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Tuesday, February 12, 2008


My great friend, DENA at SWADDLE COTTAGE (on my blog roll) shared with us pictures of her sweet cottage living room so that we could "see" where she enjoys her time with her family. It gave me a little more insight to the warm and friendly nature of her personality.....I wanted to share some pictures of my living room, as well. Not a lot of the things in this loved room match....the two leather sofas, facing each other, match....but the rest of it....well, 90 percent of the furniture in here came from thrift shops. I know absolutely NOTHING about scale, style, and such; I just know if I love "it" or not....and, I have had MUCH pleasure, making all the pieces "come together" in a way that is pleasing to me. I love the fact that the room looks as if it took years and years to become our comfy space. I love that it is far from perfect. I love that it is comfortable for my family. I love most everything about it...(and will love it more when we get that big screen tv !!!)

This is a large room that Sweet Hubby and I added on to a couple or 3 years ago. In fact, we doubled the size of the room...I know I have shared this fact with you before but it was a long time ago.

I am so crazy about those french doors in the background, I almost kiss them every morning when I walk into the room. Ladies, it is such a PLEASURE to have things around you that you just love to pieces! Surround yourself with that is way too short to not enjoy all the little things along the way.

See that RED gum ball machine? THAT is the apple in the eyes of all my grandchildren....even the BIG ones. :) I try to put the VERY BEST gum balls I can find in there...just for them!! :) A gum ball is a tiny thing...but I am thinking it is all the tiny things added together that makes our days so enjoyable!!

That's my comfy reading nook over there, with the 2 blue chairs and ottoman that DO NOT fit in with the rest of my furniture. That little table and 2 red chairs are the perfect spot for Sweet Hubby and I to share our meals and any other thing that we might need a table for. I addressed all my Christmas cards in one of those chairs this year. Granddaughters draw and color there and a card game or two have taken place on that table. It is an old vintage Singer sewing machine base with a thick piece of glass on the belonged to my mom at one time.

As you can see...this French blue with floral doesn't look at home with black and leather and the Pottery Barn look. Oh, dear...they are driving me crazy and I am pretty sure I will end up selling them and getting something else more fitting. But, they are oh, so comfy, and right in front of that fireplace, too. 'Course, new ones could go there, too. But, boy, that is gonna cost a lot of money..... I just wonder how two chaises would look there? Boy, wouldn't THEY be comfy to read in.!!

I think most of you know how I love my wood burning stove. GOOD GRIEF! We aren't supposed to love material things and I love most everything in my house...and then some!

Please take some pictures of your living room to share with all of us. I just LOVE peeking in thru windows and doors...seeing how someone else lives shows so much about their personality....I, for one, want to know more about all of you. It is such fun to share our tastes, styles and etc.
I am looking forward to seeing YOUR living room!!
hugs, bj
Yipee...Anita at PRAIRIE DREAMS just posted her living room. Thanks for playing along, friend. I LOVE your angel collection, by the way!
If you've not been by to visit with ANITA, please drop by...her photography is worthy of awards, believe me!


Tammy B. said...

Your living room is beautiful. I know you are very proud of it.
You have a wonderful eye for decorating a home !!!

Anita said...

Your house is so gorgeous and homey! Thanks for sharing that! Um, if I was in a house I'd share my living room with you, but it's pretty plain here in the FEMA trailer... but you can see it here:

LOVE Ronnie Milsap! :)

Anonymous said...

And I STILL LOVE your home! Comfy, cozy, stylish and timeless. Christy :-)<><

Karen H. said...

Good Morning BJ,
Can I please come live with you? I'll just make myself at home in your living room. LOL. Your living room is so beautiful and cozy looking. Very inviting too. "THANK YOU" for sharing it with us. Things in my living room don't match either. I think that is why it is so comfy to me and homey. I love the table that used to be an old sewing machine. It does make a great table and the red chairs look absolutely beautiful with it. You have such great taste my friend. I always enjoy seeing your home. I still don't have things up on my walls yet and I still don't have a digital camera. I had to put that camera on the back burner until we get all of our finances straightened out. Take care my friend and have a great day. May God Bless You and Yours. Just wanted to let you know that I have 3 Awards for you on my yesterday's post. I hope you picked them up.

Love & Hugs,
Karen H.

Anita said...

Since that link didn't work, I just posted the picture at Prairie Dreams! :)

janie said...

Great style BJ!
Someday when a get better with a computer maybe I will start a blog and share some pictures.
Your home looks so warm and cozy and inviting.

Rosie's Whimsy said...

What a wonderfully charming, large, and thoroughly warm and inviting big room!! The french doors let in so much beautiful. Thanks for showing us your living room :-) ((hugs)) Rosie

Dena ~ swaddlecottage said...

