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Friday, December 21, 2007

GREAT SCOTT....I still have LOTS to do !!

Before Christmas Eve, I still have a few things I would like to get done. I don't think I am EVER really "finished" for the big night....

After getting finished with all the baking and candy making, I'll plan on filling this stocking with little bags of each and taking it to our neighbor and dear friend across the street. He is 85 now and loves sweets....a few can't possibly hurt him and I'll make sure not to put too many in his stocking.
NOTE....He just fell and broke his hip so he is going to REALLY need some company, sweets and lots of prayers.

It is cookie baking time in my red kitchen so I need to gather up all ingredients for the sugar cookies..... School is out here on Friday, oh, that's today.... so I will wait for some of the g-girls to help with the cookie making.

I need a few more candy canes, too.... I just read about the orgin of candy canes and it was so interesting and sweet. And...there's some candy one of the girls wants to try with crushed peppermints.

Hmmmm....I want to pick up another box of these...not too sweet, crunchy and just wonderful with a hot cup of coffee...these are Lemon. I think I'll get some more just like them. I saw a recipe the other day for making these delectable little sticks of wonderfulness!! I may try it someday but not right now!! I think the homemade ones were Cranberry! YUM...sounds like heaven.

I really want to use my vintage glass jars with their vintage, little glass knobs, sitting in their French Red wooden holder. I am thinking sparkly Sugar Cookies, hard Christmas candies, maybe those little Christmas cakes would look great here.

I need to pick up another box of PUFFS to go in my Christmas tissue holder. GOOD GRIEF!

I'll want to serve Egg Nog in all these festive Christmas I need to gather up all the ingredients...HEY, wait a minute. I remember seeing on some smart bloggers site that you could use store-bought Egg Nog, add the Egg Nog Ice Cream to it, sprinkle fresh grated Nutmeg on top and it would just knock your socks off. OK....that's just what I will do. It sounds just delicious!! Did I mention a splash of good rum will REALLY make it delicious!?! :) Oh, and while I am out getting the rum, I need to pick up something called Peppermint Schnops (or something like that..??) to go in hot chocolate. Sounds fabulous, hu?

I am thinking for our Christmas Eve dinner we might have a spiral, honey glazed ham, English Pea Salad (that one with the peanuts in absolute favorite green thing), creamy, REAL mashed potatoes with cheese........those little tiny yeast rolls.....hmmmmm. What are you having? I need some new ideas! I like keeping some traditional things but it's fun to add a new dish, too. We never eat very much at this meal...everyone is too excited about opening all those gifts...



Cottage Contessa said...

Great Scott BJ! I'm worn out just READING your post! lol I hope you and your family have a truly magical Christmas sweetie. Merry Christmas!
Amanda (aka Cottage Contessa)

FarmHouse Style said...

Good Grief, BJ, I thought my To-Do list was long.
I love you vintage jars, they will be precious filled with Christmas goodies:)

Stop by today if you get a chance, I have tagged you~just what you needed, one more thing to do:)


Marcela said...

My dear BJ
You are a great person...Always thinking about other people!!!
That's great !!!
Merry Christmas to you and yours!!!

ginger at enchanting cottage said...

OH I would love to have the recipe for your english pea salad it sounds so good~~~~~~~~~~ The name is even pretty. I love your black furniture, is it a dresser? Someday I want to paint something black just don't know when, I will put it on my to do list!!!
Have a wonderful day BJ

Anita said...

I can't imagine where you find the time to do all that you do... Are you sure there aren't 3 of you??? (the world should be so lucky!)
Marry Christmas!!

Tammy B said...

What neat plans ! That is so nice that you are carrying treats to your little neighbor.
Have a wonderful time with your g-girls making cookies.

Rhoda @ Southern Hospitality said...

Hi, BJ, I enjoyed seeing all your Christmas decor. We have a lot of the same blogfriends & I'm adding you to my links too.

Glad you pointed folks over to Judy's blog, she has been a friend to me for a few months too & I'm so happy she started blogging too.

Merry Chrismtas!

Michelle said...

BJ, Don't forget to breathe! I'm sure everything will be perfect!


BittersweetPunkin said...

I love your photos....I love biscotti!! My Mom's favorite is the Lemon so I tucked in a box in her Christmas package!

Betty said...

Oh my goodness BJ!! You are just full of neat ideas. Oh how I wish I was that creative. You are so special to go and visit your elderly neighbor and take him some sweets and spend some time with him this busy holiday season.

I love your blog. So fun to visit here.

Merry Christmas!!

Cherdecor said...

I love your santa cups. Thank you for inviting us in to view all your Christmas decorations. Everything looks so beautiful, warm and festive.