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Monday, October 22, 2007

Dreams for my old Ranch Style House

The house with the railing is sooo pretty to me. I saw this picture and fell in love with it. It is so homey and friendly and warm. Then, I noticed, "It's a little (well, a TINY) little bit like mine." So my sweet hubby is helping me in getting our humble 1950's Ranch (that's it with the American flag proudly waving) on the way to looking more like this dream house. He just poured a higher front porch, we will add some pretty railing as soon as we can, I will trim our shrubs down a lot and just give the whole front a giant makeover. I love it when I have a picture of something I love and can work towards that LOOK !! :)

This is what I WISH my house looked like..*sigh*


bj said...

So sorry that I have my pictures of the 2 houses one under the other instead of side by side. WHEW...this is hard work!!

Anonymous said...

What a nice home. I love the railing idea. It will really add a nice touch to your house.

Anonymous said...

The railing will look beautiful! We had a ranch style home before we bought this house, but it didn't have much of a front porch, yours already looks great BJ!

Anonymous said...

that was from me, PJ

Picketfences said...

OH BJ...You got me crying friend...when I clicked on the picture you are using for an idea and saw it was mine I lost my think that anything I had would inspire you was one of the sweetest compliments anyone has ever given me...My dad built those rails for me, using 2x4's and the pickets that are tapered at one end...the posts are 6x4's..I have always loved rails on a porch and when we moved here they only had big round columns which are fancy and expensive but I love a more country look! lol Girl your porch will be fabulous and knowing your hubby did it himself ( with you supervising of course) will mean that much more!

bj said...

Thanks, dear Picket. This picture is why I wanted you to be sure and come look at my blog. I'm so glad you did...and I do love your front porch!!

Anonymous said...
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