Hi Sweet BJ,

Oh I am jumping up and down over here! I am so excited that you shared your space! I just love your living room!!! I am making a list...I want a bookcase like yours, ooohhh those shutters are awewome and I'm loving those red chairs, and those signs above your windows - oh I could go on! I just love the cozy way you decorate :) I hope that others share theirs so that we can get some great ideas and learn more about our sweet friends here :)


Terri and Bob said...

I will post my living room this weekend. How fun! i LOVE the red chairs. I am in awe of how awesome they are in your living room.

NAME: CIELO said...

Lovely! A cozy home that shows a lot of love.

Blessings to you and yours


SweetAnnee said...

BJ your home is lovely.
thank you for sharing!!
love, Deena

Amelia said...

Enjoyed the guided tour of your living room. It looks like a home and not a "house". It has that warm, snug and loved look about it.

Many of my favorite decorations are the result of garage sales, goodwill or a marked down rack. I do like a bargain.

Kathleen Grace said...

Your home is just breathtaking. I love everything about it! I have a thing for black & cream checks and bright colors too so I am certianly taking a good look to see what great ideas I can steal from you:>)

Hope said...

What a warm and cozy looking room. I love the reds in there. Even though you don't like the blue of the chairs, they do look so comfy! Maybe you could have them recovered?? We have no matching furniture in our house either but in most cases I like it that way. I want to be surrounded by pieces that I love and enjoy even if they don't match! I even have a sewing machine table like yours!!

Thank you for sharing your living room with us. I enjoy peeking into homes too! :)


Anonymous said...

Hi Sweet BJ,
Your room is DELICIOUS! i love it and you know you say you know nothing about scale,style and such but believe me it sure does not look that way Bj....looks like a nice spread from a glossy magazine.
Love and hugs
Kristina XxX

Betty said...

BJ, thank you so much for opening up your home to us. I really enjoyed seeing what you have put together for your comfort and enjoyment. It's hard to believe you got most of that from a thrift store. I'm telling you that you inspire me to start going to those places when I see what good things you find there.

I kept looking at that table and remember thinking to myself that it looked like an old Singer sewing machine. What a neat idea for a table.

Jackie said...

BJ your living room is stunning. I would love to have a room that size. Ours is kind of long and narrow, but it's home and I love it.

ginger at enchanting cottage said...

I love it all but if I had to choose just one thing and one thing only, I would have to say tht the black shutters on each side of your windows are so pretty. I might have to try to do that somewhere I just don't have room on each side of my windows. I will have to look at the french doors and see. I will try to take some pictures. But my home is sure not as homey as yours!!I keep trying but I am doing something wrong.I think it's I am afraid to go out of the box. I guess I am pretty boring.

Mary said...

Oh bj, your house is the kind I love -- a place where I could kick off my shoes and curl my feet up under me on the couch!
And there are so many beautiful fabrics and of course, dishes (!) to look at.

It looks like a comfortable and well-loved place. It looks like home.

Cindy ~ My Romantic Home said...

I love your room! It is beautiful! I REALLY love that green cabinet with the white dishes!

lin said...

BJ just wanted to say I am happy you joined our little chat site. Love your room you posted,it looks so comfy and full of love. Come by and see us. Linda bmwgaL 1948

Vee ~ A Haven for Vee said...

I could cheerfully spend some time in your living room visiting. It sure looks cozy and wonderful to me. I even like the blue flowered chairs!

Cottage Contessa said...

BJ, I think your home is just like you. It's beautiful, open, warm, inviting, friendly, and full of heart. I love it!
Amanda (aka Cottage Contessa)

Robyn said...

OMgoodness! Can I say I just adore your rooms! And you got most of that stuff from thrift stores! WOW! You have a great eye! I really have to start doing that too! I have no furniture as we just moved in a few months back and just pay cash for everything! I love your home! I love it!
Thanks too for coming by and visiting! I hope you come back often!
Many hugs!

I hope you don't mind I have added you to my favorites list! :)

Linda said...

I love your living room. Not only is it beautiful it's warm and inviting too. I could spend many a happy hour in your reading nook and what a wonderful library you have. I love the 50's music, such sweet memories. Hugs, Linda

Dawn-Hydrangea Home said...

I think your family room is so cozy! I love the way you have your special little corners for different purposes. And you are so right, who needs decorating rules, I also love to fill my home with the things that we love and have meaning, even if it doesn't "go"! Have a great day!

Holly (Nickname) said...

Hi Bj!!!

Your livingroom looks great. I see you have quite a collection of Mackenzie Childs accesories in your decor. It looks wonderful and adds just enough extra charm to your already charming home...just love it BJ!!!xxxooo Holly~

PAT said...

I love your living room, BJ. It says home, to me!