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Tuesday, January 29, 2008


I had to do errands and decided to stop at 3 of my favorite thrift stores, one being a downtown Goodwill. They nearly ALWAYS have something neat. Now, I have looked at these little crystal clocks for years and never was a bit, they were so cute, I grabbed them as soon as I saw them. I do NOT intend to make this a collection but....I really would like to have just 1 more. Three of anything is usually better than two. What makes us, all at once, interested in something that has never interested us before??? I am wondering if, by chance, me seeing little crystal clocks sitting on a table at DAISY COTTAGE one day peeked my interest????? heh heh...I THINK SO!! Any thing Kim has over in her DAISY COTTAGE makes me want one, too.....or two....or three !!! Stop by her blog and you will know what I mean!! Cute, cute......

I love green and pink together....and this little cup caught my eye, especially when I saw that it was marked $1.00. (Oh, poor kids and grand kids are going to have to cart all this "stuff" right back to Goodwill after I die!! SORRY, KIDS!)

ANITA (PRAIRIE DREAMS), I almost felt guilty when I bought this...I know you love pink and green and ROSES. What will ya trade me for it??? lol :)

This little gravy boat reminds me of an Aladdin's lamp in a way....Some of the gold is beginning to wear off but it looks pretty, tucked in with my white ironstone. $1.00 is a hard price to beat.......

I picked up these little red, white and khaki pillows....I am trying soooo hard to ignore these 2 chairs and ottoman covered in French blue. I love the chairs and want to get them recovered but it will cost as much, if not more, than if I bought new chairs and an ottoman. SHOOT !! Since we are saving for a big screen tv right now, new chairs are not in the budget. So, I'm trying to bring my reds over into this part of the room and since I have no other blue in the room, the poor chairs look like they are LOST. Oh, what to do? Just grin and bear it, I suppose. I'm not much on slipcovers as they seem to always be...well,......slipping !!

I bought the 2 chairs and ottoman, in excellent condition, at a moving sale a couple of yrs ago for $135.00. The color was just perfect at the time...I had a cottage style room with yellows and blues. But not any more..

Now, I am EXPECTING, just any minute, to find 2 matching chairs, plus ottoman, for $135.00, covered either in a floral deep red fabric or a large black and white plaid or check. Don't ya know they will show up just any minute!!?! :(
Maybe I just need to find a way to bring a little blue to the other end of the room but....the style of the chairs just doesn't work in the room. Oh, well, more important things to ponder!!



Janie said...

Hi BJ,
Love your finds. I know there are some patterns from simplicity that you can use to make slipcovers, fitted I believe. If you can make quilts I bet you can make a slipcover.
Have a good one, janie

Tammy B. said...

Wow you found some wonderful deals.

I now proclaim you "Ms. Thrift Queen of America" !!!!!!!

cargol said...

Glad you are feeling well enough to be out and about! You found some great deals!

Anonymous said...

BJ.. you did great. I love the cup. I know what you mean about seeing something and peaking an intrest. I wonder if blogging cost us lol.

Kathleen Grace said...

Well BJ, I think your "new" goodies are just adorable! I love the clocks, do they work? The mug is so pretty, don't you sometimes wonder why all this pretty stuff gets given to the thrift?

Karen H. said...

Good Morning BJ,
Oh my goodness, if you don't really want those Crystal Clocks, I'll take them. LOL. I love anything with Crystal. I have several pieces of Crystal that I have collected over the years myself. When I get everything unpacked and moved, yes we still don't have everything moved or unpacked yet, LOL, but we are working on it. You know how it is when life is just so busy with kids. I love the cup with the pink and green. I love Roses myself. The Gravy Boat is adorable. My Mom still has some dishes she got somewhere that had wheat in the middle and trimmed in gold. I think she may have gotten them out of washing powders years ago. Since you don't like slip covers, how about an oversized throw to put on those chairs? "THANK YOU" for sharing all of your thrift finds with us. Take care my friend and have a great day. May God Bless You and Yours.

Love & Hugs,
Karen H.

teaparty said...

Love them! You silly, you already showed us those a few weeks ago on Rate My Space.

Anita said...

LOL... I have to admit, I exclaimed out loud when I saw the cup! Even before I saw your comment to me... lol...

I have a book on making slip covers, it's really not as "daunting" as it may look... You could try that!
You have some wonderful finds here... I've never been a crystal clock fan, either, but now that I see yours... ;)Hmm...

Have a great day!

Marcela said...

