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Wednesday, December 19, 2007


I LOVE COUNTRY LIVING magazine...this is the brand new one that I received today....

This is the back page with a saying of "Winter is a time for comfort. It is the time for home."

Isn't that pretty? I am so thankful that I am home for the winter! I am blessed!

This wall clock of tea cups and their saucers is so fabulous looking to me. PENNY over at LAVENDER HILL STUDIO.BLOGSPOT.COM/ could make one of these with her eyes shut. She is so talented. If you've somehow missed her blog, you need to check it out. You will be in for such a treat. Talk about raw talent....she is so awesome with her beautiful mosiac art. Someday....SOMEDAY *double sigh*.....I am going to have a piece of your lovely work, Penny girl.

I have this very plain, little vintage, metel pitcher that my Aunt Lillian gave to me about 43 years ago. I would just love to fill it with...........

WHITE these. Now, where in the world do you suppose one could find a bunch of WHITE pencils?? I don't have a clue where to start searching but if you should see some on the net, would you let me know? I just love the way these look!! Oh, and something else that looks so neat and adds a little texture to your area is a container of paint brushes! Really!! Not the large, house paint brushes...the little watercolor or oil brushes.

AHHHHH, blue and white dishes are SUCH a passion of mine. Pictures like this just make my mouth start drooling and I want to rush out and find MORE blue and white dishes....just such a classic, beautiful look, in my eyes.

This part of my blue and white collection doesn't look as pretty in this stark, black hutch. I am thinking of painting it in a soft white, much like the color in the magazine picture. What do you think?


Karen H. said...

Good Morning BJ,
I'm here with my cup of coffee and wondering if you have anything good to eat for breakfast? LOL. I love the Blue Dishes as well. I don't have any, but my Sister has a set of the Blue Willow that she got years ago. I love your Hutch but do agree with you, a little soft white paint would help brighten it up and the room as well. Isn't it so awesome how some people are so talented? I am not that type. My Sister and Mom are very crafty and my Sister used to draw really good. I don't know where to get just white pencils. Maybe Office Max or some other Office Supply Store? I have no clue but I would think those stores would have some. I'm telling about a Giveaway this morning on my post. It is Amanda at Jacaranda Cottage. She is celebrating her 100th Post. Stop by and read the details whey you have time. Thank you so much for sharing your Country Living Magazine with us this morning. Take care my friend and have a great Wednesday. May God Bless You and Yours.

Love & Hugs,
Karen H.

Marcela said...

Hi my sweet BJ
I feel in love with the wall clock of tea cups.
About the furniture, it looks very well, but a soft white would be great!!! I love your dishes white and blue!!!!

Tammy B. said...

I love Country Living also. I really bad about getting a magazine (or 2) when I go the store.
The teacup clock is so pretty.
I saw miniature teacups and saucers at a store here in my town that were actually Christmas ornaments. I bet that would look good for a smaller clock. Hmmmmm

Julie said...

Thank you so much for your comment on my Christmas story. I wanted to write it as much as I wanted to share it since I lost my Mother just 2 years ago and she died just 4 days before Christmas day. I miss her so!

Anyway - I would be thrilled (the highest compliment~) if you mentioned my story on your blog! Thank you so much for such a kind gift.

Now - I am going back to enjoy your blog!

Mary said...

I was drooling over that cover picture, too! LOL Your blue and white are so beautiful, bj.

Did you try googling "white pencils?" Just a thought...

Have a wonderful Chistmas!

Firefly Hill said...


I just got my issue yesterday! I love it too! Blue and white dishes are one of my favorites!


BittersweetPunkin said...

Oh I LOVE Country Living...I'm gonna have to run out and but that one!! I actually like your cabinet in black...I love color!!!!

Back Through Time said...

Now you make me want to not wait to read mine! I just got it in the mail yesterday and was going to save it until January, not anymore, lol. Your cabinet looks just as wonderful, I love all of your transferware.
Merry Christmas,

PEA said...

I buy the Country Living magazine every once in a while and you're right, they have so many wonderful ideas in them! Hmmmm white pencils...I never thought of how hard it would be to find white ones! I love the blue and white dishes you have...I think I agree with you, your hutch painted a soft white would really make them stand out!! xox

Anonymous said...

Hey Grandmother BJ,
Thank you and kisses you know what for,i'm gonna need a stocking hanging too you know lol.
The magazine is gorgeous and soon as i find my glue gun i'm sticking my tea cups on the wall if Steve will let me haha.
I think for sure to paint your pretty cabinet white and be sure to show us when you have done.
Big Hugs
Kristina XxX

Jackie said...

Good afternoon BJ. I am taking a short break from my sewing to get caught up in reading blogs. I love your blue and white dishes.

White pencils, perhaps you could get them at Staples.

Talk to you again later.


Judy said...

BJ, I love the black cabinet but then I'm partial to black furniture (as you'll see on my blog once I get a chance to post more pics). The white would be lovely and I like that color scheme as well but I just LOVE the contrast of your blue and white with the black cabinet - so very rich!


Nan said...

Good evening my friend. I'm home from work and my head is still spinning. Got dinner in the oven and thought I'd stop by for a quick look see at today's post. I love your blue and white dishes. I don't have white pencils but I keep yellow pencils, clips, and post it notes in some small glass vases on my desk. Keeps me organized and looks good, I think.