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Tuesday, March 25, 2008

My middle name is "WANT".....*sigh........

Here's a few more of my "wants".....some off Rate My Space, others, I am unsure of. So, if any of you see YOUR home on here, please don't SUE me....I truly mean it as a compliment because I LOVE these beautiful spaces!


This lovely home is SOOOOO my dream home. Take a look at that delicious, HUGH, inviting front porch. It just screams "COME ON IN....".

And, YELLOW.....a yellow house is always so inviting and warm.
The curb appeal here is to*die*for and it all is just an awesome combination to my eyes......

I am totally in love with the color of her cabinets...and the light flooring....and the glass topped, garden dining room table and the little awesome chairs. There's things above the cabinet....not TOO much...just enough for PERSONALITY. I love this!

This little, talented lady made this delightful sign with HAND PAINTED name of her cottage out of a headboard. One thing that makes it so luscious is that it is....HAND PAINTED.

I wish I could paint....I wish I had a name for MY cottage....I wish, I wish, I wish......*heavy sigh

FRENCH COUNTRY AGAIN....and this pretty BLUE, to boot.

I decorated for so long with blue that I became a little "burnt" out with the color. HOWEVER...
I NEVER had such beautiful BLUE furniture as this!! No, sir........I never did.
I do still like the color and I have it in my dining room and touches through-out the cottage.
AND....let's not forget the BLUE chairs in my living room that I am desperate to get recovered into something toile, red........both!!

Isn't this an awesome piece? I really fell in love with's heavy looking, chunky...really makes a statement (the statement is...."I WANT IT!") And, how neat that touch of ELECTRIC blue looks here.


I was awestruck when I saw what this talented lady did with a little desk and 2 shelves and MAGNIFICENT accessories!
Now this idea is something we might all can use....inexpensive and way good-looking.
I need to "thrift" soon and see if I can find a small desk or table for a tiny spot I budget might let me do this one! I LOVE that she used such large items on the shelves and the hugh letter on the wall look right at home!

....I WANT THIS ROOM....well............. so as not to COVET, I want a room exactly like this beauty. Of course, it might look extra special to my eyes because it's MY style....MY colors. makes me happy just to LOOK at it!
Dream on, bj........



Amelia said...

Dreams don't cost anything - so keep on dreaming.

Amelia in Oklahoma

Beverly said...

Thanks for sharing your "I wants" with us. Every single picture was a delight, but the yellow house is my favorite. It looks enchanted.

Kathleen Grace said...

BJ, you know I love those rooms too! I think the green office space belongs to Rhoda at Southern Hospitality
And I think the bottom living room is from "Nester at both blogs I think you might enjoy:>)

Anita said...

I love every single picture! Such wonderful taste you have...:)

Have a fabulous day!

ginger at enchanting cottage said...

I love those pictures. It is funny because I just posted pictures from rate my space today also. Great minds think alike.
I enjoyed your pictures thank-you for sharing. If you go to my post today the very last one is my kitchen from rate myspace. I would love to have some ideas from you. My taste has changed so much since I did my kitchen, but my husband wants the cabinets to stay wood. ( SO SAD ) but he helps with the morgage so I guess he has a say DARN!!!!
Have a wonderful day,

Rosie's Whimsy said...

I could so put the first and last pictures in my "want" book as well! We definitely think along the same lines :-)

Have the Best of Days.........Rosie

Meggie said...

Oh BJ! I just stopped by to say hello and am so envious of all the lovely rooms that you posted. I'm absolutely in LOVE with the first kitchen the light color of the cabinets and floor. So bright and cheery....expensive, too, I bet! How about we dream together.....

Stephanie said...

I think you and I have the same name!! I have been told my middle name is " I want" !
Thanks for sharing those pictures, it so fun to dream!!

Teresa said...

I want that yellow house! Keep sharing decorting pictures and houses. I love to dream too!!

Take care

Karen H. said...

Good Afternoon BJ,
I am just now getting around to visit my friends. I didn't have any coffee this morning as I forgot to buy some yesterday. I had one of those bad headaches and when I took the girls to School this morning, I went back to bed. I so love the yellow house. I would like to have a house like that as well. There is a couple that live here in our town and they have a complete wrap around porch on their house. It is so beautiful and I want one of those someday as well. All of the other rooms you shared are just gorgeous. Like Amelia said, it doesn't cost anything to dream, so keep on dreaming. That's all I can afford to do is dream. Take care my friend and have a great day. May God Bless You and Yours.

Love & Hugs,
Karen H.

Tammy said...

I remember a day when mansions were desired and cottages were something peasants lived, how times change!
Who would not give their eye teeth for a beautiful sunshine yellow cottage!!

Good think looking is free, I always say *wink*

Anonymous said...

I love it all...I must have the I wants too. I bet it is catching.

Marcela said...

Those are wonderful houses!!!
I love them!

Shelia said...

Hi BJ! I'm familiar with you thru RMS! I've been looking at your blog now for some time and have just found out how to post! I love your style, your spirit and your blog! Just wanted to say "Hello"!
Shelia (aka Picklepoo)

restyled home said...

What a fun post, B.J.!! I, too, am gaga over that yellow house...I have a thing for yellow houses!!

Take care,

beddow said...

You definitely have me oohing and ahhing! Thanks for sharing everything. I use to hate yellow but that has been changing and I find myself loving some of the yellow rooms and houses, even thinking about painting more with it. Maybe I am emerging from my green phase as my husband calls it.
Take care dear BJ!

Penny @ Lavender Hill Studio said...

BJ - I love everything you love! Are you sure we are not twins? I have been redecorating, painting, painting and more painting. I am working on something similar to the last pic you showed. It will take a while though - lol...

Jackie said...

Dreams make life worth living BJ so keep right on dreaming.

God bless.

Cookie Sunshine said...

What a delightful tour. Thanks so much for sharing.

I'm new to your blog and enjoyed visiting.

Sending you nice wishes.
Cookie Sunshine

Wendy said...

I love your wants, I want them too!!!...I do live in a yellow house and can't wait to work on the outside to make it look sweet and inviting!! Hope you are having a grea week bj God bless!!~Wendy

Sue said...

I love all your wants to.

Adrienne said...

Great pictures to dream on. You and I seem to love the same things. I have picked out some of the same ones. Thanks for sharing your favs with us. ~Adrienne~

Mary said...


I sure enjoyed seeing all of the items that you would like to have. Me too! That chunky table is right up my alley and that toile wallpaper too. I'm wanting to redo my kitchen and am going to look for some wallpaper in black and white. Maybe with red accessories? What do you think?


Rue said...

I can't believe I've missed all the goings on here! There is just never enough time in the day, but I'm here now and I have to tell you that I love these rooms too!

Great choices Bj :)