He my dear BJ
I love your finds
I also love green and pink together!!!
Have a great day!!!

Rosie's Whimsy said...

Oh your finds are so nice. I love that little sweet :-)

bj said...

Yep...I did show SOME of my dishes on RMS but, look closly and you will see that these pieces aren't there....these were just purchased. I do have a lot of dishes, tho, and can see that you might think I had already shown these pieces....besides all that....i have been known to post things more than once, anyway. Ha....

Adrienne said...

What great finds! I love the white 'Aladin's' gravy boat. I have to stop by the Goodwill today with some donations and I HAVE TO go inside to shop. Can't pass up that opportunity. Thanks for sharing your new treasures. ~Adrienne~

Mary said...

Oh bj, what beautiful finds! I love the gravy boat -- there's something about the shape of a gravy boat that just speaks to me. Does that sound crazy? I think three crystal clocks would look beautiful together...I'll keep an eye out for one.

Dena ~ swaddlecottage said...

Hi BJ,

Love your little clock! I think I need a trip to the Goodwill store today :) I'm with you, everything in Kim's cottage is just lovely :) Hence, my hunt for the perfect red toileware tray! LOL


Michelle said...

BJ, what great stuff!! I especially love the clocks~have'll be tuckin' them all over the place now!

I made your cookies - YUM!


Susan Ramey Cleveland said...

I almost bought crystal clocks at the thrift store yesterday too, having seen Kim's. But I didn't. I love yours. And that rose cup is gorgeous. I can't believe you got it for $1.00.

Sandi McBride said...

I love that teacup...I think I'd like to take you shopping with me...and by the time your kids have to get rid of the stuff, it'll be worth a fortune, never fear!

Regina said...

Wonderful !!!
I love the cups,it's a very great deal.
Have a nice week,

Betty said...

I like your finds. I keep telling myself I need to visit Goodwill stores more often. I agree with you that the gravey boat reminds me of an Aladdin Lamp.

Tammy said...

Now, that wee cup is right charmin'! I love the doily beneath it too, but then I love doilies...LOL!

I'm going to have to make a note to myself to stop by our Goodwill, it is right over by our library.

Have a great day!

Lucy Bloom said...

Hi BJ, well Hello right back at you! Great thrifts, I do rather like your pink and green cup. There will be some more pink and green goodies joining it soon, I've just finished packaging them up and will send them tomorrow. I had my volume set on loud and your music frightened the life out of me when I came to your blog!(do like it though). Have you considered a blue and red combination in your room so that you can keep the chaise and chairs, that's what I'm going for in my kitchen. In fact, that's given my an idea for my next giveaway!
big hugs,
Lucy x

Julie said...

I LOVE the clocks!!! Isn't it fun to find something cool for a steal!

Katherines Dream said...

Hi Bj,
It is always great when you come wiht some lovely new finds! I need to get out a bit more and do the Charity Shops.
I too have a lovely daughter-in-law, she brings me great comfort. I am going to do a ittle post on Fathers and Sons....can't leave them out can I!!!
Carol xx

Jackie said...

Oh BJ that little green cup is so cute. I love it.

You really found some great deals girl.

Lynn@ The Vintage Nest said...

Hey BJ, Love your thrift finds and the little clocks. Too cute!

Nan said...

I really like those crystal clocks. You find such wonderful treasures.

Janet said...

I am so jealous of you gals that have good thrift shops. Ours have nothing but junk , not even junque!


Mary said...


I love all of your thrift finds, but especially the pink and green cup. It looks like it is a vintage German piece. Does it have a name or mark on the bottom?

Take care, my friend. I'm glad you enjoyed your day.


ginger at enchanting cottage said...

OH! I love all of your goodies you found. Sometimes I get lucky and other times not so lucky. Thank-you for sharing them all with us.
have a good night

Linda said...

Hi BJ, great treasures. I especially love the little cup and what a cute gravy boat. I love to rescue little pretties and give them a new home. Enjoy. Linda

Betty said...

BJ, I like the treasures you found thrifting.....I am a thrifter, collector, etc...I have asked our 2 daughters to please remove our pictures from the frames before having a yard sale once we are 'gone'.....

Enjoyed visiting with you.....Betty

Hope said...

Hi BJ,
You got some great finds there and at really cheap prices. I just love that don't you? I just love junkin' all the way around! I really think you are getting a little obsession there with clocks! LOL I love Kim's blog and feel the same way. I always want everything she has cause she makes it look so pretty and I don't even do cottage! :)

Thanks for sharing your treasures!