses!
When I found these buffalo pulls, I knew they would be just perfect for a cabinet Sweet Hubby made with his two talented hands. These knobs remind me of the old, buffalo nickles.
Shiny and lacy and romantic pulls for my vintage English chest......

A beautiful, flowing wooden applique on the front of my vintage fireplace mantle..... I wonder if I should "age" it with glaze to make it stand out a little more? I'm scared since I've never done it before. What if I ruin it???? :(

Hand carving on the front of my French Blue, 200 year old secretary...

The white paint is beginning to turn yellow in spots. Do I dare try repainting or just leave it as I found it? Again.....I'm scared. I don't want to have to repaint the entire thing as I love the aged (and it really is aged...not distressed on purpose) French blue of the piece....

Even the green metal leaves on this more modern day shelf keep it from being just a Plain Jane. Seems like anything added to enhance the beauty of a piece is well worth it......I love DETAILS....

I am, like so many of you out there, so ready for some changes around my cottage! I want to add color to my long, narrow entry hall but am still trying to decide the color. I am thinking a sunshiny yellow....not sure yet. Once I get over that hurdle, I will tackle the painting job. Also would like to wait until a little warmer weather.
NOTE; The two sisters Kari and Kijsa once posted that subtle strips made small rooms look hall is really long and very narrow and I am thinking that the stripes would work wonders. Can I do it? I have NEVER tried to paint a stripe...but I could tape off and paint, right? Good thing is....if I make a HORRIBLE mess, I can let it dry and paint OVER it. But, I'm skeered!!

I hope you have a fun day!


ginger at enchanting cottage said...

Your details are so pretty. I wish I had that touch.
Have a nice day,

Anita said...

I love the roses, but THE BUFFALOES are fantastic! I've never seen any like those... I have a soft spot for buffaloes... :)

About the yellowing paint... unless you want it to "look like new" and possibly go down in value (things that old tend to lose value when "redone") I'd leave it like it is! :)

I always enjoy the things you share from your home...
Have a great day!

Kathleen Grace said...

Ah BJ, I need a little fluffing and nesting time too! I wouldn't touch that french blue piece! As for stripes in the hallway, they should be simple enough if you use a plumb bob to get the lines straight:>) That you can fix if you dont like it, so why not give it a try?

PAT said...

BJ, I loved seeing these detail photos! The yellowing paint on the blue secretary adds character, in my opinion. I'd leave it as is. It must be gorgeous. I don't remember seeing a full shot of the secretary.

I looked at your kitchen cabinet post. You have a cute kitchen. Lots of people are lining the backs of cabinets with scrapbooking paper. I've also seen fabric covered foam core at the back of cabinets. It just slips in the back and when you want to change the fabric it pops right out, for recovering. I like that look and have thought of doing it here.

When you mentioned the sand/dust storms of West Texas on my spring cleaning post, it brought back memories of visiting my aunt in El Paso. It always seemed a sand storm blew up, just about the time Mother was shampooing our hair!:-)


Suzy said...

Hi sweet BJ,
it is always easy to repaint what ever you try. I hate these spaces too small or too narrow but paint can make wonders. I would love to see the changed space, why not!!!
I love your sweet details, wonderful like the rest of your house.


Sandi McBride said...

I love looking at beautiful things, but the most fun I had was the frog! I knew housework caused warts!!!

Tara said...

All these little details make one big, happy home to be in!



Anonymous said...

Girl I know what you feel. I still haven't painted yet because I can't make my mind up.Im scared too. But im sure you can do it.

Terri said...

That's what I have been doing too!
Cleaning and adding more of those "little details".....must be something about spring, hu?
God bless.

PEA said...

Hello dear BJ:-)

I so love all the little details you've shown us those knobs with the roses on them!! Don't be scared about you say, if you don't like it, just paint over it:-) When I did my computer room, I was a nervous wreck but it all turned out nicely...if I say so myself! lol xoxo

the feathered nest said...

I love all the little details! Stripes should be easy to do and if you don't like it you can always paint over it.


beddow said...

Love all the lovely details you shared. I wouldn't paint the blue secretary, have you posted a full shot of it? Would love to see it.

Linda said...

Detailing sure does make a pretty difference. I love the rose knobs and the buffalo ones are so unusual...they are great.
Have a happy weekend. Hugs, Linda

Meggie said...

I alwys knew that housework causes wart...that's why I hardly ever do it. I'm so happy it's finally become common knowledge. About the stripes...I say go ahead, give it a try...what do you have to lose?

Rue said...

I love all the details Bj. I wouldn't touch the blue secretary with any fresh paint! Antique's only get better with age :) As for the stripes... measure twice, tape once ;) I did a follow up on that farmhouse. The owner lives right around the corner from me and I called and left a message. Keep those fingers and toes crossed!!
Rue :)

Betty said...

You have some pretty furniture, BJ, and knobs are pretty too especially the buffalo ones. Like you, these remind me of the buffalo nickels.

Have a good weekend.

Dena ~ swaddlecottage said...

Hi BJ,

Such pretty details in your home! I'd be skeered of stripes too...but you could always re-paint, so go for it!


Robyn said...

Lovely things in here!

Mary said...

I KNEW there was a good reason why I don't like to do housework! LOL Love all your details -- you know I am a detail girl, too. :) Have we seen a full picture of the french secretary? I'd love to see it!

Have a wonderful weekend, dear bj!

Anonymous said...

Such beautiful details.

SweetAnnee said...

I love housework, tis so domestic
Oh..the blue secretary..
anymore pics of that???

Hoe today is lovely for you and yours..
light loving hugs..Deena