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Tuesday, October 30, 2007


The pictures in these frames change with the seasons or holidays. My daughter and I give ea. other a pretty calendar every year and I use the pictures from those.

BOOOOO.....this is THE LADY OF THE LAKE, in Dallas, Texas. I used to live in Dallas and have heard her story all my life. Story is that she drowned in the lake just days before she was to be married. Now, "SHE" walks the roads and highway, trying to get back home. Stories of picking her up in their car, people have taken her to the address she gives them and when they get there, they look in the back seat and........poof.....she's gone. BUT, there's always a wet spot on the seat, PROVING that she was there!!!! BOOOOOOOOO........

Now, this green, but, actually kind of cheery lookin', lady is sitting on my porch swing, just waiting for all the trick or treaters !!

This display is in my neighbor's yard...I think it's so cute..especially the one on the right! :)

Hope you have a safe and HAPPY HALLOWEEN !


Nan said...

Those are great pictures, Jean. I love that lady on your porch. Did you make her? I was gonna do my Dracula this year but I haven't done it. I guess it's not too late. Ha ha.
Hope you have a spooktacular Halloween!
Star Nan

Anonymous said...

I LOVE your hallowe'en pics BJ! The lady on your porch is awesome! I didn't know you decorated for hallowe'en like that, looks super!

Michelle said...

BJ, what a great idea to use calendars for artwork! Your witch sure is cute.. I love the ghost story - I'm a sucker for that kind of stuff!

Happy Halloween!

Mary said...

Hey, bj, love your Halloween decorations! My mom saved calendar pics from the 60's -- Currier & Ives prints. I have them framed in my dining room. Hope you have a spooky, kooky day!

jessica said...

I'm so impressed with your blog and all the pictures! It's so neat to get to see all your ideas. It makes me want to get mine going a little more consistently. Love you and Happy Halloween!

Penny @ Lavender Hill Studio said...

Wonderful pictures! What a neat idea with the calanders! Hapy Halloween!

bj said...

It is 9:20 here tonight and I just got home from going out with the grandkids trick or treating. What fun! So many kids out and so many happy, fun people handing out lots of goodies. It was indeed a Happy Halloween.....

Anonymous said...

I love your friendly witch.